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GNU Octave Gets a GUI

Peaquod Re:What is the added value over Python? (166 comments)

The main advantage is that you can run pre-existing MATLAB code, often without any modification whatsoever. When composing new code, I certainly prefer python/scipy. Also, many engineers and scientists know MATLAB because it is pervasive in industry, but do not have experience with Python.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Making JavaScript Tolerable For a Dyed-in-the-Wool C/C++/Java Guy?

Peaquod Re:That's an antipattern (575 comments)

And getting back to JavaScript, let's consider your own examples. A for-loop isn't the same concept in JavaScript as in C and C++ (until recently, at least, or unless you look from a very high level at what the C-style for loop is really doing). The object system in C++ works completely differently to the object system in JS. The features for manipulating functions in C and C++ are far less expressive than those in JS. Variables and scope work completely differently in JS, which in turn gives rise to some very important idioms that are unlike anything in C or C++. And of course the type system itself has a completely different flavour in JS from the C and C++ world, so your types and declarations do too. But apart from being wrong about every single example you gave, sure, JavaScript is just like C and C++. :-)

Christ Almighty, don't be such a douche if you want people to appreciate your point. You just mocked the OP, who posted a valid - and I suspect common - point of view, while providing nothing but a laundry list of vague, unverifiable comparisons. I don't doubt you know what you're talking about, but dispose of the mocking tone and add some meat to your argument

more than 2 years ago

A Composer's-Eye View of the Copyright Wars

Peaquod Re:simple math (973 comments)

folks who are able to generate original artistic material are much more rare than those who are able to perform it, who are in turn much more rare than those who are able to record/edit/package it. the value of a product really shouldn't be posed in terms of the number of people required to produce it. ostensibly, since you are posting here, you're a relatively highly paid technical professional - do you expect to compensated just as the bag boy at the grocery?

more than 4 years ago

Students Show a Dramatic Drop In Empathy

Peaquod Re:Ah Yes Evil Capitalism (659 comments)

Where did you read that free market capitalism was a founding principle of the US? The constitution? Declaration of Independence?

more than 4 years ago

Should I Take Toyota's Software Update?

Peaquod Re:You're looking at it wrong. (750 comments)

In that case, your only chance is the brake overriding the gas (a process which should have been true from the beginning anyway).

Or you can put the car into neutral... or cut the power entirely (yes, both these things work, even with push button ignition. I tested both on a country road shortly after the initial floor mat recall). In emergency situations, it's critical to keep your head together and recognize your options.

more than 4 years ago

Whistleblower Claims IEA Is Downplaying Peak Oil

Peaquod Re:It's not just cars and trucks ... (720 comments)

I don't know how many "peak oilers" are also "PETA-loving Peak Oil blabbering tree huggers", but most of the reasonable arguments for peak oil I have read mention that exact point early on - that oil is used to produce almost everything we consume, including whatever needs to be manufactured to save our collective bacon. See, that point actually compounds the problem. So pointing it out actually *strengthens" their arguments. Sheesh,

more than 4 years ago

Solar Roadways Get DoT Funding

Peaquod Re:Reminds me of another project mentioned here (484 comments)

that heat is a clear indication of the amount of solar energy available. allowing it to convert to heat before capturing it would tremendously lossy. I also can't imagine how one might capture the heat energy effectively while still allowing traffic to pass over the road, so I'm skeptical about "a lot less expensive"

about 5 years ago

A Look At Google's Email Spam Prevention

Peaquod Re:But what about spam from "me"? (176 comments)

That said, when is the last time a spoofed e-mail actually made it to your inbox?

About 10 minutes ago, and multiple times every day.

more than 5 years ago

A Look At Google's Email Spam Prevention

Peaquod Re:But what about spam from "me"? (176 comments)

Ah, that makes sense. thanks. Still, it seems like a common enough issue to at least warrant a "labs" option to reject such self-addressed messages from non-gmail servers.

more than 5 years ago

A Look At Google's Email Spam Prevention

Peaquod But what about spam from "me"? (176 comments)

At least 75% of my spam is addressed as though it was sent from *my* gmail account. Of course, it's easy to set up a filter to reject all such spam, but then I lose the ability to send reminder messages to myself. Seems like it would be extraordinarily simple for google to outright reject messages that claim to be sent from their servers that in fact were not. I sure wish they would!

more than 5 years ago

Are Quirky Developers Brilliant Or Dangerous?

Peaquod Re:brilliant or dangerous? (1134 comments)

Find a guy with a little programming knowledge who can sit in the office next door and write docs for Jim.

Perfect answer. I've worked with several folks like Jim over the years, and consider myself to be in the same vein. Yes, we can and will write documentation if we have management that requires it. But we'd much rather be having fun solving problems, and wise management will make sure that is what we are doing most of the time. Right now I work for a very small research company - the entire tech staff is two engineers (not "software engineers" - computer vision & robotics) plus two programmers. Our code is messy and poorly commented with no documentation - we get away with this because it is research grade code, and because our team is so small. We (the engineers) understand it just fine. The poor programmers who must port it to other languages simply have to put the blinders on and copy the functionality. We could document the code to death, but that wouldn't be any substitute for the fundamental knowledge in physics, statistics and algorithms required to *really* understand the code. When and if we grow into a production environment where many people will have to support (and understand) the code, I trust our management will be wise enough to hire other folks to do the bulk of the documentation, with help as necessary from the engineers. Because there will always be more profitable things for us to be doing, which we actually enjoy.

more than 5 years ago

Less Is Moore

Peaquod Re:Moore NEVER mentioned computing power (342 comments)

Amen! The phrase "Moore's Law" irritates me to no end. I understand that it is the common vernacular, but it is almost always misused here on /. "Moore's Law" was simply an observation that has remained remarkably consistent over time. And it had nothing to do with cost or "computing power" - just that the number of transistors per unit area double roughly every 18 months. There is no "Law" to be followed or violated! Sheesh!

more than 5 years ago

Most Hackable Coupon-Eligible DTV Converter?

Peaquod Re:Dear Submitter: You got a coupon... for this? (479 comments)

Our government accrued tens of billions of dollars when auctioning off the analog TV spectrum. They set aside a portion of these funds to pay for the coupon program in order to ensure that no cost (or minimal cost) would be incurred for the citizenry, who OWNS the spectrum and all rights associated with it. It is not a welfare program, and no citizen should feel guilty or ashamed for making use of it, regardless of their motivation.

more than 5 years ago

The Power of the R Programming Language

Peaquod Re:Freak your colleagues out with "no loop" code.. (382 comments)

I remember once years ago freaking my colleagues out with a largish app written in R... with nary a loop anywhere.

I'm sure you had plenty of loops in your code. They were just hidden via the use built in functions. Not that that's a bad thing.... just saying. You have to understand the mechanics of the calculations to use them properly, and over-reliance on built in functions can make it too easy to talk out of your ass.

more than 5 years ago

The Power of the R Programming Language

Peaquod Re:Show me some example code (382 comments)

Yeah that's a poorly informed comment. C is a freeware language. And it is used in virtually every embedded system on earth... like the control system for the laser that cuts your cornea at the neighborhood lasik shop. No doubt R is staggeringly less mature than C, but the fact that it is free has no bearing on its quality.

more than 5 years ago

Is Finding Part Time Work In IT Unrealistic?

Peaquod I did it - you can, too (396 comments)

But you have to be very good, and before you try, you have to put in enough time at a company that you become indispensable. Then you will find yourself in a position where you are likely to be able to dictate terms of your work life within reasonable boundaries. I've managed to arrange 4 day/32 hr schedules at two separate companies. Neither company was thrilled about it, and both made it clear that my advancement in the company would cease while I was not working full time. I did this for several years and it was *awesome*. Ever do your grocery shopping on a Monday afternoon? Or go for a hike in a typically mobbed location and find it completely empty on a Thursday morning? It's powerful stuff. If you can afford it, and you're comfortable with putting your career on pause, go for it! But, again, you have to be very good, and you have to be willing to walk over the issue when you bring it up to management. Good luck!

more than 5 years ago


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