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Marc Andreessen On Why Bitcoin Matters (And A Critique)

Procyon101 Re:Quantum Computing (332 comments)

It would distribute the concentration of computational power and increase the security of bitcoin transactions. The security of the protocol is dependent upon individuals not being able to outcompute the rest of the network. A widespread distribution of computational power reduces the opportunity of individuals and bolsters the protocol security.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Books Have Had a Significant Impact On Your Life?

Procyon101 Re:Atlas Shrugged (700 comments)

I was a Libertarian long before I read Atlas Shrugged. I read it this year and I was very disappointed actually. I found the book to have a very shallow plot and was very long winded and preachy. It should have been a short story. Marketing that book as the Libertarian Opus makes me realize why people think Libertarians are pseudo intellectual idiots.

about 2 years ago

GPL Kerfuffle Takes Xbian For Raspberry Pi Offline

Procyon101 Re:Really a violation? (154 comments)

> and the courts have ruled that you can't copyright an API.

Not to my knowledge. In the Oracle v. Google case the judge specifically avoided ruling on this. Non-expressive API's should be okay for some vague notion of non-expression.

about 2 years ago

GPL Kerfuffle Takes Xbian For Raspberry Pi Offline

Procyon101 Re:Really a violation? (154 comments)

It is kind of grey. The GPL says you cannot link, but in doing so it is governing usage, not copying, which could be considered outside of the copyright holder's jurisdiction. They are defining what it is to be a derivative work, which isn't something a copyright holder can necessarily do. They can have an *opinion* as to what defines a derivative work, and the FSF certainly does have a strong opinion on that. Someone can of course disagree with that opinion and link anyway. Personally, I sure as hell don't want to be the one defending the opposing opinion against the FSF in a court of law, so your interpretation is by far the safer one.

about 2 years ago

AMD's Hondo Chip 'A Windows 8 Product'

Procyon101 Re:FUD piece? (229 comments)

Linux is the primary component of android that cares about what chip is running. Most everything else in android just uses whatever linux gives it and couldn't care less what chip it's running on. If Android is not supported on a CPU, you can pretty much bet they mean the Linux part of Android.

about 2 years ago

A First Look At Firefox 3 Alpha 5

Procyon101 Re:Obligatory Star Trek 2 quote (217 comments)

Firefox alpha-6 segfaulted 6 minutes after it was installed here. Breakpad never bothered to report our progress. It was only through the power of my superior intellect that I was able to install a previous build.

more than 7 years ago


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