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South Korea Jumps To Open Source Software

PBCODER Re:I hadn't prior to your posting... (287 comments)

Thank you..
I feel the same way about the public deserving better.
I work for the Clerk of Court and am currently in a situation where we chose to pay a vendor to create a software package for court document imaging, storage , and retrieval. Essentially we are paying them to write the software and they own the code so they can re-sell it to other counties. This really really make me mad to see public money spent this way.
I would like very much to see a public repository of government software available for use by anybody. The managers are just starting to come around to accepting SOME open source applications. And I'm keeping them informed on the open source issues to keep them thinking.
A recent conversation revealed that we now spend over 1 million a year on software maintenance agreements. To which I replied that it is perfectly ok to pay someone to add features to an open source application.

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