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Bridging the Digital Divide In Uganda, By Freight

Paktu Credit cards blocked in Africa? (146 comments)

"Most merchants and payment gateway providers automatically block all credit cards from Africa"
Would someone knowledgable explain the reasoning behind this? I know Africa has more than its share of scammers, but why couldn't a merchant simply set rules requiring the funds to clear, a minimum amount of time between the purchase date and ship date, etc.? Why is an outright ban needed?

more than 4 years ago

Indian Copyright Bill Declares Private, Personal Copying "Fair Dealing"

Paktu Re:Indian Copyright Bill (192 comments)

I suspect I'm going to get modded down for saying this, but...
You might be able to make the case that Indians work hard, but are they actually productive. I read one anecdote after another about terrible performance from Indian web designers, programmers, call center workers, etc.

I am very reluctant to believe that Indians are somehow inherently "better workers" than Americans.

more than 4 years ago

Open Gov Tracker Reveals Best US Open Government Ideas

Paktu drugs are bad, mmkay? (147 comments)

The digital letdown was when many of the top ideas generated by the process were to legalize marijuana

Or maybe that's because it's a worthwhile and viable policy objective.

more than 4 years ago

Fingerprint Requirement For a Work-Study Job?

Paktu Re:GENTETIC Testing (578 comments)

If you have a kid right now, the blood of every baby born in US hospitals MUST be saved by the department of homeland security for a genetic test for identification.

Pardon me for being skeptical, but could you provide a source for that claim?

more than 4 years ago

Mum's the Word On Google Attack At Davos

Paktu Re:Disclosure At the Table (217 comments)

I am seeing countries continually regressing in the moral and ethical obligations, a degradation of honesty, transparency, and openness all in the name of making more money. I hear this mantra repeated on /. and elsewhere that the whole world is in moral and ethical decline. Really? Please give me a time period, anytime in world history, where nations were upstanding, moral, open, and fair to everyone. It's fine if you want to argue that globalization has negative consequences that outweigh its positive effects. But don't act like there was some bygone golden age in the past where everything was awesome. Societies act solely in their own self interest, always have, always will.

more than 4 years ago

New Study Shows Youth Plugged In Most of the Day

Paktu This stat is rather curious (157 comments)

The survey taker's school "doesn't use grades" for 0% of heavy users, 3% of medium users, and 10% of light users. This statistic by itself makes me unconvinced about the overall findings...do you mean to tell me that 0% of heavy internet users attend schools that don't give grades? What the hell is the sample size, anyway???

about 5 years ago

Should You Be Paid For Being On Call?

Paktu Too many people, not enough jobs (735 comments)

In the current economy, few companies are willing to pay IT employees for being on call while many IT employees are happy just to have a job and will bend over and spread their legs for the company. This is just an unfortunate consequence of there being too many people and not enough jobs.

more than 4 years ago

Facebook Putting Batteries On-Board Its Servers

Paktu Maybe if this was any other company I'd be excited (155 comments)

Facebook's IT department is a joke. Rather than this stupidity with putting batteries on the servers, how 'bout fixing Facebook chat so it actually works more than 20% of the time? Marketplace is useless too, it used to be good a couple years ago but then they did a crappy redesign and no one uses it now.

more than 5 years ago

The US's Reverse Brain Drain

Paktu Re:moore's law is "reversing" too (757 comments)

i've been monitoring different computer performance benchmarks over the years, and back in the days up to the P4, double times were about thirty months. now they are up to three years, or more. the heartrate of the dream is what is slowing down....

That's a pretty bold claim you're making. Let's have a look at some actual numbers, shall we?

This chart indicates that not only are we keeping up with Moore's law, for the past 2-3 years we've actually moved ahead of where we'd expect to be. And the graph doesn't even include AMD's R800 graphics chips, which have even higher transistor densities than RV770/GT200.

more than 5 years ago

How Many Hours Of Work Do You Do Per Workday?

Paktu Poll question is confusing/misleading (354 comments)

Normally, I'm at work for 9 hours per day (9-6, plus an hour for lunch). But obviously I'm not working all the time; I take short breaks in addition to lunch as I find I'm more productive that way. I think the poll would have been more interesting if it asked how many hours a day are you actually working at your job...or if that was the intended question, stated it more clearly.

about 6 years ago

Dubai Is Building a Refrigerated Beach

Paktu This project has actually been put on hold (249 comments)

I live in Dubai. I read one of the local newspapers here this morning just before I checked Slashdot, and it turns out the air-conditioned beach has been put on hold until they find a way to make it more "environmentally friendly".

more than 6 years ago

Unique Broadband Over Powerline Project Planned For Mosques

Paktu Could someone enlighten me? (205 comments)

Why would you need high speed internet at a mosque of all places? Who goes to a church, synagogue, temple, Scientology brainwashing center, etc. to access the Web?

more than 6 years ago


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