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Why Tesla Really Needs a Gigafactory

Ormy WTF is a 'gigafactory'? (193 comments)

Dear Tesla, Do we really need another unnecessary buzzword? Does 'gigafactory' mean 10^9 (or even 2^30) individual factories? Is that what you mean by economies of scale? If so then that's pretty cool and you can have your new word. Or do you just mean a really big factory? Because if so then making up a new word to make it sound cool is just lame, don't do it. That is all.

about 8 months ago

Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

Ormy Metabolism of a god (459 comments)

Anecdotal evidence/I feel like bragging on the internet. I eat what I like, (high fat, high carb, all fast food, literally anything goes) and maintain ~80kg (181cm height) with minimal exercise (15 minutes cycling per week and 20 pressups+situps every morning). I'm 25, situation has been pretty stable since 17-18. More exercise and high-protein/low-carb and I can bulk muscle and lose body-fat pretty quickly. The point I'm trying to make is I think the variation in an indvidual's metabolism (and/or natural genetic body/shape/size) and amount of exercise play a much larger role in body-shapelifespan than carb/protein/fat proportions (assuming you're recieving all 3 in amounts between zero and insane).

about 9 months ago

Is the Porsche Carrera GT Too Dangerous?

Ormy Re:How safe is it driven within the law? (961 comments)

You are exaggerating the difficulty and danger of driving this car at road-legal speeds by quite a large margin. I have driven a Carrera GT on the road (in the EU, not the USA, but its much the same) and on the track. It has traction control, it has massive amounts of grip even at low speeds without downforce, if you are keeping within the speed limits it would be almost impossible to get near the limit of traction in this car (unless you throw it into a very tight corner way too fast, thats when you need stability control), and therefore very safe. My mother could drive this car around a city without incident, it wouldn't be at all fun like you said, but not automatically dangerous. Infact it might actually be safer because the brakes are exceptionally good, plus the visibility is much better than some other top-end road cars (lamborghini I'm looking at you). The danger of a car like this comes when you exceed the speed limits (by a large margin). If I were to do 60 in a 45 limit in a top-end saloon (BMW etc) it wouldn't be too tricky, the car is likely to be front engined and/or 4WD which makes for pretty predictable handling, plus all the driver aids would help you out a lot if things went wrong. Plus all the safety equipment etc which a Carrera GT certainly doesn't have. If this same impact had occurred in a high-end saloon, one or both drivers would probably have survived. If you're doing 70-90mph in a 45 limit in a Carrera GT, thats a recipe for total disaster and no driver (professional or otherwise) should be stupid enough to try it. Apparently this one was. You can tell from the state of the car he was doing at least 60 (probably more like 80) at point of impact, so he must have been doing 70-90+ when he lost control. IMHO cars like this should come with many warnings and perhaps a limited speed when on public roads (80-90ish), but the car itself is not dangerous if driven within the legal limit.

1 year,15 days

Ask Slashdot: MMORPG Recommendations?

Ormy Star Conflict (555 comments)

Star Conflict is my current staple MMO. Its mulitplayer like League of legends and World of Tanks (made by same people as WoT), gameplay is semi-physically-realistic space-combat (mouse/keyboard only), VERY similar to freelancer, fast-paced, mostly twitch-based (which is a must for me). Its F2P, you can also P2W if you're not very good, but skilled players will do very well without paying at all. My first MMO was Jumpgate (EU server) and I became a well known player before the EP2 expansion, shortly after which I left with many others. After that I couldn't get into EvE Online at all, I couldn't have any fun unless I had physical control of the ship at least semi-flight-sim style. Played on a few freelancer online servers but the lack of content meant it got old very quickly. I was looking for a good multiplayer space-combat game for a while, and Star Conflict is excellent. However after a few months I'm missing the overall sense of progression and achievement you get from a real MMO. I'm looking forward to Star Citizen and (if it ever materializes) Infinity: Quest for Earth. If anyone has any suggestions along those lines I'd be grateful.

1 year,21 days

Should the U.S. bomb Syria?

Ormy Re:Chemical Weapons Suck (659 comments)

Yes, this, my view exactly. A civil war is a country's own business but the use of chemicals weapons sets a precedent for future wars, we cannot allow that. I don't care who bombs Assad aslong as whoever does it makes it clear that it was punishment for his use of chemical weapons, not for starting a civil war, and that the outcome of the civil war is of comparatively little consequence. Would mod you up but I'm out of modpoints.

about a year ago

Chinese Seek Greater Say In UK Nuclear Plants

Ormy Re:Yikes! (148 comments)

You're missing the whole point of nuclear; you said it yourself

For those new to this, the price of power from fission is almost entirely a function of its capital cost, measured in dollars per watt.

which is exactly correct, and also applies to PV and wind, and always will, because the fuel is essentially free. It did apply to NG and coal and still does to some extent but it won't for very much longer, we are running out of fossils don't you know. Your comparison is false because you're comparing power (or power/cost) to energy (or energy/cost).

about a year ago

Chinese Seek Greater Say In UK Nuclear Plants

Ormy Re:Does the UK get any say? (148 comments)

Are you crazy? Giving control of nuclear plants to the french is the best possible solution. Nearly 80% of their electricity is from nuclear, and they have by far the best safety record of any country with significant nuclear power. They are doing it correctly. Predictably it can be expensive to do things properly so they have not seen much benefit in terms of the cost of said electricity, but there really is no other choice once all the fossils run out, and the earlier you jump on the bandwagon the better.

about a year ago

Scientists Create 'Fastest Man-Made Spinning Object'

Ormy Re:velocity of outer edge (159 comments)

Very simple: Circumference = Diameter (4 millionths of a meter) times Pi --> 4*(1e-6) * 3.141 = 1.257e-5 metres. Circumference x rotation speed = edge speed --> 1.257e-5 * 6e8 = 7540 meters/minute (since rotation speed was given in revs/minute). Which is 126 m/s, not very fast at all, only 281 mph. So if it was spinning at that rate in contact with the ground without slipping it would outrun all conventional cars but not any jet aircraft.

about a year ago

How the iPod Nano's Video Abilities Stack Up

Ormy The problem isn't optics its processsing power (216 comments)

When it comes to taking video the limiting factor on video quality/resolution in a handheld device is almost always the processing power needed to encode said video in realtime, not the optics, which is why most phones with 5+MP cameras can save pictures at the full resolution of the CCD but videos are often limited to 640x480 at 25fps because that is all the processor can handle. For example my netbook with 1.3MP webcam takes far better quality videos than my sony ericsson phone with 5MP camera simply because it has the power to encode the video at a higher resolution in realtime. Of course if you have the storage space available to store the video uncompressed then its less of a problem but again we're talking a handheld device where storage space is by no means plentiful. And simply stuffing in a faster processor won't help because the power requirements mean a larger battery which means a larger device, and the whole point in these things is compact size.

more than 5 years ago

New Service Converts Torrents Into PNG Images

Ormy Re:Why browser plugins? (297 comments)

What does the code do except from change the filetype extension from .torrent to .png and back and what is stopping me from doing that manually? Renaming manually 'example.torrent' to 'example.png' isn't exactly a hassle.

more than 5 years ago

Long-Term Personal Data Storage?

Ormy Again, Quality DVDs (669 comments)

If you buy quality DVDs and take good care of them they will quite probably last for decades, perhaps half a century. They are expected to degrade over many years but some of the CDs written back when CDs were first invented are still readable today so nobody really knows how long they might last. There is a similar problem for HDDs, while in constant use MTBFs are well established, but for a HDD that is written to and then left unpowered for many years, well again nobody really knows because we haven't observed it yet. I'd say go for both, obviously HDDs have the massive advantage that you can plug one 500GB and write all your data to it all in one go. To store that much on DVDs will take you days or weeks to write to each disc one or even two at a time. I know, I have over 1.5TB of data backed up on DVDs which number over 500 already.

about 6 years ago


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