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European Carriers Complain To EU About Anti-Competitive Contracts With Apple

Paolone stomping (146 comments)

The EU is sooo going to stomp on Apple's ass.

about 2 years ago

Lucas Says Ford, Fisher and Hamill May Return For Next Star Wars

Paolone my only hope (253 comments)

I hope that Lucas keeps the heck away from the new movies.

about 2 years ago

What Is Your Favorite Polearm?

Paolone Re:Cleric's favorite (469 comments)

It's not. It has a piercing end and a blunt end.

about 2 years ago

MoD's Error Leaks Secrets of UK Nuclear Submarine

Paolone Re:People Are Stupid (248 comments)

Actually, 50% of the people have below-average intelligence (assuming a Gaussian distribution)

Actually, 50% of the population have below median intelligence. We can't really assume a gaussian distribution here.

more than 3 years ago

The Men Who Stare At Airline Passengers, Coming To the UK

Paolone It happens to me a lot, irish leftovers (468 comments)

I fly to and from Britain about 10 times a year and I actually lived in Scotland for 5 years. I get stopped quite often by those guys, probably on the ground that I'm quite fair skinned but have a bushy black beard and hair and look quite intellectualish-nerdish. Then I hand over my Italian passport and they start asking if I've been to Syria, Lebanon or Palestine or the Middle East. I answer with my best possible Glasgwegian accent that no, i've never been there and that I'm a software developer living on the continent catching up with my dearest mates and girlfriend back in Maryhill and that mainland europe is terrible and i'm moving back the soonest, honest. Then they laugh and let me go. On the other side, when I go through border control wearing a palestinian kefiah they never stop me. They're a leftover of the civil war in Ulster, apparently trained in remembering all the mugshots of IRA-affiliated people. Now they're a bit useless I guess.

more than 4 years ago

Full Body Scanners Violate Child Porn Laws

Paolone Re:Developed != Civilised (751 comments)

In Glasgow we had 300 in a week... :)

about 5 years ago

Researcher Trolls MMO, Surprised When Players Hate Him

Paolone Re:Correctly? (895 comments)

How is teleporting people in front of NPC bots designed to enforce a safe zone instead of beating someone up yourself "playing correctly?"

It is since the zone is not flagged as "non-teleport", like we used to do with '80s technology in MUDs. The guy is playing by the rules and he's on infringing the EULA/whatever they have (else he would have been banned).

more than 5 years ago

New attempt at Internet censorship in Italy

Paolone Re:Liberty of press? (3 comments)

In Italy you may want to know if a candidate has a criminal record, as a lot of Italian politicians have criminal records. Berlusconi had one (well, an amnesty done by his ex-buddy Craxi cleared that) and he doesn't want his criminal cronies cred be tarnished by the truth.

more than 5 years ago

Emigrating To a Freer Country?

Paolone Re:Switzerland and perhaps Estonia! (1359 comments)

Well, I'm an Italian expat living in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and, before coming here, I lived 4 years in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, and before in Milan, Italy (don't move there). I have the following commentary: 1: swiss people are really hard to make friends with (from my experience). 2: the average population is quite xenophobic. As in anti-non-swiss. 3: the average population is quite bigoted as well, except they drink a lot. 4: everything is really expensive (in relative terms). Food and rent first. My telco expenses are three times as much as in Britain but for inferior service. 5: also, you have to pay medical insurance (it's the law, you can't do without it). And, other bits: 6: the F-19 doesn't really exist as such in NATO nomenclature. Your friend is possibly a liar, or F-19 is a name for a local plane. 7: Italy doesn't have any oceanic shores as the Mediterranean Sea, despite being nice and warm, is not an ocean. The nearest oceanic shores are in France or Germany.

more than 5 years ago

I typically stick with the same desktop environment

Paolone Re:I know this is slashdot..... but XP (432 comments)

Because the desktop is part of the OS you cannot just restart it if it crashes. There's no command-line to fall back to.

just run "explorer" from either win-r or taksmanager.

more than 5 years ago

My favorite electrical unit is ...

Paolone lack of Tesla (436 comments)

Like everyone is still using just DC, you Edison fanbois.

more than 6 years ago

Election Dirty Tricks About To Begin

Paolone Demagogues (942 comments)

Dictatorships are run by dictators. Monarchies are run by monarchs. Democracies are run by demagogues. What did you expect? for the people to vote for the best candidate? no way. They'll vote what appears to be better for them. It's not like you can vote based on what you don't know... :)

more than 6 years ago


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