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SunnComm - Bomb or DRM Success Story?

Performer Guy Shift key removal? (164 comments)

But this flaw in their technology is an inate function of the operating system, their protection was to autorun their protection program when a CD was loaded. You cannot work around this & protect CD audio, you can't force a PC to autorun something it doesn't want to, nor should you be able to.

Any workaround would have to involve a completely different protection approach.

It is obvious to anyone considering this problem that you cannot work around this and still have your CD play in a normal player (i.e. it can't be encrypted).

Actually this is slightly worrying because there is a way they could perhaps load software from any initial CD load that would permanently affect the autorun features on your PC, so if you ever loaded a DRM CD from SunnComm without the shift key and it ran just once it could forever install some crippleware that would force you to autorun forever more effectively disabling the shift key function. This would be a completely odious thing for them to do, permanently altering the useful operation of your operating system. I suppose they could detect the CD and only ignore the shift key if their DRM was absent, but I still don't like the idea of them mucking with my PC just because I popped one of their CDs in the drive.

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