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UK Police Want DNA of 'Potential Offenders'

Percent Man Re:US politics... (578 comments)

No, it's not. Mormons deny the doctrine of the trinity [1], they profess that there are sins the blood of Christ is incapable of paying for [2], they deny the existence of hell [3], and they deny the eternity and uniqueness of the Judeo-Christian God [4]. These are all basic tenets that have been fundamental to defining "what is a Christian?" ever since the question was first asked in the first couple centuries A.D. No Christian church accepts the unique doctrines that Mormonism teaches [5] [6].

Just as it is incorrect for non-Hindus to say, "This is the authoritative word on what is and what is not Hinduism," (or non-Muslims for Islam, or non-Atheists for Atheism, or what have you), it is incorrect for non-Christians to say, "This doctrine over here is Christian!"

more than 6 years ago


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