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You Got Your Windows In My Linux

PRMan Re:What's wrong with Windows Server? (123 comments)

I've never used the "Support" on any Linux box yet. And almost never on Windows either. It's quicker to look it up yourself. In fact, out of the 3 times I called Microsoft Support, twice I got refunded for figuring it out while on the phone with the "experts".

1 hour ago

Banks Report Credit Card Breach At Home Depot

PRMan Re:Why do they keep doing it (91 comments)

I've worked at several companies and most of them store passwords in plain text. They've been doing it for decades and I ALWAYS make a new task/story/project, etc. that involves implementing proper security. Only once did I get a company to prioritize it to the point where it actually got done.

1 hour ago

New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

PRMan Re:It's the 1990s all over again. (122 comments)

Lowsrc didn't take high-DPI screens into account, which is what they are trying to solve with Picture.

3 hours ago

In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

PRMan Re:Sue the bastards (391 comments)

That's why you hire a lawyer for them and have the lawyer start poking around. Even if the lawyer won't end up telling YOU what happened, they should be able to find out and ensure that the loved one is being taken care of adequately and not having their rights abused.

6 hours ago

AMD Releases New Tonga GPU, Lowers 8-core CPU To $229

PRMan Re:still a problem (91 comments)

And yet, Windows 7 and higher ALREADY do this efficiently. Run a single batch file and watch your CPUs in Task Manager. All those single-threaded operations are running on different threads.

7 hours ago

AMD Releases New Tonga GPU, Lowers 8-core CPU To $229

PRMan Re:I PC game, and have zero reason to upgrade (91 comments)

Just this weekend I realized that my motherboard's copyright date was 2009 (AMD Phenom X2 unlocked to 4 cores). It's 5 years old already (hard to believe) and I can play all the latest games on the top settings for the price of a $150 graphics card. I'm sure the 16GB RAM and the SSD help, but there is seemingly no reason to upgrade other than 4K, if you want to do that.

7 hours ago

Hidden Obstacles For Delivery Drones

PRMan Re:just too many issues (205 comments)

Cameras and cheap internet and criminal prosecution will probably avoid the problems you are listing, while creating even worse ones, thanks to the dishonesty of people like you.

7 hours ago

Tox, a Skype Replacement Built On 'Privacy First'

PRMan Re:Oh Great Just What We (Don't) Need (171 comments)

While funny, Right-click the tray icon and select "Quit Skype" and then "OK" when it tells you that nobody can call or text you on it.

9 hours ago

Companies That Don't Understand Engineers Don't Respect Engineers

PRMan Re:That seems fair (371 comments)

Most engineers are risk-averse. You said as much in your post. But many businesses succeed by risk. Getting something unfinished out there before the competitor often wins the day, and 99% of engineers wouldn't do it.

about two weeks ago

Companies That Don't Understand Engineers Don't Respect Engineers

PRMan Re:Business decisions (371 comments)

If they gave the engineer a cut of the profits, I'm certain they would make the correct choice every time.

about two weeks ago

Companies That Don't Understand Engineers Don't Respect Engineers

PRMan Re:Database? (371 comments)

That's why they invented varchar(MAX) amirite?

about two weeks ago

Switching Game Engines Halfway Through Development

PRMan Re:Rise of the middlemen (127 comments)

Yeah, let's spend a month rewriting our code so that we don't have to pay 2 days' wages as a fee...

about three weeks ago

Involuntary Eye Movement May Provide Definitive Diagnosis of ADHD

PRMan Re:inb4 (200 comments)

It is overdiagnosed. I've seen kids with ADHD that can sit and play a videogame for 3 hours. They can watch a full-length movie no problem. But when it's time for homework or school, they "can't focus". THOSE kids DO NOT have ADHD.

And then I've seen kids that can't do any of those things. Every 5 minutes they HAVE to do something different. They can't watch a 30-minute TV show. Those are the real cases and need medication.

about three weeks ago

Microsoft Black Tuesday Patches Bring Blue Screens of Death

PRMan Re:Fortunately there is Linux.... (179 comments)

When my Ford car broke down, who is going to pay me for the time it took me to take it to the repair shop and rent a car? Nobody.

about three weeks ago

Transparent Fish Lead to Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

PRMan Re:Embreyonic stem sells (33 comments)

They've never been better.

about three weeks ago

Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where To Hide a Dead Body

PRMan Really? (160 comments)

EVERYONE has asked Siri this question. It went viral in the first days of Siri. Even my 14 year old daughter has done it and the image is passed around to everyone.

about three weeks ago

Fugitive Child Sex Abuser Caught By Face-Recognition Technology

PRMan Plot Twist (232 comments)

Plot Twist: Kevin Hodges isn't the guy. He just looks like him. Oh well, he's going to prison for life for looking like a child predator. (Hopefully there are safeguards against this.)

about three weeks ago

Geneticists Decry Book On Race and Evolution

PRMan Re:Are You Kidding? (541 comments)

In Europe, being smart enough to survive long, cold winters was valued. This took brains.

In Africa, hunting wild animals allowed you to survive. This took moves and brawn.

In China, politicking allowed you to survive. This takes careful study and business sense.

It's not surprising that people survived according to their environments.

(And...I'll probably get crucified for this...)

about three weeks ago

The Hidden Cost of Your New Xfinity Router

PRMan Re:Crapfinity (224 comments)

How? I mean, I'm surprised you're not still on the phone.

about three weeks ago



PRMan PRMan writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PRMan writes "TGDaily reports that Sony is coming out with a new "unbreakable" security measure for CE devices called CLEFIA. One can only imagine what new horrors Sony has in store for trouncing the Fair Use rights of its customers, while protecting the interests of the MAFIAA.

Also, one can only speculate how little time before this expensive, unbreakable encryption method falls to enterprising young programmers..."


PRMan has no journal entries.

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