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Is the Federal Government the Most Interesting Tech Startup For 2009?

PapaSmurph In a word . . . (148 comments)


more than 5 years ago

Desktop As a Cellphone Extension?

PapaSmurph Similar to the unpopular Answer (199 comments)

I've been looking for something exactly like that, but for my Windows Vista notebook, that way, I can use my notebook mics and speakers as a hands free phone. HFP for Linux would be great, but not being much of a Microsoft code monkey, I doubt I could get it to work.

Patrick (thpdg (519053)), any ideas if the software for those dongles would work with the "HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Technology" in my notebook?



more than 5 years ago

DoE Considers Artificial Trees To Remove CO2

PapaSmurph Artificial trees? (418 comments)

I don't know. I'm kinda fond of the real ones. And last I checked, they still worked OK. We just may need a few more of them. Maybe we could plant them on the top of some of those buildings.

more than 5 years ago

Introducing the Warpship

PapaSmurph Wormhole? (361 comments)

This sounds somewhat like the way the "Stargate" works in Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, the main difference is this is a bubble rather than a tube between locations that are generating the "extremely large amounts of energy". We just need to find a few Zero Point Modules. Problem solved!

more than 5 years ago

Reliable Male Contraceptive In the Works

PapaSmurph In the Works? (519 comments)

There's been a male contraceptive for a long time! All you need to do is put a sharp rock in your left shoe. It makes you limp.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Releases Super-Secure XP to US Air Force

PapaSmurph AF Standard Desktop Configuration (507 comments)

While this was an interesting article, the XP and the Vista versions used by the USAF are the same ones used by the general public. The only differences are the security setting, the firewall configuration, and the user configuration. No one is an admin unless they need to be, and no normal day-to-day work is done in admin mode (same thing you do in Linux, no doubt).

I didn't know this article was going to be published, but when I found it, I was not surprised by the comments. I've been working on this program for more than 2 years. Users hate it. Developers loathe it. Network security staff loves it.

Nothing can make Windows (or any other OS) completely secure if it's connected to a network. This is as close as the federal government as ever come.

more than 4 years ago

Pentagon Cyber-Command In the Works

PapaSmurph Re:Cyber Security is a job for the Airforce (90 comments)

OK, while I agree that cyber- anything has been over used, the Air Force has already stepped forward ahead of the other services to stand up a "Cyber Command". However, USSRATCOM has Cyber warfare and defense in its mission statement. A joint task force is the most likely form of any cyber-related activity, either offensive or defensive. The big problem is, how can you defend against something when it's already inside your walls? The Pentagon's networks have been infiltrated more times than I can count with bare feet and my pants down (more than 21). Not to mention DOE computers. All networks are vulnerable if they are connected to the Internet. No one service can do the entire job.

more than 5 years ago

Why IT Won't Power Down PCs

PapaSmurph Technology Lag (576 comments)

I know from experience that, in the USAF at least, there is a technology lag WRT power savings. Too many old computers that won't wake-on-LAN, too many older servers that won't support Microsoft's SCCM (the new flavor of SMS). We are constantly dealing with computers not getting updated because they were powered off, making them more vulnerable than other computers on the network. And if PCs are put in "sleep" mode and will WOL, if the server isn't running SCCM, you can't send the WOL to wake them up before pushing patches.

It all comes down to this: you need to spend money to save money. The federal government mandated that all agencies use less energy, but they're all spending more than the savings to get there.

I think I missed something somewhere.

more than 5 years ago

Sarcasm Useful For Detecting Dementia

PapaSmurph My poor family (389 comments)

My whole family must be suffering from frontotemporal dementia. They had to stoop to the level of giving me a sarcasm sign so they would know I'm being sarcastic.

And what about Dr Sheldon Cooper, PhD? I thought he was a genius, not demented.

  I always knew they were a little nuts

more than 6 years ago

Online Carpooling Service Fined In Canada

PapaSmurph Northern Virginia (541 comments)

These people would really have a cow in Northern Virginia. Slugging, or waiting for strangers to pick you up to take you to work, has been going on here since the early 1970's!

Yes, it's odd, and you do exactly what your mother told you not to do: talk to strangers and get in their car. But there have been no serious crimes against "slugs" reported during the entire time.

It just feels strange the first time you do it, and it never completely feels right!

more than 6 years ago

The Best Fictional Doomsday Devices

PapaSmurph Re:Just ask an alien... (340 comments)

I should have known I wasn't going to be fast enough to post a witty comment.

Oh well. Back to the ol' electronic brain.

more than 6 years ago



Becoming "The Man"?

PapaSmurph PapaSmurph writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PapaSmurph (249554) writes "I've been working for "The Man" now for about 25 years in the IT field. I keep feeling it's time to strike off on my own and start my computer and network installation and maintenance business. I want to make a difference in my community and I want to make a decent living for my family. I know I would have to compete with the "big box" retailers out there like Best Buy's Geek Squad. I was wondering if anyone out there in /. land has made the move and had any suggestions for me."

PapaSmurph PapaSmurph writes  |  more than 8 years ago

PapaSmurph (249554) writes "Today, the owner of my company (a small government contracting company) informed the web maintainer that he had to remove all references to our acronym from the web site because of another company. We started talking, and it seems to expand beyond just the web site; URL; Domain; Email; generic contracts; I'm sure the list goes on. So my question is, have any of you had to deal with re-branding your company from scratch, and what are some of the things we need to worry about?"


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