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Open Millions of Hotel Rooms With Arduino

Paradox Re:Legacy robberies (268 comments)

The source code in the presentation is for an off-the-shelf (and quite popular) microcontroller set that is sold at Maker Fairs to hobbyist teens. The entire protocol and the weakness of said protocol is exposed in said source code.

Just because you cannot imagine how he did it doesn't mean that it's unimaginable that someone could do this. It simply means you're out of his league.

more than 2 years ago

Spectrum Auction Could Be A Game of Chicken

Paradox Re:too bad (193 comments)

Too bad there are no jobs, and the houses are way too expensive. . . . Virtually all middle-class job fields are either stalled, or firing...

I dunno where you are, but there are plenty of webdev and software development jobs where I am. To the point where recruiters still assail me for larger businesses and I get emails from contacts about startups. Lots of entry-level webdev work exists, with a mean pay of around $55k/yr. For people willing to acquire these skills (and not everyone has to be as good as Airbag or Happy Cog), these jobs are available and often allow frequent remote work and benefits.

America's economy is gradually changing, moving away from physical manufacturing to data manipulation. We're certainly primed for it, Computers are cheap and powerful (when it's cheaper to buy a computer on a low dollar than a high euro, you can safely say computers are very inexpensive in the US) and reasonably good internet access can be afforded in most places in the nation. There is a ton of information online on how to do the work, and lots of professionals share their experience routinely.

The startup activity in the Valley has slowed a bit, but certainly hasn't stopped. Nor is there a dearth of money being invested right now (to the contrary, it seems like people are almost eager. I suspect with a weak dollar this makes more sense, but I am not sure how that all works out in the end).

Yes, America's economy is suffering right now, but it's also in the process of changing and reorienting to focus on things that Americans are in a better position to do right now. Hopefully we can make our education system realize this and make sure it educates our children on how to work within this market.

In 1995, about 50% of Nassau county (Long Island, NYC metro area) residents could afford to purchase the homes they were living in, given market price. In 2005, that number was down to about 5%. Yes, we have had spectacular success in destroying the middle class. At least they're scared of being poor, so they keep on working.

And as for housing, we haven't "destroyed the middle class." We've just overvalued housing. That is now correcting itself (you can only lie to your money for so long), and housing prices will approach a more appropriate market value and the "middle class" can afford to buy them again.

more than 6 years ago


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A conversation on a thread I liked

Paradox Paradox writes  |  more than 11 years ago This post and my response represent one of the most fufilling conversations I've ever had on Slashdot. I liked his arguments and writing style, and I am very much pleased with how my response turned out.

Yes, it's tooting my own horn. So what? I seldom get to.


Micro-rant #1

Paradox Paradox writes  |  more than 11 years ago

So, here's a question from an annoyed mac user. Why are so many people willing to belive AMD's (excellent) Opteron chip has great performance potential despite its less-than-impressive benchmarks. GamePC mentions in their review that the Opteron has better real-world performance than "synthetic" performance. Their various real-world time tests seem to show this.

No one calls them on this. People cite the report and nod and agree and buzz about how cool the Opteron and the upcoming Athlon 64 will be.

But when Apple does this with the G5s, when they have the EXACT SAME SITUATION, no one seems to believe them. Their processers "suck" and are "just slow."

Further, if you take into account the normalized compiler issue, the G5s do BETTER than even the opterons at keeping up in SPECmarks. So if IBM ups the quality of their compiler, tweaks the auto-vectorization stuff to work well, we may see some absurdly high "real-world" speed increases. But it may not up SPEC at all.

Which leads me to my conclusion. Synthetic benchmarks that only test one aspect of a processor or machine are useless. They're pointless for any real comparison. You can't test every situation.

This won't stop people from holding Apple to a double standard, though.

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