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Best Technology For Long-Distance Travel?

Ougarou And a wise man said... (257 comments)

Travel is not about what you take with you, but about what you can find when you leave something behind.

more than 6 years ago



How do you come up with new domain names?

Ougarou Ougarou writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Bram writes "Not completely happy with my old domain, I decided to switch to something new. I wanted something that was simple, kind and where I could put all my coding nonsense. Not knowing how to come up with anything, I decided to start scripting my through the dict.org dictionaries. Starting with 192853 unique words and filtering it down (/[a-z]{4,7}/), I ended up with 15973 possible hostnames. Which was about 25% of my filtered candidates.

All that filtering was a bit overkill, because I decided a fish would be cool and the coolest -fish name I could find was logfish. But I can't stop and think that someone must have done all this already, but without posting the results. How do you find new domain names with all those domain sitters around? Any good tips, tricks or mind-games?"

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