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Tech-Unfriendly Cafes Say No Kindles Allowed

OnlyJedi Re:Look past the device... (375 comments)

Perhaps that reason is that Starbucks has economies of scale in place that small independent coffee shops don't. I'm sure Starbucks got a great deal from AT&T to provide the WiFi service, and is paying far less per month per store than any cafe would from their local ISP.

more than 3 years ago

Tech-Unfriendly Cafes Say No Kindles Allowed

OnlyJedi Re:Look past the device... (375 comments)

e-readers don't normally consume WiFi either. Most have built-in 3G, and even the ones that don't only use WiFi when purchasing new books and the occasional web browsing. And here's a tip: most people don't buy e-readers for web browsing.

more than 3 years ago

Tech-Unfriendly Cafes Say No Kindles Allowed

OnlyJedi Re:It's a free country (375 comments)

The other point is that there is a happy medium between a shop being overrun by customers buying one coffee and staying for 3-4 hours, and the same shop banning all electronic devices, books, newspapers, and anything else that might keep customers in the store for longer. Your local Panera's seems to have found one such happy medium.

more than 3 years ago

Apple App Store Hits 10B App Download Mark

OnlyJedi Re:Taxes (195 comments)

The prize is a $10,000 iTunes Store gift card, not $10,000 in cash or a $10,000 Apple gift card. Last I checked, the iTunes store doesn't sell MacBooks.

more than 3 years ago

No More Version Numbers For HTML

OnlyJedi Re:Translation (336 comments)

Well, if the version numbering converged to something interesting like pi (or e, or the golden ratio) I could see people wanting it.
Then again, that kind of system wouldn't be rational.

more than 3 years ago

Why haven't you bought a tablet?

OnlyJedi Re:Performance (459 comments)

If you run Mac, you can get an iPad and use Plex. The desktop app is free, and the iPad/iPhone app is $5. It pretty much every video format and resolution on your desktop to a target resolution you set on the device (normally based on the device's resolution, though you can lower it for low bandwidth situations) and sends them over the network or internet. I've gotten 720p and 1080p mkvs playing on my first-gen iTouch, with various audio formats including DTS-EX, Dolby Digital, AAC, FLAC, MP3, etc. This only downside is, for the moment, that the mobile app doesn't allow audio or subtitle track selection. This is expected to be added soon though. I guess you might consider needing a separate server daemon running on your desktop a downside as well, but on the plus side the daemon can scrape your files and download metadata (without modifying the original files that is). There currently isn't a PC app for the media server, but that's coming soon in response to Plex's inclusion in the new LG TVs and Blu-ray players. Also coming is an Android app, which can open you options beyond the iPad.

more than 3 years ago

Single Software Licence Shared 774,651 Times

OnlyJedi Re:Measurement opportunity (446 comments)

Actually, since a license is free for non-commercial use, it's most likely to show how many people are too lazy to fill out an online form or register an account (possibly giving their email up to spammers--I mean marketing). Kinda like using bugmenot to get into free-to-register websites.

more than 3 years ago

Square Enix Attempting Final Fantasy XIV Damage Control

OnlyJedi Re:What's the appeal of those games? (215 comments)

During the mid- to late- 90's I'd heartily agree; Square's RPGS were great in those days, and I still pick up Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI from time to time. These days, their popularity is more due to leftover nostalgia and riding on the coattails of their classics. Which, if response the the latest two games is an indicator, may soon be running dry.

more than 2 years ago

I Wish My Car Had A...

OnlyJedi Re:Options (789 comments)

Speak for yourself. I just want to get in my car, tell it where I want to go, and lean back while it drives me to my destination. Or if I end up somewhere without my car, I can't call it with my cell phone and ask it to meet me somewhere.

In other words, I want KITT...without all the fancy weapons and turbo boost. British accent optional.

more than 4 years ago

The 'Back' Button the Most Clicked Firefox Icon

OnlyJedi Re:O: (267 comments)

I have a mouse with a back button that maps to alt-left behind the scenes. Most other built-in functions I use mouse or keyboard-shortcuts for as well, so my most-clicked buttons would all be from extensions. Or to close background tabs.

more than 4 years ago

One Step Closer to Star Wars Holograms

OnlyJedi Re:How's it done? (122 comments)

I still remember being a kid in the early 90's, and playing games like Time Traveler and Holosseum in arcades. Apparently they were very successful financially, though they didn't last too long.

more than 4 years ago

I trust Web apps like Google Docs ...

OnlyJedi Re:Last option's clever, but not TOO clever (194 comments)

If it was me running my own personal documents site on my own server at home, so that all my desktop/laptops/etc could access my documents and I could control the security needs as much as I want, then yes I do trust myself more than Google.

more than 4 years ago

EA Introduces "Online Pass" To Get In On Used Games Market

OnlyJedi Re:To bring the book industry into the 21st centur (223 comments)

It works for comic books and graphic novels. Many of them come out monthly or bimonthly, take about 15-30 minutes to read an issue, and have ongoing plot-lines. TV shows takes either 30 or 60 minutes to watch, come out weekly, and many of those (think Lost, 24, Fringe, etc) have ongoing plot-lines.

On a slightly related note, I finished GRR Martin's 4th ASoIaF book in two days, and have been waiting nearly five years for the 5th book. Which was originally the second half of the 4th book, but was split up because of size.

Still waiting, Mr. Martin...

more than 4 years ago

UK Election Arcana, Explained By Software

OnlyJedi Re:Silly Brits (568 comments)

Mod parent up. As much as it seems silly that the two losing parties still remain in power, it isn't when you think of it. If combined they still represent more votes (and thus a higher percentage of people's views), shouldn't they be the ones in power rather than a party that a majority of people didn't want?

This is pretty much what happened when Nader "spoiled" the vote for Gore in Florida back in 2000. Even if you discount the whole recount issue, if Nader hadn't been running most of his votes would have likely gone to Gore (both being liberals), and Gore would have easily won the state and the election. Similarly, if the UK were a 2-party system, the Labour and Lib Dems (which if I recall are both more similar to each other than the Conservatives) would be a single party and easily have won.

The benefits of having multiple parties is that no matter who "wins", without a clear majority the ruling coalition needs to be built on compromise. Whether it's Conservatives + Lib Dems, or Labour + Lib Dems, or one of the other permutations, the government can't go too far to one extreme. More importantly, minor parties are still needed to form a coalition, giving them a chance to make some of their views heard.

This can give new ideas—ideas that may be popular with the electorate but too risky/unknown to make traction with the main parties—a chance to be tested while still having a sort of buffer preventing them from being taken too far to quickly. Think, for example, the Pirate Party; major parties are too beholden to big corporate donations to advocate sensible copyright reform, yet that doesn't mean there shouldn't be advocates for it in the legislature.. Compare this to the US, where the two parties have been pretty stagnant for as long as anyone can remember, and new ideas are quickly shot down as "radical" from both sides

more than 4 years ago

Gamer Wins $1M For Pitching Virtual "Perfect Game"

OnlyJedi $1 million for a perfect game? (142 comments)

Sounds a bit low to me. If he were a real major league pitcher, he would get paid nearly $1 million just for showing up to a game, even if he lost.

more than 4 years ago

First Non-Latin TLDs Go Online Today

OnlyJedi Re:Really? (302 comments)

The solution is pretty already for the most part in place, and occurs at the browser level. Most of the browser vendors have known about this for years (since 2005 I believe) and implement a combination of whitelists, phishing filters, and Punycode to avert the problem .

Other possibilities they could add is highlighting the background of any URL not in the user's native character set, or that uses characters of different sets, write those suspect characters in bold, or pop up a security dialog. The problems with these approaches it that they are much more prone to user error than a default-enabled filter. How many real-users (as in, outside the slashdot crowd) would known what the changed background or bold letters mean? How many just ignore any popup dialog that appears and hit OK to get on with it? At least something like Punycode it's a lot easier to see something wrong with the URL, and the phishing screens are much more likely to be noticed than a simple pop-up.

more than 4 years ago

Mac OS X Problem Puts Up a Block To IPv6

OnlyJedi Re:Why would /. focus on OSX problems?... (204 comments)

Because OSX is an entire operating system used by 7.95% of users, while Linux is used by only 2.34% of users. Opera is just a web browser used by only 1.42% of users.

For those 1.42% using Opera, it's rather easy to upgrade to a new version. As already stated there are versions available that fix the problem, and only requires a simple application install. Even if Opera never released a patched version, moving to Safari/Firefox/Chrome/(gasp!)IE isn't too hard, at least when compared to moving to a new OS.

Updating an OS is more of a chore, especially in a large company with many computers. There is no update yet for OSX which addresses the issue, and even when it comes out there's no guarantee it will work with anything besides 10.6. Users of 10.5 may be, and users of 10.4 will almost certainly be, stuck no matter what web browser they choose. They would be forced to upgrade to 10.6; for users with older hardware, that might require them to buy new systems just to keep internet access. That's why the issue is bigger for OSX users than Opera users.

(disclaimer: I am a happy user of OS X 10.6 on my iMac and MBP)

more than 4 years ago

How Old Is the Oldest Computer You Regularly Use?

OnlyJedi Re:Business or Pleasure? (543 comments)

More than that, the reference to eMacs should have given it away ;)

more than 4 years ago

Top 10 Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do

OnlyJedi Re:Good guys only use macs (874 comments)

Well, considering that Robocop 2 was made in March 1990, a few months after System 6.0.5 and a few months before Windows 3.0 were released, it is hardly surprising that they used a DOS computer. That's what most people would have recognized after all. The whole "good guys use Mac" meme is a much more recent phenomenon.

more than 4 years ago



MySpace to sell user data

OnlyJedi OnlyJedi writes  |  more than 4 years ago

OnlyJedi (709288) writes "Hot on the news of Netflix canceling its latest contest over privacy concerns, news has spread that MySpace is going the opposite direction. Apparently, the one-time leading social network is now selling user data to third party collection firms. From the article, the data that InfoChimps has listed includes, "user playlists, mood updates, mobile updates, photos, vents, reviews, blog posts, names and zipcodes." InfoChimps is a reseller that deals with individuals and groups, from academic researchers to marketers and industry analysts. So if you're worried about your data on MySpace being sold off to anybody with a few hundred dollars, now's the time to delete that little-used account."
Link to Original Source


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