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Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

PixetaledPikachu Re:Lol don't (451 comments)

Linux is only free if your time is worthless

Which is why my job pays handsomely

about a week ago

LHCb Confirms Existence of Exotic Hadrons

PixetaledPikachu Re:I CAN'T be the only one to misread the title (99 comments)

I swear I had to read that three times before I realized that the article title wasn't "LHCb Confirms Existence of Exotic Hardons"

"erotic hardons"

about a week ago

Drive-by Android Malware Exploits Unpatchable Vulnerability

PixetaledPikachu Re: Cognitive dissonance (120 comments)

If the vulnerability is on GTS, Google can patch it directly, as long as those devices are registered to Google services. Since it's in android, it's up to the device makers, or in USA case, device maker and carriers to push android 4.2 to the affected devices

about 2 months ago

NASA Pondering Two Public Contests To Build Small Space Exploration Satellites

PixetaledPikachu Re:Save Slashdot Classic! (127 comments)

I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, "I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell - "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

I would love to support your cause, but I need to ask you a question. What is the linux equivalent of this "go to your windows" step?

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Linux Set To Be PC Gaming's Number Two Platform?

PixetaledPikachu Re:I would think it already has taken #2 (281 comments)

I would think Linux already has taken #2 if you include Android game apps.

The article specifically mentioned PC Gaming. Yes you can run android and play android games on your PC if you want to, but I bet the number is insignificant

about 3 months ago

OneDrive Is Microsoft's Rebranded Name For SkyDrive

PixetaledPikachu Ubuntu One Drive! (197 comments)

This should be fun

about 3 months ago

FBI Has Tor Mail's Entire Email Database

PixetaledPikachu Re:NO, no no! (195 comments)

Think of something more like the Arab Spring vs the Civil War. Maybe i'm being optimistic, but I can't see the US army rolling tanks through the streets to quash widespread revolt. In the US. Killing US civilians.

Arab spring is civil war. It's just named differently since it was backed by the west

about 3 months ago

Nissan Unveils 88 Pound 400-HP Race Car Engine

PixetaledPikachu Absolutely zero emission? (239 comments)

I love alternative, cleaner energy sources, but lets be real. The emission was probably performed somewhere else, except if they can guaranty that the energy conversion and delivery process produced absolutely zero pollution

about 3 months ago

Google Charging OEMs Licensing Fees For Play Store

PixetaledPikachu Re:Google already has a noose on manufacturers (225 comments)

There is a white knight saving us from Google domination while still firmly grounded in the Android camp: Cyanogenmod. They're starting to ship presintalled in devices, now. I hope it's an ongoing trend, since the true power of open source is the ability to fork. And if more and more closely related forks appear, Google will want to keep everything compatible with its Play Store, which will halt its gradual proprietarization (eh?) of Android.

The pre-installed Cyanogenmod on the Oppo N1 is Google certified, akin to TouchWiz on Samsung, Sense on HTC, or Timescape on Xperia, and not exactly a fork.

about 3 months ago

200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

PixetaledPikachu Re: That doesn't seem right. (628 comments)

Since there's no dolphin voltaire around, can we assume that dolphins lack intelligence too?

about 3 months ago

Japanese SCHAFT Takes the Gold at DARPA Robot Challenge

PixetaledPikachu Re:Shut your mouth! (51 comments)

Cultural mis-reference!

Patlabor! I just want to know if the robot was named "Griffin."

SCHAFT's Type J9 code name is "Griffon"

about 4 months ago

Australia Spied On Indonesian President

PixetaledPikachu Re:they're still neighbors (213 comments)

is, not was

Still nearest neighbor? Of course. Still most important regional neighbor? Hmmm... maybe?

about 5 months ago

Dell's New Sputnik 3 Mates Touchscreen With Ubuntu

PixetaledPikachu Re:Why do you find it interesting? (166 comments)

Probably true, just a bit worried since it ships with 12.04 which is almost two years old. 13.10 would be a better choice to get a more useful version of Unity.

12.04 is the current LTS, and will be supprted and patched until 2017. Alternatively, almost any hardware that is supported on 12.04 will run just fine on 13.x, with maybe certain AMD cards as an exception, but that has nothing to do with ubuntu

about 5 months ago

US Gov't Circulates Watch List of Buyers of Polygraph Training Materials

PixetaledPikachu Mobogenie (303 comments)

I got offered to download mobogenie .apk a couple times I open slashdot on my phone. Do any of you experience this too?

about 5 months ago

AMD's Radeon R9 290 Delivers 290X Performance For $150 Less

PixetaledPikachu Re:Are PC gamers benefiting ? (183 comments)

Matrox dabbled, but never got close to a cost efficient gaming card, really IMO... the closest they came was the G400 IIRC. That was the era when you could possibly claim there were 4 competing vendors. Soon after, Matrox left the market to concentrate on 2D, and 3dfx dissapeared up their own arse. I'm not sure who the other 2 you are alluding to are.... SiS, VIA?

3DLabs? PowerVR? Rendition? Granted, most of them only released 2-3 generations worth of graphic chips, but they did gave us options back then. I remembered the how PowerVR delivered competition when they released the Kyro after the success of PowerVR2 on DreamCast

about 5 months ago

TSA Union Calls For Armed Guards At Every Checkpoint

PixetaledPikachu Re: NOT posted as AC. (603 comments)

An entire country locked in a mexican standoff, that sounds nice.

Or could this actually be a new type of standoff entirely? The American standoff?

You guys did it at worldwide scale back then. Remember the cold war?

about 5 months ago

AMD's New Radeons Revisit Old Silicon, Enable Dormant Features

PixetaledPikachu Re:Do the kids still chase the newest video card? (75 comments)

Once in a while I check Tom's Hardware for the video card roundups and they all seem priced accordingly. There is no longer a "best bang for you buck" card. A $70 Nvidia cards performs as well as a $70 AMD card.

The last bang for buck video card that I had was the GeForce 4 TI 4200 64MB. It lasted roughly 3 years before I migrated to the a 6600

about 6 months ago

Microsoft Reportedly Seeks To Put Windows Phone On Android Devices

PixetaledPikachu Re:This is simple numbers pumping (182 comments)

The fact that it runs on low end luminas with 512 megs of ram and single core cpus and runs decently where gingerbread wont even boot is why I wrote that. I have a galaxy s1 with similiar hardware with the exception of a dual core arm and its barely functional with Android 2.3 which is obsolete.

Windows 8 kernel uses less than 20 megs of ram. Try having linux run with that

Windows is not vista or xp anymore. They have gotten their act together with the exception of Metro. 8.1 runs on 10 year old systems fine with the exception of a real video driver.

My problem is, it doesn't really matter to me, the end user, that a certain OS runs on less resource than other OS if both handsets is priced the same. If both handset performs similarly on benches or general use cases, but one is much, much cheaper than the other since it uses last year SoC and less RAM than the other, I might be swayed to buy the cheaper one. As of now, My S4 is a power sucking, plasticky toy, but it will do (almost) everything a Lumia 920/1020 or the 5s can, and perhaps a little bit more, while being priced the same, or cheaper than the 5s

about 6 months ago

Microsoft Reportedly Seeks To Put Windows Phone On Android Devices

PixetaledPikachu Re: Wrong way round. (182 comments)

Microsoft loved that excuse back in the day! There are no third party drivers on android noob. Their programmers just suck.

So the drivers for each SoCs is written by google android developers? Or are you saying S3 did not write the driver for my S3 Trio64 back in the day? Back in the day? My obsolete ATI card uses 3rd party (OSS) driver today on top of Ubuntu, and it runs fine most of the time

about 6 months ago


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