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Not All Wrist Pain is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Phallus OOS sufferers in New Zealand, be warned (81 comments)

Be careful of quotes like " RSI is now much less common in Australia, where a system of education, combined with more openminded diagnoses has helped differentiate between natural fatigues and the beginnings of physical problems. "

This sounds exactly like what the New Zealand ACC (Accident Compensation Corp) would say about the incidences of OOS/RSI/CTS in New Zealand. In fact, what is happening is that ACC is putting pressure on staff to get diagnoses of Fibromialgia (spelling?), as this is not ruled work related, and no compensation is payed. This seems to be practice on long term cases where expenses could go on for years. I know of people who have had OOS or RSI for a year or two, and then it has "mysteriously changed" into Fibromialgia.

OOS sufferers in New Zealand, be warned

Caveat, this is only from what I have heard from OOS sufferers and "through the grapevine", I couldn't give statistics.

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