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Recommendation Algorithm Wants To Show You Something New

Paul Lamere Re:Tricky Business (90 comments)

Every recommendation algorithm I've seen does one or both of two things. The first being staying extremely close to things I have already expressed an interest in - never broadening my horizons.

clearly you haven't used the wreckommender: http://wreckommender.com/

more than 4 years ago

Detecting Click Tracks

Paul Lamere Re:Consistent Tempo != Click Track (329 comments)

Nate4D - I'd love to run the analysis on your church band to see if we tell the difference from your drummer and a click track. Send me a URL to a recording and I'll generate the plot. Paul at echonest.com.

more than 5 years ago

Using Computers for Sophisticated Music Analysis

Paul Lamere For more reading about ISMIR ... (97 comments)

If you are interested in learning a bit more about ISMIR check out some blog posts about the conference

From a researcher at Last.fm: http://mir-research.blogspot.com/2008/09/ismir-2008-demos.html

A researcher from strands: http://www.scwn.net/2008/09/ismir-past-present-and-future/

And lots of posts from my blog:

more than 6 years ago


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