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Mushroom-Like Deep Sea Organism May Be New Branch of Life

OrugTor taxonomy (64 comments)

This is a reminder that the current taxonomy should be retired and replaced with a DNA-driven scheme. This will happen when the US goes metric and FEMA sends blankets to Hades.

about two weeks ago

I'd most like to (personally) explore:

OrugTor Yea deserts (246 comments)

I genuinely love deserts you insensitive clod. But thanks anyway for voting deserts.

about a month ago

The FBI's Jargon List: Internet Acronyms Galore

OrugTor lol (124 comments)


about 3 months ago

Professors: US "In Denial" Over Poor Maths Standards

OrugTor Re:danger will robinson (688 comments)

Well put. The whole point of Common Core is to generate understanding. The poster above is typical of the reaction we have seen in Arizona. Parents, like the general population, are not too bright and tend to be reactionary about things they think they know. Common Core has been renamed to facilitate acceptance but is encountering steep resistance from parents and politicians. Getting kids to think critically about everything is anathema to the would-be theocracies of the Southwest. tl;dr AZ parents are scared little people, AZ pols are Luddite religiotards. Common Core doomed.

about 4 months ago

Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

OrugTor Maybe in the distant future (364 comments)

Can't happen in our town. The traffic department has made such a balls-up of the traffic lights that nothing is synchronized. You will not even find two adjacent lights synchronized to the speed limit. Besides, when you see the light half-a-mile ahead turn red you know how fast to go to hit the green. Do people adjust? No,. they just keep going at 5 to 10 mph above the limit, hit the red and sit there.

about 5 months ago

Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

OrugTor Re:Whatabout we demand equal time of our views ins (667 comments)

The court was wrong. The constitution and the Founders are quite clear about it - the government does not sponsor religion. It does not sponsor a specific religion, true enough. But neither does it sponsor ALL religions, nor any religion. And no, atheists are not happy with it. The ideal, as intended by the Founders, is that a government body does not perform a religious ritual of any kind at its meeting. Allowing a different religious ritual each meeting doesn't cut it. It's interesting how some state pols and courts imagine that making a prayer non-denominational somehow makes it non-religious. A prayer is a prayer is religious. How is that so hard to understand?

about 6 months ago

25% of Charter Schools Owe Their Soul To the Walmart Store

OrugTor You nailed it (233 comments)

You've done a great job covering the major criticisms of charter schools. The Arizona charter school system exemplifies all of the problems, and more. The 'more' is the faith element. Many charter schools are religious and while the Catholics and Mormons (big in this state) are supportive of science teaching there are others teaching faith instead of facts. I accept that parents must be allowed to make education choices for their offspring, however execrable, but it should never be on the public dime. Another aspect that may be the tip of an iceberg is the corruption engendered by the absence of accountability. Some charter schools here get their supplies from a corporation run by the school's owners' cronies such that they pay over the top prices. Again, the taxpayer is footing part of the bill. To me, the most disturbing element is the lack of accountability. Once accountability is removed mostly bad things happen, true in any context but worse in any profit center masquerading as a public benefit.

about 7 months ago

Major Internet Censorship Bill Passes In Turkey

OrugTor offtopic (104 comments)

I am so sick of you fucktards destroying slashdot with your absurd witchhunt. Every fucking comment section has been vandalized by Betatards. Do you really think Dice gives a rat's arse about a bunch of hysterical whiners screaming as loud as thay can in every comment section? Do you really think that if you spew enough mindless vitriol then Dice will meekly give up and cave in? I hope they shove Beta up your fat arses so you'll abandon the site and we get our comment sections back.

about 7 months ago

Sony Selling Off VAIO Computer Business

OrugTor I salute you (204 comments)

My Vaio is 10+ years old and never a problem. Granted, it's an outlier especially wrt the hard drive but still...

about 7 months ago

Why Whistleblowers Can't Get a Fair Trial

OrugTor Trial (441 comments)

The headline says it all. Why on earth would a whistleblower be placed on trial?

about 8 months ago

British Spies To Be Allowed To Break Speed Limit

OrugTor Re:Sirens? (278 comments)

Incorrect. It varies by state. New Jersey has a "keep right except to pass" law, Arizona does not.

about 8 months ago

How Weather Influences Global Warming Opinions

OrugTor Re:Egocentrism (517 comments)

Stalin was no more guilty of "atheism terrorism" than he was of mustache terrorism.

about 8 months ago

Do Non-Technical Managers Add Value?

OrugTor almost true (249 comments)

When the manager is deflecting politics from the team it doesn't have to be invisible. A few subtle hints to the team about fighting off other departments or beating IT bureaucrats into submission would remind the grunts why they have been making unimpeded progress. Getting the team to appreciate you might seem hypocritical to an ethical manager but it definitely goes with the territory.

about 8 months ago

How Safe Is Cycling?

OrugTor Re:Not in London (947 comments)

When I lived in London I cycled everywhere. I never felt it was unsafe. The excellent visibility and one's agility make it difficult to get into trouble. To do that takes recklessness, never in short supply.

about a year ago

How Safe Is Cycling?

OrugTor Re:Cycling not the Answer (947 comments)

100+ temps are OK. I cycle in the low desert in Summer and don't have any problems. The slipstream has a sufficiently cooling effect for what is a low-power activity.

about a year ago

Full Screen Mario: Making the Case For Shorter Copyrights

OrugTor Progress? (361 comments)

Innovation or not, I'd rather be reading a story about a student using his undoubted abilities to advance the human cause. Remaking Mario is the depth of irrelevance.

about 10 months ago

Snowden Docs: Brits Hacked Accounts of Belgian IT Admins

OrugTor "willing to penetrate" (126 comments)

Well, I am "willing to penetrate" certain young female celebrities. Doesn't mean I did. Doesn't even mean would. Certainly won't get the opprtunity.

about a year ago

Are Contests the Best Way To Find Programmers?

OrugTor We wanted the best... (260 comments)

We interviewed the top contestants for a software developer position supporting internal systems such as accounting, claims processing and inventory.
- one had severe Aspergers.
- one never tested, on principle.
- none of them ever documented anything.
- one refused to code in anything but Haskell.
- no-one had ever heard of accounting, claims processing or inventory.
- one did not speak any English.
There was one old guy who came last in the contest. He was slow but he wrote good code, tested thoroughly, documented, had mastered several languages, had extensive experience of common corporate information systems and seemed quite personable. In the end we went with the Aspergers guy. He accepted minimum wage so big win for the company. Right?

about a year ago


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