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Black Holes Grow By Eating Quantum Foam

Pro-feet Re:Isn't this (164 comments)

The LHC is basically working at the same energies equal to cosmic rays striking the earth's atmosphere.

Within a factor of a few tens of millions, you are right.

Nope, GP was right. The centre-of-mass energy in collisions of UHE cosmic rays with our atmosphere is of the order (slightly above) of the centre-of-mass energies reached at the LHC. That's another reason why we build colliders: it's hard to reach high energies in fixed-target collisions.

You'd think that after 4.5 billion years of cosmic rays hitting things like this planet, the sun, the other planets, etc. that a black hole would be here by now.

What about speed relative to the earth? A black hole produced from a cosmic particle will be produced from a stationary particle being hit, and will thus have a high momentum, easily enough to escape the earths gravity well before interacting with anything. A black hole produced at CERN will be produced from two particles travelling at nearly the same speed in opposite directions, so it will be travelling much slower. Or will it still have a high enough speed that it doesn't matter?

Don't forget that the LHC is colliding the quarks and gluons inside the protons, and the speed (momentum, you mean of course) of the incoming particles is never mathematically equal. Still, you have a valid point, this is an important difference between the LHC collisions and the comic-ray ones.

about 10 months ago

Examining the Expected Effects of Dark Matter On the Solar System

Pro-feet Re:Majorana or Dirac? (190 comments)

I'm sure the grad students on those experiments that rely on it _not_ being impossible would not call this distinction pedantic.

But hey, what do I know, I'm not even one of them.

about a year ago

Examining the Expected Effects of Dark Matter On the Solar System

Pro-feet Majorana or Dirac? (190 comments)

It can't collide with itself? Good to know that the Majorana versus Dirac particle question is settled then. Oh, wait...

Of course, I didn't bother to RTFA...

about a year ago

International Linear Collider Design Ready To Go

Pro-feet Re:Not more powerful than LHC (71 comments)

A circular one would be preferable to a linear one when your goal is to reach as high a number of collisions as possible at your target energy (as it is here), because in a circular accelerator you can store the beams instead of having to produce and dump them continuously. But unfortunately a circular collider is not possible due to the enormous synchrotron radiation at the energies aimed for, which forces you among other things to continuously pump enormous amounts of energy in your beams.

about a year ago

First Observations of Short-lived Pear-shaped Atomic Nuclei

Pro-feet Fruits and science (64 comments)

"...and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped."

about a year ago

Is Eccentric Sven Olaf Kamphius To Blame For Spamhaus DDoS?

Pro-feet Re:s/iu/ui/ (133 comments)

By the way, "koeieuier" is a real word!

about a year ago

Is Eccentric Sven Olaf Kamphius To Blame For Spamhaus DDoS?

Pro-feet Re:s/iu/ui/ (133 comments)


aa ee ie oo uu ui ei ij au ou eu oe eeu ieu aai ooi oei

I love my language!

about a year ago

Iran Blocks 'Illegal' VPNs, Google, and Yahoo

Pro-feet Re:Iran cut off from the Internet... (176 comments)

Nice black-white thinking.
The people tried, at least in the cities, after the elections in 2008. Remember that uprise? Many risked (and some lost) their lives. It was not just a small minority, but it was suppressed.

I was in Esphahan just before those elections and the ordinary city people I met were in general very open, interested, longing for change.

about a year ago

Iran Blocks 'Illegal' VPNs, Google, and Yahoo

Pro-feet Re:Iran cut off from the Internet... (176 comments)

And what about the people, they all turned extremist and dumb all of a sudden? I find this all quite insulting to the several Iranians I have met and worked with. They (also women!) typically are well schooled, well opiniated, and very different from the neighbours you mention.

about a year ago

Is Daylight Saving Time Worth Saving?

Pro-feet Re:NO. (646 comments)

In my language, as in many others, nobody ever says "March 8th 2013". It would sound silly in that order, and indeed it leads to a lot of confusion. It may be news to you, but you are not the center of the universe.

about a year ago

CERN's LHC Powers Down For Two Years

Pro-feet Re:Understandable but still frustrating (71 comments)

This is wrong. They were shooting lead nuclei around in the past month even, and have done before.
When the LHC will come back, it will run protons again, and again lead nuclie at some more future point.
Heavy-ion collisions is something the machine was designed for.
It's the higher energy that requires the extensive repairs and upgrades, and the downtime.

about a year and a half ago

The Paradox of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

Pro-feet Re:A lot of this BS is just Daniel Berg's fiction (266 comments)

There were French president's elections coming up ; that's maybe a more plausible conspiracy theory.

Apart from that he is an absolute prick with women (or call it his weakness).

about a year and a half ago

Australian Economists Predictions No Better Than Flipping a Coin

Pro-feet Re:Random predictions are maybe even better (290 comments)

You call a Belgian a chauvinist? That must be the joke of the day. I bet you don't know any Belgians!

Yes, IAAB (I am a Belgian).

about a year and a half ago

Nokia Receives $1.35B Grant To Develop Graphene Tech

Pro-feet Re:Boron (79 comments)


about a year and a half ago

North Korea Announces 3rd Nuclear Test, Anti-US Aims

Pro-feet Re:A strange game.... (597 comments)

Because they have nukes?

about a year and a half ago

Mathematicians Aim To Take Publishers Out of Publishing

Pro-feet Re:I call Godwin (162 comments)

Well, that last night was quite a night. Steaming, and blurry. While not necessary to prove his point, it for sure provided him the stamina today to put it all out there in his insightful contribution to this Godwinly-diverted thread.

about a year and a half ago

New York Passes Landmark Gun Law

Pro-feet Alien (1591 comments)

Reading comments here as a European leaves me feeling alien and uneducated in the nature of humans.
Apart from all the homicide-rate back and forth, let me add a personal anecdote. Usually anecdotes are meaningless in a good discussion, but arguments seem to be as well here...
My wife was shot at the age of 18 by a little nephew of hers, which left her left arm and hand dysfunctional; she nearly lost it. It determined the rest of her life. One can argue that it was an accident. But you know what made this happen? The fact that the gun existed, and the macho culture that went along with the guns. Without the gun, my wife would be able to ride a bicycle alone, now no more.
When I read the argument about the homicide rate being so low in Switzerland even though there are so many guns, then one forgets that aspect: guns in Switzerland are not considered a status symbol in a macho world, neither a defense weapon, neither being treated as a daily part of society. Most of the pro-gun-ownership people would not like the Swiss way either.
My wife just tested positively pregnant. I know she will cry a tear just from seeing the baby having two healthy arms.

about a year and a half ago

How Old Were You When You First Got a Cell Phone?

Pro-feet Re:About 3 years ago (330 comments)

Correlation can be by coincidence, of course...

about a year and a half ago

CERN's LHC To Shut Down For Repair & Upgrades

Pro-feet Re:They should have made the tunnel bigger (97 comments)

I'm not sure if space is the issue here. You can bike in the tunnel (useful, since it's looong). [and by the way, the beamline is contained in the magnets, so that saves space ;-)]
Parallellizing means also more expert manpower for less work: I could imagine it's practically impossible to train 1000 expert welders to each repair one joint.
Note also that the LEP tunnel that is housing now the LHC was far from cheap...

about a year and a half ago


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