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How Can Nintendo Recover?

Pranadevil2k Re:Market is Apple/Google's, but N has an advantag (559 comments)

I would argue that Nintendo's problem isn't that its market has moved to mobile, the problem they face is that the market they want and need (console gamers) has moved on without them. I can't think of a single third-party developed game on a Nintendo console that excited me since Capcom put a bunch of Resident Evil games out on the GameCube. Nintendo itself owns a nice catalog of IP but you can only make so many Mario and Zelda games before the golden goose stops laying eggs. They need other developers making new titles, and good ones. They need a 'killer app.' People stopped buying Nintendo consoles for Mario after the GameCube and quit buying them for Zelda after the Wii. Nobody has bought an N console for a third-party game since the '64. Frankly, the last one I owned was a Super and now I play the remakes of the great games of that console on Sony and Microsoft systems, or emulate the originals on my PC or mobile. Nintendo is not Sony or Microsoft; their problems will not go away eventually by propping up their game division losses with profits in other sectors. They need good games or they are done in a few quarters of bad losses.

about 8 months ago

Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham

Pranadevil2k Re:Waste of Time (611 comments)

Taco night.

about 9 months ago

Neural Net Learns Breakout By Watching It On Screen, Then Beats Humans

Pranadevil2k Re:Can we get a summary of that excerpt, please? (138 comments)

There are more ways to learn, and prove that you have learned, than taking and passing tests. The idea that we go to school only to learn the rote of what is taught is the very problem with the system. Our education needs to focus on critical thinking and analysis, not memorizing the answers to test questions out of their textbooks.

I should be able to ask a class of high school students what they believe was the cause of some historic event, and hear back several different answers. They don't have to be the 'correct' answers, they just need to have some reasonable explanation behind them. If I actually did this though, I think I would hear one answer: the one in their book.

about 9 months ago

Swedish Man Fined $650,000 For Sharing 1 Movie, Charged Extra For Low Quality

Pranadevil2k Re:What the hell is the point of these huge number (366 comments)

I was under the impression that it is quite common for anyone convicted of tech crimes to be barred from using computers. Chances are, if you're committing tech crimes you are mostly skilled in tech jobs, and being unable to use a computer deprives you of that work.

about 9 months ago

China Creates Air Defence Zone Over Japan-Controlled Islands, Issues War Threat

Pranadevil2k Re:Don't look now (519 comments)

Major powers fighting proxy wars in third world countries worked out really well for Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, and Afghanistan.

about 10 months ago

A Math Test That's Rotten To the Common Core

Pranadevil2k Re:Why reinvent the wheel? (663 comments)

1) Teachers who can't teach (even if they know their subject backwards and forwards) should be fired.
2) It should be possible for anyone with the proper qualifications to teach whether they have a "teaching certificate" or not.

Don't these two things sort of contradict eachother? Knowing something doesn't immediately make you capable of teaching it, and I imagine there are quite a few people out there who know quite a lot of things that they would not be able to teach if they were asked to. The reason people get teaching certificates (or other such things) is to show that they can, in fact, teach things they know to other people. I know a lot about computers, but I'll be damned if I can teach my family how to do anything other than check their email with one. It's quite a bit harder than you might expect, even with people who are just as intelligent as you. Teaching children, who don't have fully developed concepts of logic and reasoning, must be even more difficult.

about a year ago

Experian Sold Social Security Numbers To ID Theft Service

Pranadevil2k Re:Solution: Make SSNs Public Record (390 comments)

Please god no duplicates. I work with these things, it's already enough of a pain in the ass with -illegal- duplicates.

about a year ago

Finnish Team Makes Diabetes Vaccine Breakthrough

Pranadevil2k Re:Isn't Type 1 largely genetic? (202 comments)

The research suggests that the genetic predisposition causes the immune system to act different in response to the virus. If the research is correct, then yes you need both the genetic factor and the virus to get type-1 diabetes. Of course, that completely discounts any other possible methods of 'catching' the disease. Since it is an autoimmune disorder, there are likely multiple factors involved. If this pans out and cures the most common of those factors, it may still not eliminate the disease.

about a year ago

Finnish Team Makes Diabetes Vaccine Breakthrough

Pranadevil2k Re: And i might see it in my lifetime. (202 comments)

Type 1 diabetes comes with a lifetime requirement of insulin, syringes (or needles, for those nifty pens by novo nordisk), blood-sugar testers and their required test strips, and a small army of professional endocrinologists whose sole purpose is to tell people how to control their blood-sugar levels with as little insulin as possible to reduce risk of complications.

Type 2 diabetes comes with the occasional need for medications, a few doctor visits, and lifestyle changes.

I think you're confused.

about a year ago

Finnish Team Makes Diabetes Vaccine Breakthrough

Pranadevil2k Re:progress is good (202 comments)

Europe on that high horse, huh? When they put a release date on this, denmark your calendars.

about a year ago

Blizzard Wins Legal Battle Against WoW Bot Company

Pranadevil2k Re:Bottable == boring IMO (285 comments)

Because if everything is equally cool, people will do the cool stuff that is easy instead of the cool stuff that is hard.

about a year ago

Scientists Create New "Lightsaber-Like" Form of Matter

Pranadevil2k Re:massless photons vs black hole (175 comments)

Instead, try to realize the truth. You will see it is not the space around the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

about a year ago

Medical Costs Bankrupt Patients; It's the Computer's Fault

Pranadevil2k Re:Real-time processing required (637 comments)

I'm thinking the 'authorizer' is the doctor's office or hospital that prescribed the medication, and the pharmacy calls them to ensure they are getting the correct prescription. The insurance company itself would be incapable of doing that in the current setup. Doctors could send RX information to the insurance company first, then pharmacies could call the insurance company, which would work well enough until you realize that the insurance company doesn't know if the prescription the doctor sent in is actually the thing they need - the primary purpose of pharmacists and the authorization process in general.

about a year ago

Police Capture Second Marathon Bombing Suspect in Watertown, Mass.

Pranadevil2k Re:Fuck Islam (773 comments)

My understanding, for the case of Stalin at least, is that religions were persecuted under his regime because they represented a threat to his ability to control the people. Which isn't really much different from any other tyrant persecuting any other group, to be honest.

about a year and a half ago

Creationist Bets $10k In Proposed Literal Interpretation of Genesis Debate

Pranadevil2k Re:And in support of Genesis... (1121 comments)

So the only true and proper argument should be, "You first."

about a year and a half ago

Creationist Bets $10k In Proposed Literal Interpretation of Genesis Debate

Pranadevil2k Re:Easy... (1121 comments)

Isn't that a 'god of the gaps' fallacy? And doesn't that sort of make the idea of proving the book of Genesis false impossible? Nevermind that proving a negative, as a general rule, is impossible....

about a year and a half ago

IRS Spent $60,000 Producing Star Trek Parody

Pranadevil2k Re:2010: 84,475,933 income tax payers (280 comments)

If corporations get their money from households, and households get their money from working for corporations, then where does the money come from?

about a year and a half ago


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