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Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

Poorcku Wow (1198 comments)

"No, not the straw man that all men are constantly plotting rape, but that we live in an entitlement culture where guys think they need to be having sex with girls in order to be happy and fulfilled." I really don't know where to begin and which line of thought should i follow when answering this idiotic sentence. From the meta-level fact that we as a species need to have sex in order to survive? From the evolutionary point of view, where lust is a mechanism of encouraging and rewarding intercourse? From the psychological point of view where the need for intimacy self-fulfillment and for high self-esteem is highly entangled with need of finding a partner? So "what the fuck is wrong with us?". Maybe the correct question is: "what the fuck is wrong with him?"

about 2 months ago

Scientists Publish Letter Saying, "We Need More Scientific Mavericks"

Poorcku Re:Not so easy to do (126 comments)

Absolutely true, but it does not explain everything. Talking as a psychologist, I can unfortunately report that this letter has some merit to it, and I can back it up with at least an example: Zimbardo's prison experiment regarding the psychological effects of being a prisoner and a prison guard have deeply changed the way we perceive group dynamics, in-group vs out-group processes and so on.

It is however impossible to replicate it, or do derivative work because the ethics guide of the APA forbid such treatment of individuals (except when torturing them for the "good of the country" - then APA has no problem sending psychologists to Guantanamo). Milgrams work on conformity would be another perfect example. The ironic part is that APA recently had a posting on their webpage celebrating 50 or so years since the groundbreaking experiment.

Many other experimental designs are also not possible due to strict ethic codes, though this was not the case before the 70-80s.

A bit of freedom is badly, badly needed and it does not involve financial aspects.

about 4 months ago

Spectacular New Martian Impact Crater Spotted From Orbit

Poorcku Crater.. (99 comments)

I wanted to post something about crater, but then i remembered the BETA is coming and that we are in a big hole as it is.

about 6 months ago

Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Vanishes, Taking £2.5m of Coins With It

Poorcku Re:Don't worry guys (346 comments)

I logged in just to answer this knee-jerk reaction that i see so often pretty much where I am: at the workplace, with friends etc. Assuming we are not talking Anarchism (which we are hopefully not):

1. A regulated currency does not protect from theft.

2. You are implying that because of Free-Market ideas or rules and regulations, we as a society should not follow and punish theft. This idea is so false I really hope I don't have to underline the obvious, or do i?

The customer should be free and invest in whatever place and idea he chooses to. Being the Wild West in currency terms as it is, Bitcoin exchanges are notoriously unsafe. This fact is and the associated risks/rewards are also known. Why do you want to interfere?

And to your point - The Government in a Liberal (European perspective) - Libertarian (American one) has the RIGHT and is EXPECTED TO provide courts of LAW in which corporation /entities that deliberately conceal information may be sued for fraud. Individuals are NOT exempt from this obligation of a FREE society.

May I ask you, in this big government orgy that protects us from theft, how much time has the HSBC management have done? Than at least i will take the small government, thank you.And why do some people always leave out the part where the desired small government is not a weak government?

And yes, that is as a Liberal (as I live in Europe) what I wish for.

about 9 months ago

Sweden Is Closing Many Prisons Due to Lack of Prisoners

Poorcku Re:Repulsive! Government Waste! (752 comments)

I don't get these numbers because I am no economist. So AC says low debt/gdp is good because it doesn't incur further debt (A low debt-to-GDP ratio indicates an economy that produces and sells goods and services sufficient to pay back debts without incurring further debt) and gives sweden as an example. Wiki says the US is on the other side of the scale and that is, again... good?

about 9 months ago

NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders

Poorcku Re:Who's surprised? (310 comments)

Our generation was no part of those atrocities. Blaming us for actions that took place over 70 years ago is pretty insidious. You however sanctioned and continue to sanction the current government with your vote. Oh and of course in exchange for the Marshall plan you are so fond of, you've got our gold as hostage. What, you didn't know? how inconvenient... Again, stay the hell away.

about 9 months ago

NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders

Poorcku Re:Who's surprised? (310 comments)

True. How very true. But since everything has a consequence, please don't come to my country (Germany) never in your life.

You are not welcome anymore. Go to Las Vegas, gamble a bit, see Disneyland and absorb all the culture your society has produced. Don't bother coming here. Spy on me from where you are and don't hope for reconciliation any time soon. /Vented :)

about 9 months ago

NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders

Poorcku Re:Nothing of Value (310 comments)

I bet he learned it from the news, like always. /sarcasm off

about 9 months ago

Citizen Eavesdrops On Former NSA Director Michael Hayden's Phone Call

Poorcku Re:Bragging about torture (390 comments)

True. However Obama can release ANY and ALL prisoners at will - and blame it on Congress - and would still be right, as you astutely pointed out. But since it is all very convenient for him, he won't do it. So there facts for our skeptical friend: Obama can still close the joint at will.

about 9 months ago

Social Networks Force Barilla Chairman To Apologize For His Anti-gay Remarks

Poorcku Re: FFS (456 comments)

Usually these kinds of "phobias" are described as fear, prejudice, hatred, discrimination, or hostility towards the object of the "phobia".

But our Barilla guy did not any show any of these: disapproval was all it took to get labeled. I call shenanigans. And as a psychologist I am terribly upset by the lack of harsh positioning on the APA's side. While they disapprove of liberal use of clinical terminology they do not do anything more.

about 10 months ago

Social Networks Force Barilla Chairman To Apologize For His Anti-gay Remarks

Poorcku Re: FFS (456 comments)

It is one of the most obscene and vulgar uses of a non-scientific term. Not only it isn't a valid scientific construct (Homophobia is not listed in any version of DSM and/or ICD) but it masquerades as one (since it has the suffix -phobia) which makes it even more dangerous. It implies a disorder when there is none making your "opponent" defending his ideas from an untenable position. The one who came up with this idea is a genius and should go to hell.

about 10 months ago

Amazon, Google and Apple Won't Need To Pay Tax, Despite Goverment Threats

Poorcku Re:Remind me,,, (327 comments)

We pay taxes to the government. We expect services in return. If this government is unable to return the services we pay for, then yes, it the government doing wrong not the corporations. The government is invested with POWER by the people. It should very much exercise that power.

Those anarcho-capitalists want a small and powerful gov. not a big and weak one.

about a year ago

High Court Orders UK ISPs To Block More Torrent Sites

Poorcku Re:VPN FTW! (133 comments)

Please do. I am just a psychologist lurking on tech sites and being a IT Fan since I was 10. Even so, I have my share of problems understanding some things. What should I expect form a VPN like Airvpn, and what good is it for?

about a year and a half ago

Lego Accused of Racism With Star Wars Set

Poorcku Re:here we go (514 comments)

that is what Lenin said. And lost 50 years later.

about a year and a half ago

Automation Is Making Unions Irrelevant

Poorcku Interesting... (510 comments)

You just sound like all those blacksmiths who complained that the car will destroy the horse shoe industry. And it did! :) And that wasn't that bad either.

about a year and a half ago

Apple Pays Only 2% Corporate Tax Outside US

Poorcku Re:Let's hear it for the beancounters (432 comments)

1. Vote differently. I mean something other than R and D.
2. Revolution.

Curiously, both are rights under the Constitution. Point two is there for a reason.

about a year and a half ago



Viacom obtains Youtube logfiles.

Poorcku Poorcku writes  |  about 6 years ago

Poorcku (831174) writes "In the Viacom v. Google litigation, Viacom obtained "all data from the Logging database concerning each time a YouTube video has been viewed on the YouTube website or through embedding on a third-party website", which include "the unique "login ID" of the user who watched it, the time when the user started to watch the video, the internet protocol address other devices connected to the internet use to identify the user's computer ("IP address"), and the identifier for the video.".

EFF is protesting, but we all know resistance is futile. We will be assimilated."

Link to Original Source

Android getting closer to launch.

Poorcku Poorcku writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Poorcku (831174) writes "GSM Arena has an interesting article (more videos than text) concerning Google's soon to be released Android platform. Here are some bits of text from the article: Getting closer to launch date the devices and the OS itself has certainly received a facelift. The fluid interface of the OS reminds so much of the Apple iPhone Mac OS and that's a good thing.

The article presents a few videos demonstrating some of the capabilities of the new OS — Google Maps integration, the new built-in Compass mode of the Android and of course, what's a new mobile operation OS without the games (do we hear you say an iPhone?)."

Link to Original Source


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