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Researchers Tie Regin Malware To NSA, Five Eyes Intel Agencies

Paradise Pete Re:When will there be justice? (84 comments)

How long is it going to take before the American people get fed up with this.

Their elected representatives are to blame. They don't put real pressure on them to clean up their act. And how could they? Considering what it takes to have a career in politics, surely the NSA has too much dirt on each of them. So they occasionally put on a show but that's the extent of it.

12 hours ago

UHD Spec Stomps on Current Blu-ray Spec, But Will Consumers Notice?

Paradise Pete Re:I won't notice (328 comments)

That's exactly what it means: resolution is the number of pixels, always has been.

No it doesn't. It's the measurable degree of detail.

2 days ago

WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus Fight Gets Ugly For Users

Paradise Pete Re:Fault of the walled garden (190 comments)

if your friends are requiring you to use dubious software are they really your friends?

If start with "If they were really my friends they wouldn't do X" you end with no friends.

3 days ago

Silk Road Journal Found On Ulbricht's Laptop: "Everyone Knows Too Much"

Paradise Pete Re:What an idiot (180 comments)

The simplest strategy would have been to have already moved to a non-extradition country. He'd already racked up tens of millions of dollars in profits! What was he waiting for?

Another good strategy would be to just stop doing it. Taking a big risk when you don't have money is much different from taking it when you do. He had enough to be comfortable for the rest for his life. Why risk that? You've already won whatever game you think you're playing.

4 days ago

Microbots Deliver Medical Payload In Living Creature For the First Time

Paradise Pete Re:Really?! (41 comments)

What do you suggest they be called?

about a week ago

Your Entire PC In a Mouse

Paradise Pete Re:In inevitable questions of why... (165 comments)

If it uses one of those rotary balls to detect movement it could be partially self-charging. Assuming sufficiently vigorous mousing, of course.

about a week ago

Micromax Remotely Installing Unwanted Apps and Showing Ads

Paradise Pete Re:Flawed by design . . . (50 comments)

Apple sells ads in the same way that Google sells hardware. They both do it, but it's not a significant part of the business.

about two weeks ago

Micromax Remotely Installing Unwanted Apps and Showing Ads

Paradise Pete Re: Then don't buy their phones (50 comments)

They don't have free phones where you live? USA FTW

Either this is some attempt at ironic humor or you're fooling yourself. Which is it?

about two weeks ago

Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw

Paradise Pete Re: Makes sense. (629 comments)

With iOS, you are a criminal for modifying your own property.

Yes, all those people going to prison over it is a tragedy pure and simple.

about two weeks ago

Fields Medal Winner Manjul Bhargava On the Pythagorean Theorem Controversy

Paradise Pete Re:Umm, no. (187 comments)

First known indication of knowledge of the relation for integer-sided triangles

Integers using what units? The prof never says. He just says the lengths. He might as well say "Today I walked a nice even 6."

about two weeks ago

Tesla vs. Car Dealers: the Lobbyist Went Down To Georgia

Paradise Pete Re:I'm shocked, SHOCKED! (190 comments)

Dealership may be mandatory in USA but, AFAIK that's not the case in Europe but, still, automakers go with the dealership model here also.

Don't go muddying the issue with pesky facts. Stick to the rants, please.

about two weeks ago

Tesla vs. Car Dealers: the Lobbyist Went Down To Georgia

Paradise Pete Re:NADA is very powerful. (190 comments)

Thanks for the clarification. Before that, reading that sentence was the most unsatisfactory part of reading that sentence.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Sounds We Don't Hear Any More?

Paradise Pete Sounds (790 comments)

No doubt one or two of these can still be heard somewhere, but off the top of my head and in no particular order, these are sounds I can remember from my youth:

  1. The rotary dialing of a telephone
  2. The bell on a cash register
  3. "old style" police sirens
  4. A baseball card in the spokes of a bicycle
  5. The clunk-clunk-clunk of a mechanical TV tuner
  6. Tubes warming up
  7. The unmistakable clinking of glass milk bottles being delivered
  8. The "time at the tone" recording

about two weeks ago

"Disco Clam" Lights Up To Scare Predators Away

Paradise Pete Re:Useless site (49 comments)

Why bother even using HTML? Can't they just fax me a copy of the content?

Back in the mid 90's I was working for a small company that had a marketing director who, when he saw something on the "world wide web" that he thought would be useful to us, would actually print it out and fax it to us.
And then later he hired someone to make up some images for the web site. He called me up and asked what was the best way to get it to me? Which courier service? I said "Can't you email them?" "Oh no," he said. "I want to make sure you get them."

about three weeks ago

Bots Scanning GitHub To Steal Amazon EC2 Keys

Paradise Pete Re:Bots are not "algorithms" (119 comments)

Anyway, I'm getting sick of hearing the word "algorithms" used as it seems to be in the movies a lot lately.

I once came up with an algorithm that wasn't very good, so I just commanded the computer to "Enhance!", and it got much better.

about three weeks ago

Bots Scanning GitHub To Steal Amazon EC2 Keys

Paradise Pete Re:Sounds like multiple failures (119 comments)

This isn't amateur hour, guys - there's real money at stake here.

People make mistakes every day of their lives. We always have, we always will. It's how we learn what not to do. It's just that almost all mistakes are harmless... except on the internet. There it's like living in a minefield. Make a bad step and boom. It's not a question of amateur hour, it's a question of being human.

about three weeks ago

How We'll Program 1000 Cores - and Get Linus Ranting, Again

Paradise Pete Re:Sounds like programmers from 40+ years ago (449 comments)

"Nobody will ever need more than 2 digits for a year, so the crazies suggesting years be represented by 4 digits are just that - crazy."

Even the people who knew it would be an issue still used two digits. Resources were extremely constrained. It wasn't worth spending all of that for a problem that would happen decades later. I used to write complete programs that fit in 8K.

about three weeks ago


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OS X 10.4 Early Impressions

Paradise Pete Paradise Pete writes  |  more than 9 years ago I've had 10.4 installed for only about a day now, so no doubt many of the gripes will be easily solved as I discover more.


  • Improved searching is great.
  • Why is there so little control over the sounds?
  • The interface seems to be "de-proved." But maybe I just need to get used to it. It sure seems harder to see at a glance the state of the folders. I did go get Cage Fighter, which helps a bit.
  • Why did they remove the "Quote Level" from the contextual menu? I can use the keyboard, sure, but chances are I've just selected some text and my hand is on the mouse, not the keyboard. And I'd rather have it right there than have to go to the menu bar.

System Preferences

  • What? No more toolbar? I can't drag the frequently used ones to the top anymore? Am I missing something, or did they make it less usable? And here's an aside: I notice that System Preferences is one of the few apps that doesn't have Preferences.


  • Impressively fast. Seriously fast.
  • I just noticed in typing this that it supports multiple undo. I don't know if that's new or not.
  • It's able to deal with some sites it couldn't before. I don't who was at fault, but either way they work now.
  • Overall, simply a first rate browser.


  • So far, pretty much a toy to me. Seems like a big layer of stuff just to bring back desk accessories, but then I'm pretty sure I just don't get it yet, and the light will come on.
  • Does World Clock actually work? When I flip it over to set the city I can't flip it back. There's no "Done" button or anything, so it just sits there, taunting me with its back turned. It looks like maybe it's missing some resources.
  • Many of them seem pointless, as if someone said "Well we've got iTunes, and we've got widgets, so I guess we'd better make an iTunes widget." How is that any more convenient than going to the actual app?
  • The translator, which I was very pleased to see and thought I would use in place of going to babelfish or google, is pretty clunky. It's slow, with no indication that it's doing anything, and the interface sucks. How do i actually invoke a translation? Do I tab, click on the squiggles, what? If it weren't so pokey I could use the feedback to figure it out, but for right now I don't really know what makes it "go." It's also very easy to make it appear to be wrong.
  • I really like the weather widget. It looks great and does what I want.


  • Why do all the apps now say .app? It gives it such a "Windows-y" feel. Is that to protect me from accidentally running a program or something? If that can be turned off I'd sure like to know how.
  • Can I get some control over the interface sounds? It seems like such an obvious desire that I wouldn't be surprised if there's already a third-party utility to do so.

X 11

  • I generally use this for only one thing, running gnuBackgammon. For whatever reason, it (gnubg) takes much longer to start up now.
  • I now have to click twice on the dock icon to get it to come to the front.


  • I guess it's great. I find myself making "interface" blunders, though. I'll get used to it, but it somehow seems unfinished. Maybe it's just me, because I can't be more specific. I think part of it is that my expectations were so high.

That's all that comes to mind right now. I really haven't yet done all that much with it. More to come. Comments are encouraged, especially where I'm wrong about things.


Golf Today

Paradise Pete Paradise Pete writes  |  more than 10 years ago The rain broke early this morning, and Nito the caddy calls me on his way to the course. Convinces me que se vale la pena, it's worth going out there.

So I get there and the course is in good shape, and very few golfers. Nito and I go off alone.

Hole #1: For some reason I'm a little bit nervous today. I also feel like I'm going to play well, so I take the nerves as a good sign. I yank my first drive a bit, but hit it well, so I'm long but in the right rough, about 80 yards out. I hit a 90% sand wedge. It's right at the flag, but because of the rough there's not much spin on it, and it hits and rolls about 15 feet past. It's a slippery and fast putt, but I'm able to get it near the hole and make the two footer for par.

The swing with the wedge felt really good; loose, smooth and easy, and the shot went straight at the flag. It felt like I could do it all day long. So as we approach the the number two tee, with my driver in hand I say to Nito "If this club cooperates, today is the day." And he grabs the putter and says "No, If this club cooperates, today is the day!"

#2, the long par four: I hit a solid drive right down the middle. I'm about 140 out. The flag looks like it might be slightly towards the front, so we vacillate between a 9 and an 8. We settle on the 8. I hit a good shot towards the middle of the green, but then we realize the flag is not just a little, but rather all the way up front, so I'm on the green, but a full club long. I'm able to lag the 30 footer up to about two and a half feet, and make that for par.

#3, par five dogleg right: I hit a good drive down the middle, but what wind there is is against, so I still have a ways to go to get to the turn. I hit a four iron solidly, but with an unintentional draw. It happens sometimes with my long irons, so I'd aimed far enough left to guard against it that the ball curled around the turn nicely. The flag is on the far right, so I have a little tree trouble, but an 80% sand wedge goes right over it, and right over the flag, hitting and sticking seven feet past. I roll it in for birdie.

#4, par four, water on the left. I don't quite get all of the drive, but it's in the fairway and on the right hand side, which is good because the flag is tucked in the extreme left corner, guarded by those trees. So the right side is the place to be to get an angle. I hit a pitching wedge right at the flag, but it's a little long and hits and sticks in the fringe, about 12 feet past the hole. The putt has a big bend in it, and it's fast, so I just try to cozy it up. With its last turn the ball dies at the hole and drops in the side door, for an unexpected but pleasing birdie.

#5, par three over the water. The way it's set up today Nito says it's playing about 120. He hands me a pitching wedge and asks how far I hit it. "125," I say, and he says "Si, OK, plays 125." Hmmm. So I hit right over the flag, and it goes 125, but sure enough the flag is indeed 120 away, so I'm on the back of the green, well long. The hole is on the crest of the hill, and I don't hit the putt hard enough and leave it well short. Now I power the next one past the hole. Then I miss the comebacker! Man oh man. Four-putt Double bogey, and those two birdies go up in smoke. Shoot.

#6, par four dogleg right. I crack my drive to the turn. The flag today is placed perilously close to the water on the right, and you know how the green just feeds everything that way anyway, so I employ some o' that course management stuff and hit a cautious lob wedge pin-high, but ten feet left. The putt is VERY fast, and a has fair bit of break. Too aggressive and it could go off the green and into the water! So I gently baby it up to a foot away, and tap in for par.

#7, par three over the water. Pin all the way in the back, and some wind against, so we go with the 6 iron. Too much club, and I also get another unintended draw. So I'm over the back and right. Tough chip up over the slope, and I leave it short. The next chip one-hops off the flag stick and lands next to the hole for a tap-in bogey.

#8, par five dog leg left. I hit a good drive, but in the left rough, so I've got those two big pine trees to deal with. I avoid those, but catch the branch of one of the small trees instead, and the ball ricochets over the huge water hazard on the left, and lands on the far left bank, just in-bounds. They've dug out the hazard so that now it's a 15 foot deep lake. So I walk all the way around it and through the mud to get to my ball, which happens to have a great big blob of of that mud stuck right on it. I'm 140 out, but because of a small tree the only line towards the green is over the next water hazard and the trees guarding the left side of the green, and with that mud ball I don't think I can make the shot. So I hit it out to at a right angle to the green, across the fairway to the hill on the other side. I'm 70 yards out lying three, but I stick a lob wedge one foot from the hole for a tap-in par. Whew!

#9 the par four over water. I hit a mediocre 3 iron off the tee, and am left with a long approach to the green. The flag is again tucked in the left corner, and from my position it's too dangerous to go at it. Anything less than perfect and it's in the water. So I take a five iron and aim for the middle of the green. Apparently today was "hook the long irons day," as I get yet another unintentional draw. So I'm just over the back of the green, and way on the opposite side from the hole. I don't get up and down, so I make bogey for a two-over 38 on the front.

#10, the par five with the creek. I hit a long drive, up on the hill on the left. That hill usually feeds the ball back to the fairway, but with the wet conditions the ball stays up on the slope. Earlier in the year, when there was a strong helping wind on this hole I could sometimes hit driver, 9 iron. With the rainy season the conditions have reversed, and now there tends to be a wind against here. So instead of 9 iron, I'm hitting 3 wood! I strike it well, and the ball flies over the tree on the right and fades back to the slope above the greenside bunker. I chip up to about 8 feet, but roll the birdie try by. Par.

#11. Par four. I hit a good drive to 100, then a decent wedge to about 15 feet. Somehow I manage to three putt! Bogey.

#12. Long par four. OB and sand left, water right. I hit a good drive to the valley, then a five iron. It of course draws to the right, so I'm pin high but off the green. The hole is again on the crest of the hill, and I can't chip close, and then the par putt lips the cup and stops one inch directly behind the hole. Bogey.

#13. Par four with the tiered green. Water left, wide open on the right. I hit my drive way right to the other fairway. We're not sure of the distance, but decide on an eight iron. The flag is on the upper shelf, way left. Tough pins today. With a slightly uphill lie I hit a towering shot right at the flag, and it's hanging in the air for forever, and we're sweating out the distance, until it finally plops down on the crest of the ridge that runs through the green. It sits there for a moment, thinking it over, before it finally gives up and rolls back down to the lower tier. Bummer. Very tough putt from down there, and I'm not up to the challenge. Another three-putt bogey.

#14. Par four. I crack my drive down the middle, then hit a 9 iron to about 10 feet. I smooth it in for birdie.

#15. Long par three. I hit five iron pin high, but it's a long iron, so naturally I'm off the green to the right. I get up and down for par.

#16. Short par four. Wind against, so it plays a little longer than usual. I hit a good drive, then a pitching wedge at the flag. It hits and sticks 8 feet past. My birdie try just slides by. Par.

#17. Short par three. I hit 90% pitching wedge, but pull it a little, so I'm on the green pin high but 20 feet right. Hole is once again on the crest of the hill. I three putt. Bogey.

#18. Long par five. OB left, water right. Dogleg right. I hit a good but not great drive just past the tree. I crack a three wood to within 40 yards of the green. The flag is all the way in the back, so I hit a full lob wedge, but it's not quite enough to get all the way there, and I'm about 12 feet short. My birdie try just breaks off at the end for a tap-in par.

So, a 38-39 77. And as usual, Nito was right. It was the putter.

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