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Electrical Engineer Unemployment Soars; Software Developers' Rate Drops to 2.2%

Otiluke Re:Reads like a press release (419 comments)

The US goes the route of everyone carving off as much as they can and fuck the other suckers who starve to death. Some less savory countries care off large slices of the pie and give to people for services rendered under the table. Europe in general takes the position that while good ideas and hard work should entitle you to larger slices of the pie, you don't get to grab so much of it that there's nothing left for anyone else.

The latter position is the best one. That way, we tend to get a larger pie next year so long as the fucking bakeries (ie. banks) don't run off with the whole pie first.

That's an insanely complex issue here in Brazil. Like everywhere else, bankers are making mad money.and that sucks, because when you consider the opportunity cost, you need a REALLY great idea to beat the earnings from the interest rates.

But what also happens here, is that in some areas, the unemployment compensation is so high - taking into account the local living costs - that some people are just satisfied with that, and actively refuse to work. Of course, that same amount of money can barely pay for food in the urban areas, so just lowering it won't work.

My point is... just making sure that the pie is justly divided between everyone is no small feat. Specially when you need to share justly among ants and elephants - just dividing evenly won't work.

about 2 years ago

Electrical Engineer Unemployment Soars; Software Developers' Rate Drops to 2.2%

Otiluke Same situation here in Brazil (419 comments)

I am an electrical engineer, and work in Europe. What I see here, is that the quality of engineers coming out of college or universities is declining at an alarming rate.

(Non native english speaker here, so cut me some slack on my awful grammar).

The same situation also applies here in Brazil. Worse of all, it applies both to engineering and computer science. I've been trying to recruit three junior java developers for over two months, but so far, haven't found a single soul that could:
* Knows what a Hash Set / Hash Table / Dictionary is.
* Knows how to use a LEFT JOIN properly.
* Knows how to explain what Model-view-controller is.

The salary? About US$ 30000/year, and yes - this is quite good for a starting position around here.

about 2 years ago



Eerie, Humanlike Petman Robot Walks, Dances and Tests Clothing

Otiluke Otiluke writes  |  about 2 years ago

Otiluke (703300) writes "Robots can do some amazing things. They can venture into dangerous locations, they can speed up industry, they can test vehicles for safety and now, apparently, they can dance. Boston Dynamics has created a life-like anthropomorphic robot that can walk, dance and move like a person.

Check out the story at Science world report or the original report at Boston dynamics"

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