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Chinese Propaganda Accidentally Reveals Cyberwar

Phybersyk0 Re:University? No... YES! (286 comments)

Re-reading the article, shows the IP as: (stupid eyes).

Nice. Class A:
University of Alabama at Birmingham - University Computer Center UAB (NET-138-26-0-0-1) -
NetRange: -

My other position still stands. They're nuts.

more than 3 years ago

Chinese Propaganda Accidentally Reveals Cyberwar

Phybersyk0 University? No... (286 comments)

The IP address showing in the screenshot accompanying TFA is: That entire 130.26 Class-B network is owned by Hewlett Packard. Falun Gong are a bunch of wackjob lying liars. Seriously. They're like Scientology + The Force + Tai Chi + Jehovah's Witnesses.

more than 3 years ago

Israeli Startup Claims SSD Breakthrough

Phybersyk0 Big Deal. (159 comments)

Call me when it's 75% cheaper than other "solutions".

more than 4 years ago

Newsweek Easter Egg Reports Zombie Invasion

Phybersyk0 Re:Enter? (93 comments)

Jeez man. There's no "START" key on your keyboard. "Enter" is the best approximation you could have. Why do people have to be spoon-fed?

more than 4 years ago

Wireless Power Group Sees Standard Within 6 Months

Phybersyk0 Re:Pointless (152 comments)

Have you seriously gotten so lazy that you can't even SET SOMETHING DOWN?

about 5 years ago

10th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day

Phybersyk0 Re:Needs to be grouped with others (232 comments)

...Maybe it should be an all IT day, so that we can all play halo and eat pizza and drink mountain dew!

That'd be a bad idea, because you guys would eventually blame any problems we had whilst gaming together on the server, and we'd be bitching at you for the crappy code and debug logs (that you never read) filling up all the space in /var/tmp, and every user with shell access having their own instance of TOP or fucking GLANCE while not understanding that CPU cycles and memory aren't GASOLINE and don't disappear when you use them. :-) We should just stick to drinking booze.

more than 5 years ago

Neo's Last Name

Phybersyk0 Re:Christ for crying out loud. (320 comments)

He does die. And fuck me for knowing this.

In the film Neo sacrificed himself not only to save humanity, but to save the Matrix. The "real world" is still quite inhospitable.

As it's pointed out in the first film, a lot of people aren't ready to be unplugged from the Matrix. The Matrix serves as a method to protect humanity from themselves, whilst providing a means for the artificial intelligence living in 01 (zero-one, the Machine City) the freedom to live as well. Essentially, the machines are better off being in control, while the humans are led to *believe* they're in control.

The story goes that earlier versions of the Matrix existed that were perfect in every way but this caused problems due to human nature and propensity for violence, hate, war, etc... whole crops (of humans) were lost and the machines had to arrive at a different solution.

The whole point of "The One" was to facilitate the incalculable sum of human choice.

There where 5 instances of the Matrix prior to Neo's arrival. "The One" is simply a program uploaded to a suitable human host. In every prior instance, the One enters the proper door, the Matrix would have been rebooted. All the humans living in Zion would have been killed. The One would then be allowed to leave the Matrix ,selecting (if memory serves), 18 people, over half of them being women, to propogate in the real world anew.

The problem came (things didn't happen EXACTLY like they had in previous iterations) when the Agent Smith program failed to return to The Source (as all rogue/Exile or obsolete programs are designed to do) and started destroying the Matrix from within.

The machines could not control Smith, so Neo brokered a truce, giving his life (re-balancing the equation) and the destruction of the Smith virus in turn saving the Matrix, and the humans still plugged in, as well as the ones in Zion.

Post-films -- a bunch of stupid bullshit happens and that's why the Wachowski brothers have all but completly abandoned The Matrix Online mmorpg -- except to cash their monthly royalty cheques.

So yeah... Neo Christ.

more than 5 years ago

Review of 'MacHeads' Documentary

Phybersyk0 Good God, they're still around? (277 comments)

I don't get this obsession. Back in the day I was a rabid (psychotic) Amiga fan/user. As I matured I realized something, IT'S JUST A COMPUTER GUYS. JUST ANOTHER TOOL. If people were this committed to, say hammers or forstner bits -- you'd think they were completely insane.

I'm also looking at you, the "yeah, but can it run LINUX" crowd. For fucks sake, people many of you are amongst the most intelligent human beings in the world, you need to be out there breeding instead of developing a goddamn zippo lighter simulator for your iPhone.

about 6 years ago

A Photo That Can Steal Your Online Credentials?

Phybersyk0 Re:Mmhhmm....those pesky details... (235 comments)

easy and old:

copy /b myimage.jpg + filetohide.mp3 my_new_image.jpg

It's a good way to hide mp3 files in images and get past the pesky proxies blocking .mp3/.mpg files.

Just drop the mp3-imbedded gif/jpg file into winamp and... presto! you got music.

more than 6 years ago


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