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Girl Geeks Launch Picosatellite

PerlGeek Re:you broach some valid points, but in the wrong (134 comments)

> who is the stronger, in terms of capacity to do
> work required to maintain society, man or woman?
> Big Lie=Man. Women make babies, carry 20 lbs. of
> child on one arm and 20 lbs. of groceries on the
> other, manage the books of a household, and do
> it continuously 400 months straight on 4 ounces
> of food and 4 hours of sleep. This regime would
> kill a man. To man, a 4-minute mile, or a 4-hour
> marathon, is a test of physical "endurance."

Silly exaggeration, that'd kill anyone. Dare I say society needs both sexes? I'm a guy. Since when was that a crime? That's beside the point, I know. The point is, which sex is stronger. I've known girls who are greatly smarter than me. And others who weren't. Same with physical strength, endurance, speed at learning. Some more, some less.

And since when is stronger better? Aren't we all geeks here?

> whose brain is more efficient, prehaps even
> intelligent, in terms of ability to indentify
> information, gather it, organize it, store it
> and retrieve it? Big Lie=Man. Like myself now,
> men are constantly blasting off, focusing on
> this point or that point, while women listen,
> gather sort and organize information about
> everything else going on in the room.

Oh, I'm a listener, just in a talkative mood right now. Maybe if I talk reasonably instead of in an insulted way, I can improve the reputation of guys as a whole? Worth a shot. There are women who think all guys are jerks, pigs. Maybe I can show them that's not so.

As for the "more intelligent" part, it used to be quite socially acceptable to talk about how a Hispanic or Asian brain was genetically incapable of matching the superior Caucasian intelligence. Of course now, we know how ridiculus that is. Now some women are using the same argument against guys. It'll blow over, I'm sure. If it doesn't, I'll manage to get a good job anyway, I'm sure.

> In term's of brain structure, men's neurons are
> organized in cubes, women's in tetrahedrons. The
> timing differences of these two shapes, and the
> smaller cellular packing, i.e. in terms of
> neuron timing, the faster neuron spacing, makes
> the brains of women "faster" than that of men,
> in that their brains respond to a higher
> frequency of information.

Pardon me while I sing along to "Alive and Kicking" on the radio - love that 1980's rock. :) o/Whatcha gonna do when the love burns down, whatcha gonna do when it all goes up... whatcha gonna do when... whatcha gonna do when... Stay until your love is... Alive and Kicking... love is... love is.../o

I know this is wild blue yonder off topic, but I have *got* to get that on cd... anyone know what group did that song?

Oh, yes - brain structure - yeah, I was reading in "Escalante" by Jay Mathews, (good book, btw) how it used to be very fashionable to talk about the inferior brain structures of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. Don't flame me, I know it's ridiculus. But back then, they scientifically "proved" how blacks, asians, and hispanics couldn't hope to keep up with a caucasian. They used that to excuse why the research labs and engineering classes were full of whites. Then Jaime Escalante taught advanced placement calculus to a bunch of inner-city hispanics. Anyone can be whatever they want to be, if they believe it and work hard for a long time.

> God did not write men out of the picture. He
> gave them higher capacity for physical impulse,
> and their "slower," i.e. the longer timing
> synchronicity of their brain structures, gives
> them an inclination to see a more distant
> horizon than women's brains can in general
> perceive.

Gee, if that was a compliment, I think I may have missed it... are you saying men are workhorses, good for physical strength and endurance?

> On the way out fringes of feminism, the long
> range challenge for geek women, i.e. for the
> survival of "mankind" in space, is to figure out
> a way to steal from the seed of their fathers,
> i.e. to clone-breed women only, eliminating the
> inefficiency and imbalance, and vision distance
> or creativity, of men.

Stealing sperm and raising women only? What are you going to do with the women who disagree with your methods?

To say nothing about what you'll do to the men.

Look, I won't deny any of that. I'm imbalanced, inefficient, imperfect. Comes with being human. I'm sure there are plenty of women who've locked their keys in their car, or slept through an alarm, or been late for a deadline. I don't like perfect people, they're arrogent, proud... just please, let everyone be human? Forgive people for not being perfect, okay? No man, and no woman could live up to the standards you list.

more than 15 years ago


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