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What Are the Best First Steps For Becoming a Game Designer?

ParaShoot Re:Playing games = experience? (324 comments)

Games testing is highly overrated. Playing the same game, day in, day out, for three years? Hell no. When people think of games testing, they usually think of focus testing - which is very far removed from an average day in the life of a tester.

more than 5 years ago

What Are the Best First Steps For Becoming a Game Designer?

ParaShoot Learn C++, know your stuff, do a demo. (324 comments)

  • Learn C++. Game jobs that don't require C++ are very few and far between. A reasonable working knowledge of how it works under the hood will be advantageous in interviews.
  • Have an indepth understanding of general programming concepts. If you don't know your data structures and at least a couple of sorting algorithms (bubblesort and quicksort), you probably won't pass the interview.
  • Do game-related projects at Uni if you can. If you can't, do them at home. A demo goes a very, very long way. Small in scope but highly polished is much better than broad and half-working. Something like a physics simulation (ragdoll falling down stairs is classic), some interesting rendering stuff, some kind of AI demo, whatever. The important thing is to focus on one area, do it well, and then do the minimum required in all other areas. Don't spread your efforts too thinly.

In the UK the level of degree doesn't hugely matter, although impressive shiny degrees do look impressive and shiny. But degrees don't mean anything if you don't have the demo.

There are a few games companies that have sections explaining what they're looking for in applicants - http://www.bizarrecreations.com/jobs/ one comes to mind, although I know there are others. http://www.gamedevmap.com/ is your friend.

Games dev is hard work and you will end up pulling long hours towards the end of a project - especially as a coder. If seeing your name on the credits when the game is finally released isn't enough of a payoff, it's probably the wrong job for you.

Good luck!

more than 5 years ago

Ratio of IT Department Workers To Overall Employees?

ParaShoot Re:1:100 at many places (385 comments)

The ratio went down [from] when I started...when we had a whopping 2.6 IT staff for around 200 staff in total.

I think that was the intended reading, actually.

more than 6 years ago


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