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How Much Math Do We Really Need?

Pentagon13 Re:Is this some kind of ploy? (1153 comments)

I knew I recognized that name from somewhere. Broverman >>> Ramanathan!

more than 4 years ago

New Evidence About 'The Great Dying' 250 Million Years Ago

Pentagon13 Re:Don't tell the evolutionists.... (657 comments)

Not trying to nitpick here (and I may be wrong), but wouldn't lack of competition actually stifle evolution? Evolution implies survival of the fittest, where a mutation eventually becomes standard. If there is no competition, even the non-fit ones are surviving and multiplying, therefore the "strong" mutation isn't becoming as dominant as evolution would require. There would also be less to feed on and breed with, which can either work for or against evolution now that I think of it.

In the end, we both may be right. I'm just a bit confused as to whether a huge drop in population actually accelerates or deccelerates evolution.

more than 10 years ago


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