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Why Mirroring Is Not a Backup Solution

Pfhor Re:There is a denial going on (711 comments)

Actually there is a culture of "I am on a mac, why do I need backups" that exists because things are so easy to setup, and faily so infrequently.

Not on the server level, but on the desktop / user experience level. And if they are buying a machine that apple is selling as "easy to use as their desktop machines" with "no IT required," then yes, Apple is mis representing their product.

Of course, Apple can't sell enterprise level equipment worth shit, and knows it. 90% of their sales staff (in enterprise) would rather sell a product and never have to maintain contact with that customer until they need to buy something more again. Anything requiring more work or knowledge than what they had anticipating and deployed in house will rarely get done, unless you are buying MILLIONS of dollars of equipment.

As I've said up thread, the chances that they have an IT person at all, as in someone whose job it is to maintain the functioning and support of their IT infrastructure and services, and to secure them, is probably ZERO. They are web coders and dot commers, who just had an idea, bought an xserve, and threw their code up on it and had it run, and then collected ad revenue.

about 6 years ago

Why Mirroring Is Not a Backup Solution

Pfhor Re:Double Duh! (711 comments)

Actually, since they were using an OS X Server, this is more telling of their skills than just how pathetic their backup plan was. I admin OS X boxes, but the last thing I would imagine using them for would be a HA data store for a website. The builds of php and mysql are not kept up to date, and really the only cases I have seen an OS X box deployed for webhosting was by web coders with no experience running an actual server. They liked they could get the box up and running with multiple IP addresses quickly, and would then just go about their work in apache. Not thinking about backup, not thinking about disaster recovery.

And while the hardware may look tasty and easy to buy (hey, one click ordering at store.apple.com, unlimited user licenses!!!), you can get a lot more bang for your buck with a dell or hp linux box.

Someone who had the ability to setup a Linux box might have had a few more grains of intellect to think to atleast run rsync with cron to backup the data store offsite, if even just once a month.

I mean, how did these guys plan to do a staged update, incase an apple software update broke their apache install? Break the raid, install on drive 1, and if it works, mirror over drive 2, therefore giving them no snapshot in time to roll back to?

about 6 years ago

Why Developers Are Switching To Macs

Pfhor Re:innovative (771 comments)

The logout kickstarts the windowing system again, they could rewrite it to make it switch on the fly, but that would probably break something else, and not something you would expect in a 10.5.X release.

Of course, they could write their own MacBook Pro specific windowing / graphics code, and just have that as a 'temporary' solution that supports live switching until 10.6 (where the entire graphics engine is having a major overhaul), but that defeats the whole "write once, use many" design philosophy of Apple's development cycle.

So Apple adopted a slick, bleeding edge tech, but instead of holding back for them to be able to make it work 'as it should' they introduced what could be considered the best practical work around that would involve the least amount of damage. I would hate to have to test any code that uses the graphics engine specifically on the newest macbook pro, because Apple decided to break their own development procedures to provide 'live' switching in a service pack. I'd rather just wait for the code to be in place globally, and have more incentive than "it sometimes breaks on macbook pros" to rework my code. Like being able to utilize a lot of the new low level stuff coming in 10.6.

more than 6 years ago


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