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Is the App Store Broken?

Petersko Not Broken (258 comments)

It doesn't mean the whole Web Dev "Ecosystem" is broken. It's working fine. People just have unreasonable expectations of it.

It has changed, and may no longer support the way you want to engage it... if you don't adapt, it's you that's broken.

about 1 month ago

$10k Reward For Info On Anyone Who Points a Laser At Planes Goes Nationwide

Petersko Wow! (264 comments)

"One Hundred BILLION dollars!"

It just occurred to me that when the movie came out a hundred billion was a lot of dollars.

How quaint.

about 3 months ago

Belief In Evolution Doesn't Measure Science Literacy

Petersko Use the New Standard (772 comments)

"What it does do is raise the question of where the intelligent designer came from and how it evolved."

Just define away the problem. The designer doesn't exist in the framework of the universe. It has no need of an origin because time and space are meaningless to it.

Problem solved.

about 4 months ago

Belief In Evolution Doesn't Measure Science Literacy

Petersko Delusion (772 comments)

"I have personal revelation of god and do not consider it delusional."

Well of course you don't.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Should Every Programmer Read?

Petersko Watership Down (352 comments)

You gotta disconnect from the tech every once in a while.

about 4 months ago

How Apple's CarPlay Could Shore Up the Car Stereo Industry

Petersko Re:Less apple more ISO standard interface please (194 comments)

My 2009 Santa Fe might have a crummy monochromatic display and obtuse choices for button functions, but it reads MP3 files off standard USB sticks, nests the folders properly, and doesn't accuse me of DRM violations. I'm set.

about 5 months ago

How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

Petersko I totally get it. (510 comments)

Look what happened to polio culture. Not cool, man. Not cool.

about 5 months ago

Australia Declares Homeopathy Nonsense, Urges Doctors to Inform Patients

Petersko Youth and Homeopathy (408 comments)

I spent my youth on homeopathy w/o any major issues, and now that i'm sick, neither homeopathy nor commercial medicine are much help

For most people their youth is generally spent without major health issues. Attributing that to homeopathy is rather unnecessary.

about 5 months ago

The Problem With Congress's Scientific Illiterates

Petersko Don't bother. (509 comments)

All you can do with somebody like that is just look them over, wince, be perplexed for a moment, and then move on. They aren't interested, nor would they listen to any attempt to aid their understanding.

It's not a winnable battle, so don't start the fight.

about 6 months ago

Diablo 3 Expansion Reaper of Souls Launches

Petersko D3 was fun, expansion probably will be too (166 comments)

I bought Diablo 3 and I got about what I expected from it - 60-ish fun hours. I expect I'll get about the same from the expansion pack. At under a buck and hour it's cheap entertainment. That's how video games worked for most of my life.

What got me was seeing people putting in hundreds of hours, and then complaining on the forums about how some aspect of the game annoys them. "Blizzard better fix this or I'm done with Diablo!" I don't want to come off like an aging hater. You know, "Kids today with their..." But it sure feels like the stereotyped sense of entitlement we ascribe to millenials.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Will Older Programmers Always Have a Harder Time Getting a Job?

Petersko Offered a position to somebody 40+ today (379 comments)

I like hiring new grads for some things, experienced folks for others. In this case I needed a Java guy for an app dating all the way back to 1999. I preferred somebody who had lived Java in those years.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server?

Petersko No Netflix, but Mede8er is good. (420 comments)

I'm using a Mede8er MED600X3D. I love it. It's XBMC based with a large community of modders. I stream uncompressed blu ray mkvs with lossless audio from my NAS without any problems at all. Supports HDMI 1.4a, 3D, and pretty much everything I throw at it. The only glitch I've had is that it's not licensed for DiVX on AVI, so I had to change the FourCC to XVid, and that solved it. AVI is dead to me anyway.

It doesn't fulfill the netflix requirement, but after many years of playing "find the magic codec" with my WD devices this one was simply an awesome breath of fresh air.

about 8 months ago

The Other Exam Room: When Doctors 'Google' Their Patients

Petersko Decision to Treat at All (231 comments)

i think doctors should be permitted to use the search to decide whether they want to treat a patient at all, based on certain criteria. For instance, if you find the patient ranting about three other doctors and claiming to be in litigation with hospitals over various perceived slights... maybe they want to steer clear. Maybe the person really has a terrible track record of bad doctors and hospitals, but I fear the loss of physicians because of false accusations and public airings of disagreements.

However, I think using it for additional diagnostic data seems dodgy. There are too many ways that can go south. What's physically present, medically recorded, and obtained directly from interview should constitute much of the initial sphere of information.

about 8 months ago

The Climate of Middle-Earth

Petersko Amazing. (163 comments)

This story broke my nerdometer.

about 9 months ago

What Apple Does and Doesn't Know About You

Petersko Re:bull. shit. (214 comments)

You could read that as, "We're evil and we're collecting your information for nefarious purposes", or you could read it as, "We don't want to pull a 'google-wifi', so we'll cover our asses with a 'we may'".

about 10 months ago

Kickstarter For Open Source GPU

Petersko Dubious Market? (108 comments)

How is this not an Ouya in the making? Is there actually a market large enough for this thing to do anything but vanish without a trace?

Apologies for the negativity. Please do correct my world view. I'm amenable.

about a year ago

Ask Author David Craddock About the Development of Diablo, Warcraft

Petersko Narrowing of skills choices (109 comments)

I miss my old shaman where there was a use for almost every single totem and ability, just to eek out a small amount of group benefit in certain situations

Only problem was that if you didn't research "the" way to skill your class, and "the" rotation for it, you got abused and told to "learn your class" by idiots. Before the skills became homogenized by decree, they were homogenized by peer pressure.

about a year ago

Court Declares Google Must Face Wiretap Charges For Wi-Fi Snooping

Petersko You Can't Do That! (214 comments)

You can't do that - that's the govern... no. You know what? I'm better than that. Somebody else can take the low hanging fruit.

1 year,8 days

Ask Slashdot: Hands-On Activity For IT Career Fair

Petersko Spot the Young Manager Among Them... (121 comments)

...and his job will be to convince the others in 40 minutes that the "Strategic Partnership Initiative" is not outsourcing, and they shouldn't be alarmed.

1 year,22 days

Measles Outbreak Tied To Texas Megachurch

Petersko "Life is pointless"? (622 comments)

Blind faith is absurd, but on the other hand so is atheism; the premise being that if life is purposeless, why would one subject themselves to the trials and tribulations of life? As life is a death sentence right from the start, logic implies that one should end their life once they belief atheism as fact, however society correctly asserts that this is a mental defect because one can not know with absolute certainty that life is pointless.

You'll have to draw the line for me here. Why do you insist something has to be eternal to have a point?

Your premise here is ridiculous. I'm an athiest and my life is most certainly not pointless. It'll end, but that doesn't prevent it from being meaningful. Each person has to find their own "point", and even if it's as simple as good friends, good wine, good food, relationships, and experiences, that's far from pointless.

1 year,22 days



"Last Night In Paris" Downloaders Targeted

Petersko Petersko writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Petersko (564140) writes "XPays Inc., owner of the copyright of Paris Hilton's sex tape, has filed suit against 843 users who are alleged to have illegally obtained the film between 2010 and 2011. The suit has been filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. My apologies for alarming the legions of slashdot users that obtained the film without permission, but who are not named in the lawsuit."
Link to Original Source

Online Help Sought To Organize Galaxies

Petersko Petersko writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Petersko (564140) writes "Scientists need help sorting through an unusual digital photo album: pictures of about 1 million galaxies. The catalog of galaxies will help researchers understand how galaxies form and interact. They are asking volunteers on the Internet to help classify the galaxies as either elliptical or spiral and note, where possible, in which direction they rotate. It would be the largest galactic census ever compiled, something scientists say would provide new insight into the structure of the universe... Volunteers would sign on to the Web site complete a brief tutorial and pick through one galaxy after another. The galaxies would be identified by several people to guard against errors and pranks, and scientists would rule on any disputes."

Petersko Petersko writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Petersko (564140) writes "The chief architect of Sony's PlayStation game console stepped down on Tuesday as the Japanese company struggles to defend its dominance in the video game industry and revive its reputation as an electronics pioneer... The PS3's hefty startup costs have weighed heavily on the company's fight to drive up profit in its core electronics division. Sony is not expecting to post a profit in its game business until the fiscal year ending March 2009."

Petersko Petersko writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Petersko (564140) writes "In Sun's Inner Circle newsletter is a new article, 'Upgrading from Linux to the Solaris OS'. Their point is summed up in the subheading, 'When "Good Enough" is no longer good enough'. Quotes like this one abound: '...but many companies have discovered that an OS that had first been presented as being "free" in cost actually incurs costs similar to or exceeding what, say, Microsoft charges for its operating system. Many companies are learning that while Linux is relatively inexpensive to acquire, it comes with high deployment and maintenance costs.'"

Petersko Petersko writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Petersko (564140) writes ""'An escalation in the war of words between New Line co-chairman Bob Shaye and "Lord of the Rings" filmmaker Peter Jackson appears to be nixing any possible reconciliation between the two — or any chance that Jackson will direct the trilogy's prequel, "The Hobbit."'- Where the hell is that golden goose? I'm in a strangling mood."

Petersko Petersko writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Petersko (564140) writes ""A senior editor for PC World Magazine was fatally shot in his home in what authorities said Wednesday was a drug-related attack. Rex Farrance, 59, the San Francisco, California-based magazine's senior technical editor, was shot in the chest after four masked men broke into his home Tuesday evening, Pittsburg police said.""

Petersko Petersko writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Petersko (564140) writes "After being invited to the dance a dozen times by IBM, it appears Amazon is about to be dragged out behind the school gymnasium. "Hundreds of other companies have licensed the same patents, and IBM has tried to negotiate licensing deals with Amazon "over a dozen times since 2002," Kelly said. — which has bought a lot of hardware from Hewlett-Packard Co. over the years but not IBM — has allegedly refused every time.""

Petersko Petersko writes  |  about 8 years ago

Petersko (564140) writes "According to Ars Technica, Sony has decided that 1080p will not appear on the base model PS3. The higher end unit supports it, but will ship without an HDMI cable. While you can play games at 1080p on the deluxe model through component video (if your TV supports it) you will be unable to watch 1080p movies, even if they are "unrestricted"."


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