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Will Microsoft Dis-Kinect Freeloading TV Viewers?

PieEye Well, crap... (478 comments)

...guess I'll have to move out of my hall of mirrors. "You are licensed for two viewers...we show 185 currently watching this program."

more than 2 years ago

Internal Bug: Code Flaw May Lead to Wrong Dose From Infusion Pump

PieEye Interesting, but IP related? (86 comments)

I don't see any mention in the article that having the device connected to IP is causing the issue. Sounds like a touchscreen / code issue. The FDA's article also doesn't specify anything other than that.
Hospira has completed an investigation into customer reports and has found the major contributor to be software related. Other contributing root causes that have been identified include damaged connections, physical damage and other touch screen defects.

It would be nice if the article would stick to the point and not confuse issues.

about 2 years ago

Fundamentalist Schools Using "Nessie" To Disprove Evolution

PieEye I think this would be the perfect time... (936 comments)

...to point out that there is a vast difference between a "scientist" and a "Christian scientist".

more than 2 years ago

Firefox Update Kills Bugs, Adds Mac Support

PieEye Re:Advertising? (232 comments)

I wasn't too interetest either - so I donated to /.

more than 8 years ago



Target is likely a target of credit card data theft

PieEye PieEye writes  |  about a year ago

PieEye (667629) writes "From Brian Krebs' site: 'Nationwide retail giant Target is investigating a data breach potentially involving millions of customer credit and debit card records, multiple reliable sources tell KrebsOnSecurity. The sources said the breach appears to have begun on or around Black Friday 2013 — by far the busiest shopping day the year.' It's likely there's going to be a lot more information everywhere soon."
Link to Original Source

TD Ameritrade information stolen

PieEye PieEye writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PieEye (667629) writes "The news is going around that TD Ameritrade's customer database was hacked. The company is saying in its press release that:
The discovery was made as the result of an internal investigation of stock-related SPAM
and that it was mostly information that is usually publically available:
Client assets held in accounts with the Company remain secure as UserIDs, personal identification numbers and passwords were not stored in this particular database. [...] Information such as email addresses, names, addresses and phone numbers was retrieved from this database and affects TD AMERITRADE retail and institutional clients [...] While more sensitive information like account numbers, date of birth and Social Security Numbers is stored in this database, there is no evidence that it was taken.
Still, not fun if you're one of the estimated 6.3 million customers."

PieEye PieEye writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PieEye (667629) writes "Despite SCO's beliefs, Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols writes today that 'Yes, there is a PJ.'
From the article: 'Let me address this directly. Yes, Pamela Jones is a real person. I've met her several times, and I've often "talked" with her on email and IM. I consider her a friend.'
So, given this public admission of existence, although not by PJ herself, what will SCO try next?"

PieEye PieEye writes  |  more than 8 years ago

PieEye (667629) writes "Wired is pointing out on their Gear Factor blog that there's a skyscraper in the works which will be solar-powered, and what's more will rotate with the sun. Quote: 'The completed tower will offer 200 expensive apartments for people who want to spend lots of money to screw up their circadian rhythym. Singh said they want to build many more such towers, with one for every time zone.'"


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