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Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

Parker Lewis Re:u wot m8 (573 comments)

Yeap, very effective and simple. Because Windows 8.2 is too much upstream. Next iteration will be Windows 8.1 Update 1 Update 1.

3 days ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

Parker Lewis Re:PCs aint expensive (451 comments)

the man hours you will waste on transitioning and people having issues with the new machines

Yeap, because with Win8, no difficulties to transitioning from XP, right?

about two weeks ago

Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer

Parker Lewis Re:Linus is being Linus. (641 comments)

> you caused the problem, you need to fix it This is true in ANY development company/organization/group. In my first days, they even call me at my night to ask me to fix a build that I broke due don't run proper checking/testing.

about two weeks ago

How Far Will You Go For Highest Speed Internet?

Parker Lewis Wait until... (142 comments)

...someone start some torrent exchanges, and all will go down! :D

about two weeks ago

Canonical's Troubles With the Free Software Community

Parker Lewis Re:As a KDE user... (155 comments)

Exactly, it's so cool use a custom theme on desktop... of course, just eyecandy, but this was one of the cool features about open source desktops: configure it in your way. Gnome 3 is the worst case, in my opinion: they're removing a lot of important features, saying "nobody" uses, aiming the "convergence".

KDE4, in the latest releases, become stable and fast, but this was what we got on KDE3 years ago...

So, basically, now each 2 years, we have the same cycle where Linux desktops starts a migration to a new library, throwing away all existing applications.

I have to assume that I'm thinking about Mac OS too for desktops. But none of we talked here applies to Linux as a server.

about three weeks ago

Canonical's Troubles With the Free Software Community

Parker Lewis As a KDE user... (155 comments)

... I gave a chance to Unity about 3 months ago, with 12.04 LTS. I liked the desktop disposition (Mac global menu with side launcher), and the general integrated look and feel. Use of apt-get is really nice (as in Debian), and with use of PPAs I can keep almost all my software update to date in a global way. Almost all configurations are simple, which helps new users. Driver support is good (I just had to setup the hybrid graphical cards with Bumblebee). In the other side, I thought the fonts were a bit big, and I don't like the dark theme. How to text font sizes? Install third part software. How to install new themes? Install other third part software (themes is one of the most cool features of Linux DEs!). Can I change the duration of notification? Re-position launcher? No, no, only using more third part softwares. But ok, in my mind, all the problems can be fixed in the future. Then I started to look into launchpad to see the bugs opened, and the future plans. Almost all important issues related to Unity are still open, with almost no comments from Canonical (usually in KDE we have an official dsposition after few hours). Most of Canonical efforts then are focused in "convergence", which my question is "who asked for?". As the future Ubuntu phones will not use the same desktop applications, why I need a new Linux based device? I'd love if Canonical works in better integration with Android: the MTP support is a joke (stop to work after few minutes), and would be nice to attend my mobile calls with my desktop headset, read my SMS on systray, etc. I think that offer a better support for the most popular linux based mobile will be a nice flag. And then, I tested the new Ubuntu version. And I saw that I have Amazon over all the places: in desktop search, in the launcher, all activated by default. Why this? In these days of all the concerns about NSA and privacy, why not sell the "you're using an open source product with all the privacy concerns" flag? If they want financial support, why not allow users to donate, like on KDE? (I'm a KDE e.V. member). I remember too, the old Mandrake club, where users have access few days earlier than "normal" users. In my minds, it's a shame that the most talked Linux distribution has enabled, by default, a shareware scheme. And the worst: the dash search do not works well. I have avidemux installed, and if I type "demu", I got nothing. If I want to run the calculator, and I type "calc", I'll get "OpenOffice Calc" as first result. So, I mean, I can understand when Canonical choose the Unity way. Gnome team is out of this planet, removing all basic features from applications, and forcing a tablet/mobile interface too. But I cannot understand why force the shareware behavior, or other duplicate efforts, like Mir, Ubuntu mobile, etc.

about three weeks ago

Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update

Parker Lewis Re:Nobody cares (194 comments)

Sounds like that "happy family" TV announces, usually from Nintendo.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Sort?

Parker Lewis Random sort... (195 comments)

Keep it putting elements in a random order until the correct order appears.

about a month and a half ago

Wine On Android Starts Allowing Windows Binaries On Android/ARM

Parker Lewis Re:ARM executables? (140 comments)

In the real usage, you'll need the apps more than the updates. My wife don't care if her tablet is not on Android 4.3 (it's on 4.1), but for sure she wants the popular apps.

about 2 months ago

In an Age of Cyber War, Where Are the Cyber Weapons?

Parker Lewis In times of NSA... (94 comments)

... they don't need a cyber weapon, as they can use the law to enforce any american company responsible for the major OS players to give them everythink they need.

about 3 months ago

The Human Body May Not Be Cut Out For Space

Parker Lewis NASA... NSA (267 comments)

How sad is when I see NASA and my mind automatically reads NSA. The dream is over :(

about 3 months ago

Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014

Parker Lewis References... (511 comments)

... about all these usage/purchase/traffic statistics, please?

about 3 months ago

PC Plus Packs Windows and Android Into Same Machine

Parker Lewis Re:RTS, steering games, and what else? (319 comments)

Nice discussion :) But, basically what you want is a traditional action gamepad game to be played in a touch screen. In the other side, TD games are not very nice to be played in a gamepad. I'm being the Obvious Captain, but some kinds of games are better with the appropriate controls. TD, race, fps, strategy games, balloon trip (as you said) are better in touch. Action games are better in a gamepad. Others are nice to play with a keyboard + mouse. Others with a joystick (flying or space simulators). Sports games with motion controls (Wii Sports). Dance games with capture controls. Etc.

about 4 months ago

PC Plus Packs Windows and Android Into Same Machine

Parker Lewis Re:Offline reading, platformers, and remote deskto (319 comments)

All these games (Jetpack Joyride, Rayman, Temple Run, Plants vs Zombies, Minions Rush) are not focused on gamepad gameplay. I.e., they do not rely on the player ability to press a combination of one-of-the-eight-directions + an action button. They rely on "touch in the correct moment", with some combination of the accelerometer (motion control).

about 4 months ago

PC Plus Packs Windows and Android Into Same Machine

Parker Lewis Re:Offline reading, platformers, and remote deskto (319 comments)

And as for gameplay, point-and-click games work well, but other genres don't. I've tried to play platform games (similar to Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man) on a tablet's touch screen, and it's painful. Don't try run PC or console games. Try play the tablet focused games. Like Jetpack Joyride, Rayman, Plants vs Zombies.
You're just trying PC games on a tablet. Do it the right way :)

about 4 months ago

Member of President Obama's NSA Panel Recommends Increased Data Collection

Parker Lewis I'm not american, but just to remember... (349 comments)

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

about 4 months ago



Ubuntu Edge now fixed at U$695

Parker Lewis Parker Lewis writes  |  about 8 months ago

Parker Lewis (999165) writes "According the last Ubuntu Edge update, "with 14 days to go, it’s time for our biggest announcement yet. From now until the end of the campaign, we’re fixing the price of the Ubuntu Edge at $695! No limited quantities, no more price changes. You wanted a more affordable Edge, and now you’ve got it". Can Canonical reach U$32 mi, with 14 days left?"
Link to Original Source

Canonical started Crowdfunding for Ubuntu Edge Smartphone

Parker Lewis Parker Lewis writes  |  about 9 months ago

Parker Lewis (999165) writes "Canonical started a IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund a U$ 32 million campaign required (according Canonical) to deliver the Ubuntu Smartphone (called Ubuntu Edge).

You can donate any amount, but the "deal of the day" is get a Ubuntu smartphone for U$ 630, available for this value only for day one. Configuration: 4GB RAM, 4 kernels CPU, 128GB storage, 1280x720 screen, two cams, HDMI port. Including dualboot with Android."

Link to Original Source

Nintendo DS outsells Sony Playstation 2 the most selled videogame ever

Parker Lewis Parker Lewis writes  |  about a year ago

Parker Lewis writes "Due a boost from BlackFriday sales, where it sold more even than 3DS, Nintendo DS outsells (at least on VGChartz) Sony Playstation 2, the former most selled videogame until yesterday."
Link to Original Source

PHP 5.3 released

Parker Lewis Parker Lewis writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Parker Lewis writes "PHP 5.3 is finally released, with some long waited features like namespaces (with the unpopular backslash as namespace separator), late static binding, closures, optional garbage collection for cyclic references, new extensions (like ext/phar, ext/intl and ext/fileinfo), over 140 bug fixes and much more. As you can imagine, some old pieces will be broken."
Link to Original Source

Parker Lewis Parker Lewis writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Parker Lewis (999165) writes "In the current days it's possible find a lot of marketing about the new blessed Java language: Groovy. I was searching more details about it, and I find this article. Steve, the author (and currently a Google employee), developed a little game (Sokoban), using all utilizable languages running over the Java Virtual Machine. The impressions about Groovy was not very good. The complete set of articles can be read here."


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