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Apple's iPhone Developer License Agreement Revealed

Peter Nikolic Blow apple the fuck away (483 comments)

As some who absolutely hates everything apple and macintoy based they day they are blown off the face of the planet can't come soon enough they are as bad if not worse than M$ Corp when it comes to questionable patents . Tis to be hoped they try it on with someone with some nounce and get fried to bits and wind up out of existence for good and that freakin stupid scabby thing they call a phone the iphone well lets hope someone finds a way to completely cripple them all they are a scruge on the phone system


more than 4 years ago

Game Devs Only Use PhysX For the Money, Says AMD

Peter Nikolic Re:They wish they'd thought of it first (225 comments)

in Reality all this boils down to the fact that AMD fucked up big time in buying into that ATI craphouse and should have gotten in with Nvidia from the start which is a shame as i would far rather have AMD CPU's than Intel but i cant stand that freakin ATI crap it never works

more than 4 years ago

Ars Technica Inveighs Against Ad Blocking

Peter Nikolic Re:It's the freeloaders time (1051 comments)

Adblock works a treat but all site that carry advertising should give the user the option to can the ads such as this site does most ads seem to come from a small list of providers so it is fairly easy to stop a good 75% of ads dead in their tracks using some fairly simple Adblocker filters

more than 4 years ago

Apple Sues HTC For 20 Patent Violations In Phones

Peter Nikolic Re:Maybe Apple should pay their royalties first? (434 comments)

Maybe someone ought to get this Jobs life form and the McBride life form put em together in a small concrete bunker with .25 tons of C4 close the door and hit the button bingo end of 2 major problem in the world today

more than 4 years ago

SCO Zombie McBride's New Plan For World Litigation

Peter Nikolic Re:Darl McBride (193 comments)

Will someone PLEASE put a fucking bullet in this cunt McBrides fucking head and be done with the nasty little shittard once and for all fe fuck sake Oh hang maybe if i go have a dump on his face he will suffocate .

I know another McBride as well and he's a prize cunt the same .

more than 4 years ago

Unfriendly Climate Greets Gore At Apple Meeting

Peter Nikolic Re:Horsecock and sodomy (572 comments)

Well what does NOT surprise me we got farcical apple so called computing devices and pox infested imitation phones scab laden MP3 (more pox 3) players and we got that fat bastard Al Gore in there as well i always knew it was a tosspot company now i know for sure.


more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Wins Windows XP Downgrade Lawsuit

Peter Nikolic Re:The usual (203 comments)

I see one federal judge that needs to be shown the door (to the cells) very quickly and with great force i also see a Country that needs to learn to get control of the companies on it's shores , If it is suspected that bribery and or corruption were used as tools in the case in question then it needs to be corrected as a matter of the utmost importance and haste you either have a system of law or a system ruled by who has the most to bung , I believe you are supposed to have a rule of Law over there if that is the case enforce it .

For there to be even the slightest suspiscion of bribery the case is imeadiately null and void the judge should have been ordered out case closed irrespective of who else is there i dont give a dam whether it was M$ Corp ,Eldrick woods , or bruce almighty , And as for the amount of ackers someone has to grease palms with well as fine of lets see shall we say $200 Billion per attempt at bribery should very quickly EMPTY the corruption funds away .

more than 4 years ago

Tech Companies Say Don't Blame Canada For Copyright Problems

Peter Nikolic Re:US influence (104 comments)

Hows about this will ALL Americans and their so called law junkies just do the whole world a favour and just FOAD you are a sick nation ,sick in mind ,sick in intention ,sick in action sick sick sick and i mean sick as in unwell putrid puke which is about the head contents of most of you BTW i include that wanker Eldrick Fuckface Woods in that he needs fucking shooting before he gets chance to get near another ball

more than 4 years ago

Operation Titstorm Hits the Streets

Peter Nikolic Re:Question (458 comments)

So because most people on the internet are American, that means that most Americans give a shit about your whining?

All all Australians this full of themselves?

Most freakin yanks are as well come to that

more than 3 years ago

UK Gov't Says "No Evidence" IE Is Less Secure

Peter Nikolic Main problem here IS (342 comments)

The main problem here is that our so called Government over here is so far up the M$ Corp ass that it dont know any thing else .

As with everything else to do with so called Government here they are so fucking lame they could not organise a pissup in a brewery after a 10 year course on just how to go about it , The sooner we torch the whole freaking lot of them and put the People in power the better bunch of fucking twats

more than 4 years ago

2 Displays and 2 Workspaces With Linux and X?

Peter Nikolic Re:dual monitor (460 comments)

not tested it yet but i believe xmonad may be of use to you as i say not tested it yet . but the mailing list seems to be very active .

more than 4 years ago

Researchers Claim "Effectively Perfect" Spam Blocking Discovery

Peter Nikolic Re:"Perfect"??? (353 comments)

Oh, there's a final solution alright.

So the solution is 42?

No Thats the answer the meaning of life and everything

more than 4 years ago

PayPal Freezes the Assets of

Peter Nikolic Re:Even the death penalty (403 comments)

Small time investors ie shareholders SUCK they are the reason for stupidly high prices they only interested in profit

more than 4 years ago

Apple Seeks To Ban Nokia Imports To US

Peter Nikolic Re:Or HTTP... (374 comments)

developed by Tim Bersner Lee on a NeXT computer. Following your "logic", Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and Facebook didn't develop anything of worth.

Well it's a certain fact that Apple did NOT develope anything of use AT ALL they just blagged things and done an M$ Corp on them ie get a hookey Patent on them then claim them as their own work goodbye Apple fade into obscruity and demise Yesssssssss !!!.

more than 4 years ago

Apple Seeks To Ban Nokia Imports To US

Peter Nikolic Re:Sue first, ask questions later (374 comments)

Yea why dont Apple just get the fuck out and FOAD do the world a BIG favour it nowt but crapware anyhow someone needs to send in a few gallons (UK version there bigger) of hungry maggots the will soon leave the Apple riddled with holes and festering away.

Not that i don't like Apple or anything you understand of course i just cant stand them and think their Gear sucks bigger than anything else i have ever seen scuse me whilst i puke gawd the apple is rotten

more than 4 years ago

RIAA Wants Limits On Net Neutrality So ISPs Can Police File Sharing

Peter Nikolic People rule (173 comments)

The big thing here is that it is the people of the country that rule and if enough of you get together and tell the RIAA and their Co Horts to go jump in a pool of liquid pig shit then they got to go do as they have been told likewise the people of the Country vote for the Lawmakers ie the politicians so the people have the Ultimate Control over said individuals , It is within the ability of the people of the nation to say that is a step too far sunny back off! and groups like the RIAA only exist by the overall grace of the population forget the big corps like EMi , Sony ect they have no choice in the matter if the people pull together they have to play the game according to the rules OF the People ..

I spose i the simple way of putting it is get off ya asses and sort them out simples***

more than 4 years ago

Robotics Prof Fears Rise of Military Robots

Peter Nikolic Re:Look on the bright side (258 comments)

More to the point how the hell are you going to power these robots cus we aint got the ability to run more than a few hours now with present battery technology and you cant go nuke the greeines will wet their panties and then get them in a bunch ( hummm a greenie with wet bunched up panties thats the thing of nightmares) but just how do you propose to supply them with power ,Solar what a joke ,Thermal whatyou burning today sport , Battery has anyone see a working power station my batteries are going flaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! .

We simply do not have the ability for anything worth more than a passing glance right now .

more than 3 years ago

Mozilla To Ditch Firefox Extensions?

Peter Nikolic Re:TOO MANY LINKS man! (415 comments)

What we need is for the Browser to RETURN to being a BROWSER and not a file manager , a BROWSER not an O/S
a BROWSER not a Process manager in other words just become a BROWSER this link between browser and everything else has GOT TO BE BROKEN a browser is a browser nothing else remove the apps from the web and browser apps belong on the computer NOT the web browsers belong on the web .

One of these days you will all realise the errors of your head in the sand ways we need to break this M$ Corp inspired web desktop crap now .

more than 4 years ago

OpenShot Video Editor Reaches Version 1.0

Peter Nikolic Re:clearly I'm a 'tard....... (128 comments)

  I mean, can you remember 20MB hard disks being standard?

Never Mind the recent addition of 20MB hows about the 5MB that you needed an FLT to move

more than 4 years ago

OpenShot Video Editor Reaches Version 1.0

Peter Nikolic Re:Yes but... (128 comments)

>You mean for MOST NORMAL PEOPLE that aren't interested in shelling out $1000 for a video editor?

You mean all those people that those silly "I'm a Mac" ads are targeted at?

Was that supposed to be an insult or criticism of some kind?

Well put and bang on the money

> As usual, it's only adequate for home or Youtube videos/etc

As for this twat well typical machintoy idiot

more than 4 years ago


Peter Nikolic hasn't submitted any stories.



slashdot wake up

Peter Nikolic Peter Nikolic writes  |  more than 6 years ago Is it because i am not afraid of voicing my opinion that the brain dead that mod slashdot (now known as Slapshot) seem to go for modding up total twats like some i have read today absolutely totally off topic yet they still get modded 3 4 and higher and dum things like insightfull and interesting (read totally dead boring) is slapshot run by drongos certainly seems that way . Now Karma i could be less bothered karam sucks big time karma is for drongos , But one thing i do object to is only beimg allowed ONE post a day which twat dreamt that one up if you want to limit postings then nail a few of the anonymous cowards we see too many of at least i am not afraid of showing my Proper name not too interested in users comments but slashdot dewwbs answer if you got the balls to come out from behind your keyboards for a few seconds or are you truly SLAPSHOT if you got the balls answer me


Well and i was under the impression we lived in a free world

Peter Nikolic Peter Nikolic writes  |  more than 6 years ago Well let me see now still rated Karma terrible by the stooges at slapshot central freedom of speech whats that it seems if the slapshot stooges dont like you you aint gotta hope ,Well guess what why should i worry when i can get the BBC to publish for me Ha! beat that slapshot


Errrrrrrr yea whatever !

Peter Nikolic Peter Nikolic writes  |  more than 6 years ago Ouch i see i keep getting bad Karma the latest Being Terrible well i spose i could say am i bovvered and in truth i could not give a stuff , Everyone is entitled to there own views (or at least is supposed to be) . There are a lot of comments to some articles that make me think just where did this bozo go to school ? i may have a somewhat warped view on certain things i am after all and individual as has no doubt been noted . It is high time a lot of shit was sorted out on this planet we seem to be affraid of serious space exploration (in case it hurts someone) well excuse me but if you sign on the dotted line to become an astronaght (SP) you then are fully aware that you may just become toast , Point is we are in desperate need of physical space to expand so either we limit a lot of stuff on this lump of interstellar debris we call home or we get our sorry butts offa here and start looking at other places , Now i know straight away the bible belt idiots will wet there knickers at the thought of leaving home but GROW UP . nuff said for now ..

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