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Is Perl Better Than a Randomly Generated Programming Language?

Our Man In Redmond Re:Well written Perl (538 comments)

When Perl is well written, including indents and not jamming multiple lines all together on one line, it looks very similar to Python, but with a semicolon at the end at each line.

Well, it looks very similar to Python with a semicolon at the end of each line written by a Python programmer who went over to Costco and bought a year's supply of punctuation and it was nearing its expiration date.

more than 3 years ago

Perl's Chip Salzenberg Sued, Home Raided

Our Man In Redmond Better yet (698 comments)

Have the lawyer send the letter for you. I'm sure he was trying to work within the structure of the company; in hindsight, that seems to have been a mistake, but hindsight is both very accurate and almost completely useless.

more than 9 years ago


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