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Study Ties High Blood Sugar To Dementia

Popocatepetl Re:evils of sugar (157 comments)

Don't worry about the dementia thing too much. While it's a very strong correlation, it only increases the risk of developing dementia to 120% of normal for nondiabetics and 140% of normal for diabetics, which is still only about 1-2% of the people in their study.

About a quarter of the participants (524 of 2067) developed dementia over the course of the study. I'm not sure where you got the 1-2% figure. Perhaps you are referring to the p-values, but p indicates how likely it would be to observe the data if the null hypothesis were true.

about a year ago

Wikipedia and the Politics of Verification

Popocatepetl A possible solution (283 comments)

There does seem to be a solution to many of the problems found on Wikipedia. The solution is as follows: allow all of the junk edits to stay but choose a default or canonical version of the article according to how many people have adopted it as a version they trust. You could incorporate various meta rankings to weight individual trust scores if you want. You would also need to make it easy for people to review non-canonical versions of the article. The result would be like browsing slashdot comments at 5.

more than 7 years ago


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