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Apple Releases CUPS 2.0

PixetaledPikachu Re:Fuck beta! (174 comments)

I clicked once, and haven't seen beta in a while

4 days ago

The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura

PixetaledPikachu Please.. (181 comments)

Musk is way better in this area. Most of Job's worshipers are those who buy apple products. One only need to read articles about Musk to become his worshiper

about a week ago

Dell's New Alienware Case Goes to Extremes To Prevent Overheating

PixetaledPikachu Re:So why dont cases breathe out the top? (149 comments)

There were reasons which I cannot seem to remember right now. Fan noise maybe? But why dont cases blow air up?

Actually modern PC cases such as Bitfenix's Prodigy/Phenom, Fractal Design Define R, and specially made for air cooling Corsair Carbide Air provide vent and filter on top. You can install apair of large fans on them but most of the time, they are used for watercooling kit.

about 1 month ago

Not Just For ThinkPads Anymore: Lenovo Gets OK To Buy IBM Server Line

PixetaledPikachu Re: cant even get the keyboard right on their lapt (93 comments)

The X60 & X61's keyboards are also not equipped with TouchPad. Most of my colleagues hated it at first, since they're so used to it on their Dell's and HP's notebooks.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Runs Out of US Address Space For Azure, Taps Its Global IPv4 Stock

PixetaledPikachu Re:So after years of panic... (250 comments)

I think the headline was meant to point out that people are actually using azure...

The latest Gartner's Magic Quadrant actually shows that Microsoft is on distant second, right after Amazon on IAaS business. In fact, Azure and AWS are currently the only occupants of the leader quadrant

about 4 months ago

WhatsApp Is Well On Its Way To A Billion Users

PixetaledPikachu Re:Less interested in sign-ups.. (116 comments)

Than actual active members. I've had whatsapp installed on a phone for a couple years, and haven't used it in...well, a couple years. Am I in those statistics?

If you're on android, it costs USD1 a year to put whatsapp on your phone. Do you still pay for them? If no, it's unlikely that you're still counted as user

about 6 months ago

OnePlus One Revealed: a CyanogenMod Smartphone

PixetaledPikachu Re:No SD slot == No thanks. (196 comments)

Exactly. No SD Slot = leave it on the shelf. No replaceable battery = keep it for yourself.

Furthermore: No OTG - Thanksalot. There are a quite few very nice USB/OTG Sticks (by LG, Transcend and maybe others) which are _SO_ useful - and that's why I'm never going to buy a phone made by Apple, Samsung and others that have no idea how to make a cool phone for everyday usage! only one more thing that would make me consider a purchase: WATERPROOF! but this one is out of consideration anyway.

Samsung Galaxy S4. Replaceable battery, MicroSD support, OTG support. If you want waterproof too, then the S5 has everything that S4 has, plus waterproofing. The bad news is it's bloody expensive

about 6 months ago

OnePlus One Revealed: a CyanogenMod Smartphone

PixetaledPikachu Re:4-inches to freedom (196 comments)

After having owned a Galaxy S3 for a year, I'm ready for the return of smaller phones. I've been waiting for prices to come down on used GS4 Minis. However, if they released a OnePlus with a 4" screen, I'd order it immediately.

A phone configured specifically for CyanogenMod is a killer feature in my book. My next phone will have to be much smaller, lighter, and thinner than 5.5" unfortunately. Any suggestions?

If you want a flagship phone then Sony Xperia Z1 Compact will probably suit you a 4ish inc phone with Snapdragon 800

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

PixetaledPikachu Re:Lol don't (452 comments)

Linux is only free if your time is worthless

Which is why my job pays handsomely

about 6 months ago

LHCb Confirms Existence of Exotic Hadrons

PixetaledPikachu Re:I CAN'T be the only one to misread the title (99 comments)

I swear I had to read that three times before I realized that the article title wasn't "LHCb Confirms Existence of Exotic Hardons"

"erotic hardons"

about 6 months ago

Drive-by Android Malware Exploits Unpatchable Vulnerability

PixetaledPikachu Re: Cognitive dissonance (120 comments)

If the vulnerability is on GTS, Google can patch it directly, as long as those devices are registered to Google services. Since it's in android, it's up to the device makers, or in USA case, device maker and carriers to push android 4.2 to the affected devices

about 7 months ago

NASA Pondering Two Public Contests To Build Small Space Exploration Satellites

PixetaledPikachu Re:Save Slashdot Classic! (127 comments)

I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, "I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell - "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

I would love to support your cause, but I need to ask you a question. What is the linux equivalent of this "go to your windows" step?

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Linux Set To Be PC Gaming's Number Two Platform?

PixetaledPikachu Re:I would think it already has taken #2 (281 comments)

I would think Linux already has taken #2 if you include Android game apps.

The article specifically mentioned PC Gaming. Yes you can run android and play android games on your PC if you want to, but I bet the number is insignificant

about 9 months ago

OneDrive Is Microsoft's Rebranded Name For SkyDrive

PixetaledPikachu Ubuntu One Drive! (197 comments)

This should be fun

about 9 months ago

FBI Has Tor Mail's Entire Email Database

PixetaledPikachu Re:NO, no no! (195 comments)

Think of something more like the Arab Spring vs the Civil War. Maybe i'm being optimistic, but I can't see the US army rolling tanks through the streets to quash widespread revolt. In the US. Killing US civilians.

Arab spring is civil war. It's just named differently since it was backed by the west

about 9 months ago

Nissan Unveils 88 Pound 400-HP Race Car Engine

PixetaledPikachu Absolutely zero emission? (239 comments)

I love alternative, cleaner energy sources, but lets be real. The emission was probably performed somewhere else, except if they can guaranty that the energy conversion and delivery process produced absolutely zero pollution

about 9 months ago

Google Charging OEMs Licensing Fees For Play Store

PixetaledPikachu Re:Google already has a noose on manufacturers (225 comments)

There is a white knight saving us from Google domination while still firmly grounded in the Android camp: Cyanogenmod. They're starting to ship presintalled in devices, now. I hope it's an ongoing trend, since the true power of open source is the ability to fork. And if more and more closely related forks appear, Google will want to keep everything compatible with its Play Store, which will halt its gradual proprietarization (eh?) of Android.

The pre-installed Cyanogenmod on the Oppo N1 is Google certified, akin to TouchWiz on Samsung, Sense on HTC, or Timescape on Xperia, and not exactly a fork.

about 9 months ago

200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

PixetaledPikachu Re: That doesn't seem right. (628 comments)

Since there's no dolphin voltaire around, can we assume that dolphins lack intelligence too?

about 8 months ago

Japanese SCHAFT Takes the Gold at DARPA Robot Challenge

PixetaledPikachu Re:Shut your mouth! (51 comments)

Cultural mis-reference!

Patlabor! I just want to know if the robot was named "Griffin."

SCHAFT's Type J9 code name is "Griffon"

about 10 months ago


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