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Which Filesystem Do You Use On Portable Media For Linux Systems?

Phillup ext2 (569 comments)

Because if it gets put in a Mac or Windows machine... that means I don't have the disk.

And, it will most likely look "empty" and get formatted.

Which is exactly what I want to happen when I lose that puppy!

(And my UID is 1000 on all my boxes)

about 5 years ago

Why Size Matters For Your SSD Purchase

Phillup Re:Multi-Page = Horrible (175 comments)

Or how does your NoScript block text ads?

Well, either I'm lucky... or the ads are pulled in by javascript.

I just pulled the page again to double check, and I don't see any ads.

Which is pretty much what I always get unless the ad is a part of the html from the page I pull... because there is nothing else allowed.

Looking at the page source I see something from Google AdSense, among others... but they are all on my black list.

about 5 years ago

Why Size Matters For Your SSD Purchase

Phillup Re:Multi-Page = Horrible (175 comments)

Sad economic truth: Free articles aren't free. 12 pages = 12 advert refreshes.

There are adds on those pages?

NoScript for the win!

about 5 years ago

First Reviews of the MSI Wind Ultra-Portable Laptop

Phillup Title? (148 comments)

My first reading of the title:

First reviews of the MSI Wind Powered Laptop

more than 6 years ago


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