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What Happens When Nobody Proofreads an Academic Paper

Porchroof Ignorance (170 comments)

According to most commenters on Internet forums, grammar and spelling are unimportant and for the most part should be ignored. And anyone who complains about such errors, intentional or otherwise, should be hung by the testicles until shriveled.

Public school education is the problem. Teachers are unfamiliar with the subjects they're trying to teach (such as reading, writing, English).

When a person is corrected by the "language cops" he is embarrassed and his only response is name-calling.

about 3 months ago

How One Man Fought His ISP's Bad Behavior and Won

Porchroof They did WHAT? (181 comments)

I read the first couple of paragraphs at the link given and I still do NOT know what the ISP did.

1 year,30 days

I wish my cell phone was...

Porchroof Wazdat? (495 comments)

What's a cell phone?

about a year ago

EPA Makes Most Wood Stoves Illegal

Porchroof EPA and Hellfire (1143 comments)

To HELL with the EPA and all Obamahshit.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Which Encrypted Cloud Storage Provider?

Porchroof Why? (200 comments)

Why in the world would anyone want to store his valuable files on someone else's computer? Makes no sense.

about a year ago

Communications Protocol Leaves Power Grid Vulnerable

Porchroof Internet? (68 comments)

Whoever is giving access to vital national resources on the Internet should be arrested and shot.

about a year ago

Why iTunes Radio Could Take Down Pandora

Porchroof Bah! (166 comments)

I quit listening to Pandora a couple of years ago. I got damned tired of the audio/video commercials.

You can't escape commercials. The TV Channel is now showing 20-minute programs in a 36-minute time slot. And what fills those extra 16 minutes? COMMERCIALS, of course.

I listen to most of my music on YouTube, but I'm about ready to give YouTube the finger also. Why? COMMERCIALS, of course.

about a year ago

Google Blocks YouTube App On Windows Phone (Again)

Porchroof kerfuffle (629 comments)

I love that word "kerfuffle".

about a year and a half ago

Is New York City Ready For Digital Voting?

Porchroof Rig an election? (93 comments)

Politicians would like nothing better than to rig elections in their favor. And the easiest way to do that is to have the elections conducted over the Internet.

We're already in the process of losing our democracy to socialists and communists in the federal government. We don't need to accelerate the process by going digital.

about a year and a half ago

Dropbox Wants To Replace Your Hard Disk

Porchroof What's a Dropbox? (445 comments)

What's a Dropbox?

about a year and a half ago

France Revokes Ability To Disconnect Convicted File-Sharers From the Internet

Porchroof Fractured thoughts (97 comments)

"...those suspected of copyright could be fined..."

Is the idiot who wrote this suggesting that if I copyright something I could be fined?

about a year and a half ago

How much I care about GMO food labeling:

Porchroof Acronyms, say what? (461 comments)

It would be helpful for my memory if you dunderheads would spell out an acronym before using it. WTF does GMO mean?

about 2 years ago

North Korea Declares a State of War

Porchroof Nuke 'em, Duke (628 comments)

Problem with North Korea?
Nuke Pyongyang.
No problem.

Korean reunification?
Read above.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Block Noise In a Dorm?

Porchroof Drop out (561 comments)

Do what I did: drop out of school.

about 2 years ago

NASA Wants New Space Net To Sustain Big Data Dumps; Moon and Mars Trips

Porchroof Net? (63 comments)

"NASA Wants New Space Net To Sustain Big Data Dumps; Moon and Mars Trips"

I thought this thread was about a huge net in space, but turns out to be about a network.

Note to headline writer: there is a difference between the meanings of "net" and "network".

about 2 years ago

RSA: An Unusual Approach to User Authentication: Behavorial Biometrics (Video)

Porchroof Lappland? (69 comments)

I've never heard of Lappland, but I have heard of Lapland.

about 2 years ago

Cryptography 'Becoming Less Important,' Adi Shamir Says

Porchroof APT? (250 comments)

What is APT?

about 2 years ago

CT State Senator Wants To Ban Kids From Using Arcade Guns

Porchroof Sane politicians (335 comments)

I wish to hell people would elect sane and responsible government representatives. But getting people to do that would be like getting a goat to drive a car.

about 2 years ago

CNN Anchor wonders if asteroid is result of global warming.

Porchroof Idiot anchors (1 comments)

I have yet to see an "idiot anchor on Fox News". The few that I've seen have been on CNN. Thank God my cable TV service does not offer MSNBC or I'd be swamped with idiots.

about 2 years ago

Cracks Signal Massive Iceberg Forming In Antarctica

Porchroof Oklahoma ready to break off (147 comments)

Cracks have been seen as far north as central Oklahoma! lol

more than 3 years ago


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