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People Don't Hate to Make Desktop Apps, Do They?

PepsiProgrammer Amen to that, but it could be so much better... (233 comments)

I've been using PyQt4 since last june. The crossed-platform RAD nature of python with qt4 is a godsend. The widgets even look native across Linux, OS X, and Windows.

Unfortunately, the deficiencies of py2app and py2exe mar what could otherwise be one of the simplest ways to develop good cross-platform applications.

more than 7 years ago



Creative Commons transfers operations of ccMixter

PepsiProgrammer PepsiProgrammer writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Alex (545828) writes "From the Creative Commons blog:

For some time CC has been thinking about how to take ccMixter to the next level and looking for just the right entity to do that. ... Now, we are very happy to announce that ccMixter will henceforth be run by ArtisTech Media The longstanding participation of Emily (known as Snowflake on ccMixter) and others in the ArtisTech team in the community was a huge plus and adding to the team's great mix of business, music, and technology experience, and their great spirit and respectfulness. So CC is really excited about this transition. We believe that in ArtisTech Media we've found just the right entity to take ccMixter to the next level, but only with maximum respect for the community and adherence to the forms of openness that have enabled the site and community so far.

ArtisTech also operates the independent music site tunetrack.net"
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