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Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

PJ6 only "rockstar" programmers... if only (508 comments)

Big Data algorithms like the ones used by Google and IBM appear to be displacing even white collar tech workers. How long before the only ones left on the payroll are the few "rockstar" programmers and administrators needed to maintain the system?

Anyone familiar with the BS processes and positions the grow up around SDLC knows this will never, ever happen. Businesses love to highly overcomplicate software development, often turning simple, single person projects into impossible to complete, 20+ person clusterf*cks.

And it's too bad - most of the work I've encountered suggests that a ton of developers do indeed need to be kicked out of the industry.

about a week ago

Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

PJ6 Re:Cry Me A River (608 comments)

"The web is just an enormous stack of kluges upon hacks upon misbegotten designs

Actually, the web is an enormous stack of kluges piled on top of a standard applied at an entirely inappropriate level of abstraction.

The problem isn't with programming or its tools, it's that HTML desperately needs to be replaced with something lower-level.

about two weeks ago

RAND Study: Looser Civil Service Rules Would Ease Cybersecurity Shortage

PJ6 Re:RAND totally misses it (97 comments)

I agree that too many people get into the field that shouldn't, but you're out of line using your example to generalize to all autodidacts. The most brilliant people in any field are by definition autodidacts, because what education offers falls short of their capabilities.

Also, CS teaches absolutely nothing about good real-world design. The most perverse architectures I've seen have come from the highly educated - and I say that being highly educated myself. To borrow an old military cliche, many with high degrees fall into the "diligent but stupid" camp.

about three weeks ago

Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing

PJ6 Re:As someone who's profoundly nearsighted... (198 comments)

...I'm feeling a bit smug about this development. I can hold it six inches away from my nose, peer under my glasses, and have the equivalent FOV and resolution of a 28-inch desktop display, handheld.

If you were profoundly nearsighted you'd know that 6" is not a near-sighted reading distance for smartphones - that's a common distance for normal vision.

Maybe you meant to say 3".

about three weeks ago

An Army Medal For Coding In Perl

PJ6 Re:What's so Hard to Understand? (192 comments)

Taking your own initiative to improve efficiency and effectiveness? In the military?

It's hard to understand because the expected response is a reprimand.

about a month ago

Hospitals Begin Data-Mining Patients

PJ6 Re:Doesn't give warm fuzzies (162 comments)

The AMA has lobbied successfully to make it illegal for a patient to find out the malpractice history of physicians.

This may be true for your state, but not in MA. You can go here to review the profile of any physician that has ever been registered in the state of Massachusetts. These profiles include malpractice, disciplinary action, and criminal history. This information is primary and authoritative; the site that hospitals and other healthcare providers use to check on their doctors, and what the public sees, is one in the same. In addition, anyone is allowed to call the Board of Medicine to request specific details about any averse information shown here.

Many other states have similar websites that were made in direct response to the concerns of those like you.

about a month ago

What Happens If You Have a Heart Attack In Space?

PJ6 Re:huh (83 comments)

Sure, the body would burn up for most vehicles -- the shuttle sees a temperature of around 1500 C for 15 to 20 minutes which I'm confident would do the job

According to Randall Munroe, the corpse wouldn't burn up on re-entry.

about a month ago

Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

PJ6 "gigawatts per hour" (461 comments)

Every person who modded this story up should have their karma removed.

about a month ago

China Builds Artificial Islands In South China Sea

PJ6 Re:Not really (192 comments)

That's kind of sociopathic of them to pull that kind of a stunt unless the dispute is resolved, cooperatively.

All sufficiently large organizations tend toward sociopathy.

about a month ago

A Seriously High Speed Video Camera (Video)

PJ6 How could you submit a story like this (62 comments)

with video and not include an example of the camera's output?

Seriously, was it just too difficult?

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but it pissed me off that the whole video was just some dude talking.

If you're going to be that lazy just give us a transcript.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Rapid Development Language To Learn Today?

PJ6 The correct answer is 'none'. (466 comments)

GUI for web, mobile and desktop. One language?

Even if you could get away with that, the language itself is the most trivial part of learning a platform.

Just don't bother. Seriously. If you don't have time, reign in your expectations.

about a month ago

Man Arrested For Parodying Mayor On Twitter Files Civil Rights Lawsuit

PJ6 Re:Jonathan Daniel won the legal lottery (163 comments)

This is open-and-shut case, and the only question is what the settlement and payout to Jonathan Daniel would be.

Normal people aren't allowed to pay their way out of jail for their crimes.

Why are there settlements instead of sentences when a business or any other type of organization is involved?

about a month ago

Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

PJ6 *smacks forehead* (309 comments)

The Web programming language of the future must also make it easier for the programmer to build and test applications.

Jesus, then get rid of HTML. Have the web "developers" keep their markup and scripting language, but it all needs to compile down to a lower-level standard that isn't categorically "web".

A simpler surface would be easier to secure, easier to implement and optimize per platform, and would free all the higher-level stuff to evolve under market forces instead of a ponderous standards committee.

about a month and a half ago

House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary

PJ6 Re:Hopefully this is a first of many (932 comments)

Nothing will change for the better until the system and the rules that govern it do, changes that are extremely unlikely to be made by elected officials.

By the way, the Tea Party is the very definition of a special interest group.

about a month and a half ago

HP Unveils 'The Machine,' a New Computer Architecture

PJ6 If it doesn't work (257 comments)

can I rage against it?

about a month and a half ago

Fixing the Pain of Programming

PJ6 "fix it yourself" (294 comments)

The complaints seem to be about a lot of perfectly fixable usability problems, common to open source development tools, that nobody's bothered, or will ever bother, to address.

I know - we're supposed to hate MS here - but I've never had these problems in projects of any type, large or small, closed or open source, using Visual Studio.

And you get people also complaining that if making programming (actually, using the programming tools) too easy makes bad programmers. Which is total bullshit.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Minimum Programming Competence In Order To Get a Job?

PJ6 You're suffering from a misconception (466 comments)

that you need to know what you're doing.

Demand far outstrips the supply of what you would call a reasonably skilled programmer. Also, unless you get an interview that requires coding (all should, none do) it is practically impossible for an interviewer to tell a good developer from a bad one.

Don't bother learning anything ahead of time... just memorize jargon, and you can land a job where you can screw around for six months before they figure out they made a mistake.

I clean up the messes this creates all the time. Good luck.

about 2 months ago

EU Court of Justice Paves Way For "Right To Be Forgotten" Online

PJ6 "ironically" (199 comments)

I don't think that word means what you think it does.

Oh, it's timothy...

Never mind. At least this one's readable and has complete sentences.

about 2 months ago

Thorium: The Wonder Fuel That Wasn't

PJ6 Re:Is this about Thorium or Uranium 233? (204 comments)

Thorium 232 + a neutron -> Uranium 233.

No entirely accurate.

Th232 + n -> Th233 -> U233 + e

You forgot to bombard the Th 233 with a positron going backward in time.

You mean, a positron. Or, an electron, going backwards in time.

BTW most physicists don't believe that positrons are electrons moving backwards in time.

about 2 months ago


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