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Smart Grid Could Pose Threat To Privacy

PhYrE2k2 Re:Kyllo (297 comments)

We're kidding right?

You're missing the point. Irrespective of the laws repsecting pot, it's still illegal to steal electricity... and in many cases from state-run companies.

If growing pot becomes legal, you'll have to pay for the hydro. It'll increase prices ;)


more than 5 years ago

Can You Trust Anti-Virus Rankings?

PhYrE2k2 5-point nay (258 comments)

5-point harnesses are not safer than tri-point for street use. The 5-point harnesses do hold you more securely in your seat, which enables you to be more functional in high-g cornering and similar. There's no denying that it holds you firmly in your seat and distributes pressure better.

That said, the main issue with 5-points is rescue operations. With a tri-point, an emergency official can pry open the door and slide you out of the car without ever releasing the belt. Having the open side enables emergency officials to save your life in the event of its need.


more than 6 years ago


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