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Elon Musk Hates 405 Freeway Traffic, Pays Money To Speed Construction

Onan Re:rolling stones gather no moss (431 comments)

The hell? People change jobs for a million reasons, few of which have anything to do with "back" and whatever macho/nationalistic fantasy you've got going on there.

- People at the beginning of their careers sometimes improve their skills more rapidly than their employers can accommodate. eg, the guy who starts out doing desktop support and grows into a sysadminning role, at a company that's already overstaffed on sysadmins.

- Companies downsize or go out of business. Any time you join a startup it is a crapshoot (mostly based upon factors outside your control) whether it will still be around next year. Does that mean that no one should ever join new companies?

- Many, many people simply cannot afford to live anywhere near their offices.

- Changes in medical conditions may alter the type and amount of work that you're capable of.

- Changes in your or your family's medical or educational situation may alter the amount or reliability of money necessary. eg, moving to a less fulfilling job at a big corporation with solid medical benefits.

And, frankly, change and drive and curiosity are good things. I would much rather hire someone who has displayed the ability to excel in ten different environments than someone who has sat still at one company for a decade.

about a year ago

Elon Musk Hates 405 Freeway Traffic, Pays Money To Speed Construction

Onan Re:Commuting is the problem (431 comments)

Yes, clearly the only reasonable solution is for everyone to move (probably to a vastly different neighborhood with completely different safety and cost) every time they change jobs. Certainly there's nothing in the world wiser than applying for a new mortgage every time you have just started a new job.

Also, couples or people living together are only allowed to work within four blocks of one another.

about a year ago

New Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities Being Actively Exploited On Windows and OS X

Onan Re:And replace it with what? (167 comments)

I don't know what a "Humble Bundle" is; again, I suspect it's something that features far more prominently in some small specialized market than in the general world. I would suggest that your deep involvement with this niche may be impairing your perspective.

Just glancing at the small games market, 90k sales certainly seems unexceptional. The top few dozen games sold through itunes seem to each have 10k-30k _reviews_, which almost certainly implies many more than 90k sales.

And given that those all, obviously, run without Flash, it's hard to see this as supporting the case that Flash does something unique or important.

about a year and a half ago

New Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities Being Actively Exploited On Windows and OS X

Onan Re:And replace it with what? (167 comments)

>>> multimedia platform.
>> Can you tell us what that is?
> Like he said, it doesn't have a viable feature-comparable alternative.

That... doesn't answer the question. If your argument is that Flash is so awesome because it's the best "online multimedia platform", then you're going to have to back that up to what the fuck an "online multimedia platform" is and why I would want one.

Because yes, like many others in this conversation, I have only seen Flash used for things that I quite strongly did not want happening in any browser of mine. So if the only consequence of Flash's death is that those things couldn't happen anymore that sounds to me like a huge improvement.

about a year and a half ago

New Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities Being Actively Exploited On Windows and OS X

Onan Re:And replace it with what? (167 comments)

It backfires a bit when your argument in favor of Flash being at the heart of a vast and vital industry is citing a company no one has ever heard of and three games that no one has ever heard of.

It sounds as if you live in some tiny little niche universe in which "multimedia platform" is a thing. But you should be aware that for nearly everyone else out there, those words are not even meaningful, much less describe anything important or desired.

about a year and a half ago

Apple To Stream a Product Launch Live For the First Time

Onan Re:Another Apple blunder (288 comments)

> Here's how it works: faced with low price competition, if you immediately drop your price to defend your market share

This is how it works for, say, the Dells of the world: the companies who just repackage others' technologies rather than creating anything, and thus have control only over market traits like price.

But you're forgetting the other lever available to companies that actually create new things, which is to compete on quality and innovation. This has always been Apple's chosen tactic, and it has served them incredibly well, making them the most stable and successful technology company over the last 35ish years.

about 2 years ago

Space Shuttle Endeavor Lands In Los Angeles After Final Flight

Onan Re:"The future of the species" (111 comments)

> Until we become more enlightened here on Earth and make some progress in the nature of the human heart, we will only bring those problems with us.

Really, sorting out the nature of the human heart will get rid of asteroids? I had no idea.

Man, dinosaurs must have been assholes.

about 2 years ago

Apple Store Reopens With Many New Products

Onan Re:Uh, don't try to do the drive in the iMac (519 comments)

Uh, what vintage of imac was that? If you mean the crt or lamp-style ones, that's fair.

But the past-several-years square imacs are incredibly simple to open. Three screws, and the whole back lifts off, exposing every component in the machine.

more than 5 years ago

Google Was 3 Hours Away From DOJ Antitrust Charges

Onan Re:The DOJ won't help (221 comments)

The very top of the list of things that constitute abusing a monopoly is leveraging it to force artificial success in a different market. This is in fact the specific thing the DoJ slapped them on the wrist for doing: leveraging their desktop OS monopoly into artificial success in the browser market.

The concern here is that Microsoft could leverage that resultant artificial success in the browser market into further artificial success in the online advertising market. Again, precisely the type of thing that antitrust laws are designed to prevent.

more than 5 years ago

Obama's Election Means a Return of Vampire Flicks

Onan Re:Call him Barry (97 comments)

Wait, why?

A lot of people go by different nicknames in highschool than in adult life. In fact, thank god that most of the ways we define ourselves in highschool don't end up as permanent choices.

What's so amazing about people not knowing the deep dark secret that at the age when everyone wants to fit in, Obama went by a more common nickname? Why would the "mass-media moron-tube", as your article so delicately puts it, consider that to be news? Or how is it relevant to what one should call him now?

more than 5 years ago

Barack Obama Wins US Presidency

Onan Re:Will they assassinate Obama? (3709 comments)

I couldn't be less a fan of the Bush administration, but suggesting that they'll assassinate Obama is purest nonsense.

Even if we grant that they'd have no moral qualms about doing so or fear of getting caught, what exactly would that accomplish for them? Turning Obama into a martyr and Biden into President? Or if they decided they didn't like Biden either and got him at the same time, anointing Pelosi? Who exactly do you think simultaneously has that much hatred for Obama and feels that either of those options would be sufficiently better?

Or are you suggesting that they're just going to stage an armed overthrow of the entire government, and march Bush back into the Oval Office by way of force? Again, even if you believe they'd be in favor of the idea, it's not implementable in practice.

There are plenty of damning things to say about the Bush administration that are actually true. Let's stick to those, okay?

more than 5 years ago

Barack Obama Wins US Presidency

Onan Re:Two words (3709 comments)

Your straw man, it is so... strawy.

The fact that there are no _perfectly_ unbiased news sources does not mean that there are not varying degrees of bias, or that unbiased reporting is something we should stop demanding and striving for.

Just because other organizations only get 98% of the way there rather than Fox's 4%, you can't just stick your fingers in your ears, shout "everyone's biased!" and declare it a non-issue.

more than 5 years ago

Discuss the US Presidential Election

Onan Re:I'm only going to say (1912 comments)

By most quantifiable measures (lifespan, infant mortality, etc) the US appears to be worse off than most other industrialized nations. This indicates that the US healthcare system is less effective than others.

As established above, the US healthcare system is more expensive than others.

In this context, I think that "more expensive and less effective" is a pretty sound definition of "less efficient."

more than 5 years ago

Apple Announces New MacBook, Pro, Air

Onan Re:media (774 comments)

I thought that glossy screens were an absolutely awful idea when I first heard of them. But after seeing and using them for a while, I now find them to be a far better choice.

Remember, the difference between matte and glossy is now how much glare the screen reflects, just how sharply focused that glare is. With a glossy screen, if you're sitting at the wrong angle, you get a big bright unusable glare. But if you adjust that angle even very slightly, the glare goes away _completely_.

A matte screen, on the other hand, is the hedging approach. There's no single point at which the glare is really awful... and there's no point at which the glare goes away entirely. You're just averaging the glare over all possible angles.

Given how painless it is to nudge a laptop one way or the other by a couple of degrees, I'm now much happier with the option to have no glare whatsoever, rather than just constant not-too-terrible glare. It's a little weird actually seeing true black on a laptop screen in a lit room, but I assure you that it's refreshing.

more than 5 years ago

Ask Blizzard Employees About Things That Matter

Onan PvE:raiding::PvP:arena ? (504 comments)

Are you concerned about the arena becoming the pvp equivalent of raiding? That is to say, the one blessed path to endgame progression, and anyone who doesn't enjoy it be damned?

I will admit my bias: I canceled my account three days ago over just this issue, after playing for over four years. I spent a long time being frustrated by getting only second-rate pve content because I wasn't interested in raiding; I would have canceled long ago, but I found and began enjoying pvp. Now I'm seeing pvp deteriorate in the same way: the same monomania on one very small corner of it, to the detriment of everything else.

The raiding/pve issue has never been solved to this day, so I'm afraid I see little hope that the arena/pvp issue will be. Or can you offer us any assurances that it might someday be possible to pursue these broad facets of the game without needing participate in the extremely narrow subset of them that have been deemed endgame-worthy?

more than 5 years ago

Barr Sues Over McCain's, Obama's Presence on Texas Ballot

Onan Re: electoral college (918 comments)

And by "states", I'm guessing you mean the 6 or so states that presidents bother to woo, at the expense of the 44 that they permanently ignore? This is a good deal for states how, exactly?

Usually when people say "states' rights", they're talking about the championing the rights of states over the rights of the federal government. But to say it in the context of the electoral college, you're championing the rights of states over the rights of voters. That seems like a much harder stance to defend.

about 6 years ago


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