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Linus Torvalds Admits He's Been Asked To Insert Backdoor Into Linux

Per Abrahamsen Do they track each others kernels? (576 comments)

I wonder if anonical, SuSE and RH track each others kernels, perhaps to see what the competition is up to, ensure compatibility, and lift useful additions. If so, they would be in a good position to catch suspicious developments, and would have motivation to make it public.

1 year,2 days

Shuttleworth Calls Ubuntu Performance Art, Calls Out Critics

Per Abrahamsen Re:He has a point, no? (231 comments)

For my use patterns, Windows peaked with NT 4.0, combining the Windows 95 interface with the reliability of the NT kernel.

about a year ago

Brazilians Can Now Buy an "iPhone" Loaded With Android

Per Abrahamsen Re:Why the extra name (263 comments)

Nah, just release it as iPhone 6, and claim the iPhone 1-5 were internal prototypes if asked.

about a year and a half ago

EU Antitrust Chief: Google "Diverting Traffic" & Will Be Forced To Change

Per Abrahamsen Re:nonsensical allegations (329 comments)

They don't have a dominating market position. Same reason Microsoft are being punished for stuff Apple does routinely.

Different (stricter) rules apply once you achieve a dominating market position.

about a year and a half ago

Valve's SteamBox Gets a Name and an Early Demo at CES

Per Abrahamsen Re:Nope, ain't happening (328 comments)

My guess is that most "Linux" game ports will target the Piston spec, so no need to upgrade before a new Piston is released.

If you choose to build your own box, go as close as possible to the Piston with regard to hardware and software as you can. I don't believe the ports will be tested on a wide variety of configurations. "Works on Piston" is a much easier target than "works on Linux". What does the later even mean?

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Sponsors Linux Foundation Event

Per Abrahamsen Re:time for a boycot (134 comments)

Apple was for a time a major contributor to GCC, and is currently the driving force behind llvm and clang.

Also, they improved kHTML and released the result as webkit, which they are still one of the main contributors to.

about 2 years ago

Google Releases Android 4.1 Source Code

Per Abrahamsen Re:Yet (211 comments)

The GSM Nexus S started OTA updating in December, then stopped with no explanation when the majority still haven't received an update, and finally restarted in March with the 4.0.4 update. The rumours were that the OTA update was suspended because of poor battery performance, which was only fixed in 4.0.4. Fair enough, but Google could have been more open about it.

more than 2 years ago

When Continental Drift Was Considered Pseudoscience

Per Abrahamsen Re:A point of caution (214 comments)

"They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown." -- Carl Sagan

more than 2 years ago

Turkey Bans Pastebin and Tinyurl

Per Abrahamsen Re:Can they stop them all? (100 comments)

You have an interesting definition of "full speed". Turkey applied for membership in 1987, when EEC had 12 members. It is negotiating membership today 25 years later, when EU have 27 members, some of which didn't even exists as nations at the time Turkey first applied for membership.

more than 2 years ago

What If the Apollo Program Never Happened?

Per Abrahamsen Alternative History (756 comments)

The main effect of the Apollo Project was not scientific, it was psychological. Sputnik had scared the Americans (and the rest of the world) with Soviet technological superiority. The response to this was a push for science and technology in the US, of which the Apollo Project was part Beating the Russians to the Moon restored the confidence of Americans (and the rest of the world) in US superiority.

The alternative to the push towards science would be a push towards religion. This happened, but would have even stronger. If US could not be the undisputed master of the material world, it could at least be the master of the spiritual world. New ideas and technology would no longer come from the US. US military would still be formidable, but without the crushing superiority. US would look inwards, only keeping enough of an active interest in world affairs to keep the oil flowing. US had saved the world from dictatorship in WWII, from now on, the world could look after itself.

Europe would be unable to fill the power vacuum, although they would be a leader in science. France and England would still be occupied with crumbling empires, and preventing West Germany to take leadership. They would fall under influence of the Soviet Empire. The Soviets were always numerically superior, but they were scared of US technology. With that gone, they would be even more expansionist. Their economic system would still be doomed eventually, but by expansion they would be to delay the collapse. Without the protection of the US, Japan would see the need to regain their military might, while keeping their economic growth. Japan would become the new leader in technology. Mao's China would suffer from the pressure from two sides (Soviet and Japan), and never develop into a new superpower.

So, at this time, the America's would still be under US influence, Africa, Europe, and South Asia would be under Soviet influence, and SE Asia (and Oceania) dominated by Japan. Technologically, we would be 20 years behind. The Soviet and Japanese empires would both start to show signs of recession, while the US might be rediscovering science which would eventually lead to a come back on the international scene.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Europe Have Better Magazines Than the US?

Per Abrahamsen Re:"All"? (562 comments)

EU went from 15 to 27 member states in the period from 2000 to 2010, in case you wonder why we seem to outperform China.

more than 2 years ago

Bethesda's 'Scrolls' Lawsuit Going Ahead

Per Abrahamsen Re:The Law Should Say (332 comments)

The point is that they shouldn't claim a trademark on the word "scrolls". Scrolls are a staple of the fantasy genre.

"Elder scrolls", yes, "scrolls", no.

more than 2 years ago

First Billion Dollar Open Source Software Vendor

Per Abrahamsen Re:Which software (75 comments)

They predict that by 2013 non-OS software will grown to almost half the revenue.


Middleware (likely JBoss) will be the majority of the non-OS software.

more than 2 years ago

Intel, Google Team To Optimize Android For Smartphones

Per Abrahamsen Android already on x86; GoogleTV has Atom cpu. (187 comments)

Applications are mostly Java, so that shouldn't be a problem either.

The Native code library (NaCl) will be unportable currently. However, they plan to base the next version on LLVM making that too platform independent.

about 3 years ago

Linus' Other Gift to the World

Per Abrahamsen CVS (177 comments)

I actually think CVS did more for "open innovation". Together with Sun sponsoring the various SunSites.

CVS was the first (at least widely used) free server based version control system, and it made it very easy for anyone with a server to setup a free software project. The SunSites were probably the most common hosting platform until SourceForge. Before CVS you either gave collaborators login access so they could work locally on your machine (GNU did that), or relied on sending patches, which Linus did for years. CVS made it so much more convenient. Especially with anonymous CVS which essentially allowed anyone to create their own "fork" that still tracked mainline. A very poor mans github.

CVS was buggy in design and replaced by SVN, and the DVCS's provided another leap ahead in collaboration, so CVS got a bad reputation. But for its time, it was a revolution at least as important as git.

more than 3 years ago

NCSoft To Close North American Lineage Servers

Per Abrahamsen Re:I hate it when this happens (91 comments)

For comparison, North America is 5% is the ncsoft's market for *all* their games (lineage, city of heroes/villains, aion, guild wars). They are not going to base any decision on releasing code on how the game is doing on the North American market.

more than 3 years ago

NCSoft To Close North American Lineage Servers

Per Abrahamsen Re:I hate it when this happens (91 comments)

Lineage (I) was 29% of ncsoft sales in Q4 2010 according to their financial report.

more than 3 years ago

Roguelikes: the Misnamed Genre

Per Abrahamsen Re:One essential question... (201 comments)

Diablo was inspired by nethack, a roguelike.

The boundaries of the genre are not well defined, but turn-based would usually be considered one of the defining characteristics.

more than 3 years ago

Roguelikes: the Misnamed Genre

Per Abrahamsen Re:Nethack (201 comments)

I know it is a joke, but the connection is there. The original rogue is vi-like, adopting the cursor keys of vi.

more than 3 years ago

Investigating the Performance of Firefox 4 and IE9

Per Abrahamsen Re:MS Firefox FUD? (105 comments)

> Joking aside, I am kind of curious what thuis "as microsoft would have you beiieve" comment is coming from.

This blog post, which was linked to in the article. Especially the last section ("Full Hardware Acceleration is the Difference") would lead the reader to believe that the difference was architectural.

more than 3 years ago



Apple threatens Danish reseller of iPhone

Per Abrahamsen Per Abrahamsen writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Per Abrahamsen writes "Apple has has send a letter (article in Danish) to Telekæden, the largest independent cell phone chain in Denmark, demanding that sign an agreement to stop reselling parallel imported iPhones and deliver all unsold phones to Apples Danish lawyer. This in spite of both German and French courts declaring Apple's tying the iPhone to a single operator for being against European law.

The price at Telekæden for a phone not bound to any operator is DKK 5,900, or US$ 1,200. This compares favorable with the official minimum prices (including subscription) of US$ 1,840 when buying from AT&T, £900 (US$ 1850) in UK from O2, or 1600 (US$ 2350) from T-Mobile in Germany."

Per Abrahamsen Per Abrahamsen writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Per Abrahamsen writes "The bid to make Ryzom live on as the first free MMORPG has failed, despite raising 170.000 Euro in donation pledges.

From the announcement:
I have bad news this time. Our offer has been declined by the court. At the end, there were three offers presented, and the other two were bigger than our's. They are keeping more employees than we do, and offer more money. We should get the details of the other offers soon, so I should be able to tell you more then. In the meantime, I'd like to personally congratulate the winner, Gameforge, and I wish them good luck.


Per Abrahamsen has no journal entries.

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