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US District Judge Rules Gene Patents Invalid

POds Re:Conversely (263 comments)

I guess this would be similar to someone patenting a new found stable Atom/chemical and neither of us would expect that to be possible. I.e you can't patent Unranium.

more than 4 years ago

Japanese Turning To "Therapeutic Ringtones"

POds why so cooky? (75 comments)

This does sound so cooky. I haven't read the article.. perhaps i should. But music can sometimes make me feel good. Certain music definitely feels be better in certain situations. I wont believe music will be able to cure physical ailments, but i see no reason why certain tones could help relieve stress.

Sounds can definitely have the opposite effect. I'm sure kids screaming on the public transport raises my bloody pressure and i know my alarm in the morning makes my heart beat much faster. Many other sounds can also bring about stress, such as the sound of my ex girl friends voice :/.

So couldn't sounds have a calming effect on the mind? The brain is also the centre of the body that controls a magnitude of chemicals that simulate other parts of the body. I think its very likely that sounds or music could interfere with this, just as they can in a negative way.

No it's probably not the sounds frequency but our interpretation of it and what feels good to one person may feel bad to another depending on their history. But i would guess that there are certain sounds that make everyone feel good this has it's roots in evolutionary theory.

more than 4 years ago

Ushahidi Crowd-Sources Crisis Response

POds communication lines down (71 comments)

What happens when communication lines are down? I assume they just fall back to first principles?

more than 4 years ago

Craig Mundie Wants "Internet Driver's Licenses"

POds Licences for OS (427 comments)

Perhaps the licences should be handed out to Operating Systems based on compliance with web standards... I wonder if MS Windows would be given one?

more than 4 years ago

ChromeOS Zero Released

POds What is this? (232 comments)

I'm confused.

How are his builds different from what google release? Is google's release simply for mobile devices whilst the releases that Hexxah publishes are build for desk/laptops ?

about 5 years ago

Wii Balance Board Gives $18,000 Medical Device a Run For Its Money

POds But can they use it? (422 comments)

I know in my professional industry, there may be many a cool technology or device that i want to use, but may not be able to, despite the fact it looks good and can handle what i throw at it. However, i may not technically be able to use it because it has not been tested against specific guidelines or a part of the product was not tested against particular standards with the right amount of traceability.

I believe that’s why some particular product may cost more than any other. I.e a device to be used in a medical institute for diagnosis of any kind would probably require quite a lot of process in it's accreditation that the Wii probably didn't have to go through to be used as a game machine.

about 5 years ago

Scientists Can Grow Stem Cells In a Petri Dish

POds ReCell (83 comments)

You may be interested in this:

It is a leading product in regenerative therapy and was used on the victims of the Bali Bombings way back when.

more than 5 years ago

An Australian Space Agency At Last?

POds Re:ANZAC? (189 comments)

Kinda makes you think of Star Wars doesn't it! :)

more than 5 years ago

An Australian Space Agency At Last?

POds Re:Possible NZ Contribution (189 comments)

I wonder if this is the start of experimenting with Sheep in space?

more than 5 years ago

An Australian Space Agency At Last?

POds ANZSA (189 comments)

The Australian New Zealand Army Corp Space Agency?

I'd prefer ANZSA - sounds like answer (in an aussie ascent)

You ask it, they find it!

more than 5 years ago

Should the Linux Desktop Be "Pure?"

POds Software Nazis? (665 comments)

What kind of stupid question is this? Since when did Nazis or dictators have an interest in Linux?

Free means freedom right?

Then let me do what i want to do with my Linux desktop!

more than 6 years ago



Google broadcasts intention on sports media

POds POds writes  |  about 5 years ago

POds (241854) writes "Australia's incredibly competitive professional sports market has been said show market trends before others elsewhere in the world and as such may be a good model for predicting trends in overseas markets. If the premise holds, then you could soon be watching the Premier League, NBA or NFL on youtube if Googles intention to compete against broadcasters and other media companies for the rights to sports and entertainment events is anything to go by.confirming it will show live cricket matches on YouTube."



It's time for Integrated Spell Checkers

POds POds writes  |  about 11 years ago

I think its time for a change. Well not a change, more of an improvement, or a broadening of the use of a specific technology. I'm the worlds worst speller, and i put it down to the fact that English is the most difficult language in the world.

Spell checkers are a major application these days. We've got them in Word processing applications (all the major ones have they're own implementation) email clients and soon hopefully someone will think of putting them in the web browser so we can use it when posting to a forum or guest book.

But i want people to go a step further. I just don't want to be able to use them in select applications, i want to be able to use them in everyone application. Just like on windows or X11 where any application can take advantage of the global clipboard, so should any application be able to take advantage of a global spell checker.

I want to use it in my browser, email client, word processor, text editor, HTML editor and even paint program. Why hasn't anyone implemented a global spell checker? Gnome hasn't got one, KDE hasn't got one, MacOSX hasn't got one and neither has Windows. Surely im not the first person to come up with this. Im sick of copying text to applications that do have spell checkers and copying it back to the application that doesn't. Its plain annoying.

I would really like to hear peoples comments on this because it seems like an obvious thing to do. It'll benefit everyone and if its done, every application will not only have a spell checker but they'll have the same spell checker, which brings less inconsistences between programs.

And just incase your wondering, this was spell checked by Mozilla Thunderbird.


POds POds writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Let me tell you, the slashdot, cowboy neil option probably came about by evolution. That is, someone was making a joke about cowboy neil and eventually someone realised that it should just go into every poll as an ongoing joke. This is a feature of slashdot, and it is only doable because it came about through evolution. They dont use it anymore.

When some one requrests, on another sites forum, such as Amiga.org, "we want a slashdot style cowboy nil option", and then the site starts putting an option like that on every poll, not only does it seem to have no relevance or place, its damn lame.

I know i used the word, infesting within the title, this may not be an accurate description, but who cares?

Have you seen other things such as this? Is this a new "Slasdotting" or a new "Slashdot effect"? Will slashdot eventualy dictate the fasions in the western world?

What i also think is sad, is the never ending use of words or phrases that once made people lauf, but after a day or two, no one likes to hear them again. Such as "Our something overloards" or "beuwulf clusters" -- did i spell that right? :)

Again, another example of lameness that slashdot is seemlessly harbouring. It is no doubt spreading through out the web. It's like the fashion of the 80s, and mullets... It seemed good at the time, but 10 years down the track, what was i thinking. Only, in our case, its a week or two down the track.

I hope other sites, and members of slashdot stop reusing things that had a time and a place months or weeks ago, but not now. It's time to get over it and get original.

Ok, thats my rant for the year. "Peace Out" !


Im Borred - cover letters

POds POds writes  |  more than 11 years ago

So i was wondering, prolly time to write in here, since i have nothing else to do, besides waiting for someone to get back to me on the possibility i may have earned an interview for a job.

Which brings me to my subject. I had a tip from someoen that said when you'r writing your cover letter to make it interesting, passionate and not 2 paragraphs like most of the sites on the net tell us too.

So i did, i mentioned how i wanted to change the world and how this job would be the best starting point for me. I told him/her about my passion for new technologies (i was applying to be a mobile applications developer for a startup) and technology in general. I also mentioned my experience and other stuff which came to half a page.

Most sites on the net would discourage this. The ones i've read always say to make it professional, short and too the point. However, this has never worked, and seeing as though this was a start up, dealing with new technology, i though it was an appropriate place to test out this idea someone had given me.

In short, it worked. At least, he got back to me and said my resume stood out. Which i know isnt my cover letter, but it must have impressed him enough to look at my resume. And now im just waiting on the possibility of an interview after giving him an executive, technical and financial summary on a prototype for a new technology on mobile devices. He said it was good work, so im proud.

I wouldnt mind hearing comments from people about what they think of coverletters. How they go about writing thers? Should it be passionate or professional? Long short? Or does it depend on the organisation your apply to?



Get paid for open source work

POds POds writes  |  more than 11 years ago

In Australia, we have this nifty thing called work for the dole (dole == government handouts). Some people are required to work for the dole (if they are already receiving it) and others can apply for it if eligible. What I want to know is, how long does it take people in the IT industry to find another job? Do IT non-profit organisations (open source projects for example) look for people on the dole who might have skills to do some work? Would unemployed IT professionals be happy doing work for the dole at an IT related non profit organisation that matched their skills instead of getting a job straight away? Would you rather find a job as quickly as possible? Would you like to do non profit work while looking for a job to gain more experience, increase skills or try to keep skill levels at where they are? I also think that during the last few years so many IT professional have lost their job, I'm wondering how many of them are still sitting on their bums receiving their dole checks when they could be putting their skills to use and not letting their skills diminish. Non profit organisations can apply through the government web-site to take advantage of this and also people looking for volunteer work can apply to search the database of non-profit organisations to volunteer their help. Also, I know its not much but those who do work for the dole get an extra $20 every 2 weeks. Of course I don't think this applies to any organisations out side of Australia, sorry :).

I curious because i've recently lost my job, and i wouldnt mind working on open source if i did take a long time for me to get a job. Open source work would let me aquire new skills or at the very least let me keep them at their current level. Im just wondering how many people out there actualy do work for the dole and get paid to work on a nonprofit organisation with whom is in the IT industry.

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