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Left-Handed Gamers Getting Left Behind?

PocariSweat1991 Re:pretty lame (426 comments)

pens with slow drying ink

I compensate for this by writing in Hebrew.
Try adjusting to that, righties.

about 4 years ago

Supernova Shrapnel Found In Meteorite

PocariSweat1991 Re:Might be a nitpick but... (105 comments)

Yes, but only supernovae from the Champagne region in Françe may call themselves Champagne supernovae.

about 4 years ago

School Swaps Math Textbooks For iPads

PocariSweat1991 Re:Just put it (439 comments)

Agreed. But someone has to find a use for unreasonable devices like the iPad.

about 4 years ago

Microsoft Suspends Gamer For Being From Fort Gay

PocariSweat1991 Re:Huh? (490 comments)

The homosexual community distorted the word in the first place. It used to just mean 'happy'.

Was it the gay community that "distorted" those words, or was it the straight community that forced them upon the gay community?

about 4 years ago

No More Need To Reboot Fedora w/ Ksplice

PocariSweat1991 Re:interesting (262 comments)

That means there's libre-free software and a service provided by a non-distro company which is, for selected distros, gratis-free. For now.

I like your Latin-based distinction of "free" better than the free-as-in-beer v.s. free-as-in-speech method.
I'll have to remember it for the next time I give a speech on OSS at the Roman senate.

about 4 years ago

GPS Tracking Without a Warrant Declared Legal

PocariSweat1991 Re:Why should I worry? (926 comments)

I've always been curious about this quote ... are communists, trade unionists, and Jews the only groups of people known to speak up?

I'd like to believe that monarchists, Zen Buddhists, the PTA, and a few Presbyterians would get involved before I need to leave my couch.

about 4 years ago

Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime

PocariSweat1991 Re:Instant distractions (222 comments)

This is the very reason I don't have a cell phone

I met a gentleman last night who recently purchased a Droid phone and claimed that it's the first mobile phone that he's ever owned. When I asked him why he didn't own one before, he responded:

"I thought cell phones were only useful for buying drugs."

I think he also has a 5-digit slashdot user id

about 4 years ago

Researchers Zero In On Protein That Destroys HIV

PocariSweat1991 Oblig Rodney Dangerfield (216 comments)

"Hey everybody! We're all gonna get laid!"

about 4 years ago

The Many Faces of 3G

PocariSweat1991 Re:3G/4G (122 comments)

"3G" is how y'all in the South write shorthand for "did you eat, did you eat, did you eat?"

about 4 years ago

Sorting Algorithms — Boring Until You Add Sound

PocariSweat1991 What Fun! (118 comments)

The Selection Sort's soundtrack was quite fun!

It feels like your head is going to explode at the end, and the final pass is the sound of brain matter splattering across the pages of your algorithms textbook.

about 4 years ago

Can Twitter and Facebook Deal With Their Dead?

PocariSweat1991 Where's the Bureau of ATF? (284 comments)

"One and a half million Facebook users die each year."

That's about 3 times as many annual deaths as tobacco users!
Where's the Bureau of Alcohol, Twitter, and Facebook when you need them?

more than 4 years ago

Drupal 6 Content Administration

PocariSweat1991 Re:Drupal 6 or 7? (50 comments)

...neither of which would satisfy the users that are still happy with Drupal 5.

more than 4 years ago

Inmates Escape As Guard Plays Plants Vs. Zombies

PocariSweat1991 The Count of Cagayan de Oro City (87 comments)

I bet Edmond Dantès feels like an asshole for planning such an unnecessarily elaborate escape after reading TFA.

more than 4 years ago

Kids Who Watch Popeye Cartoons Eat More Vegetables

PocariSweat1991 Re:Oh oh (119 comments)

According to TFA, you would need to plant cookie seeds, take part in cookie tasting parties, cook cookie soup, and watch Sesame Street in order for Cookie Monster to affect your diet.

more than 4 years ago

Hunt For Earth-Like Planets Delayed

PocariSweat1991 What's wrong with this planet? (56 comments)

I'm from Tahiti so I might have missed something in the translation, but what is wrong with this planet?

more than 4 years ago

Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine For NY Health Workers Suspended

PocariSweat1991 Re:typo (292 comments)

Thanks for the clarification. I was horrified to think that chewable H1N1 vaccine was suspended.

more than 4 years ago

Disney Close To Unveiling New "DVD Killer"

PocariSweat1991 A Task for Sora (498 comments)

Can a Keyblade be used to crack open this Keychest?

more than 4 years ago


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