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If Tesla Can Run Its Gigafactory On 100% Renewables, Why Can't Others?

Prof.Phreak Re:They haven't done it yet. (444 comments)

Exactly. Business is about profit, and being "wasteful" is often more profitable... For example, the infrastructure investment into the self sufficient factory might have been better used by building TWO conventionally powered factories. Then again, the publicity from this Reno plant will pay for the construction :-)

about two weeks ago

The First Particle Physics Evidence of Physics Beyond the Standard Model?

Prof.Phreak Re:Why gravity is treated as a force? (97 comments)

There's no such thing as "force" (well, Jedi might disagree). The famous F=ma, doesn't show up in relativity nor quantum mechanics.

about a month ago

How Google Handles 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests

Prof.Phreak Re:Who didn't see this coming? (135 comments)

Oh, I never claimed that my solution would actually work (and yes, it is stupid). But if you have an issue with say New York Times publishing something about you, approach New York Times and complain that it's wrong, etc., whatever, not that it will get you far in most situations, but who knows.

Approaching Google and asking them to drop the New York Times article about you from their index is just wrong. (and in those situations, New York Times is well within their rights to ping google, notice that the article is gone, and republish it in a way to be re-indexed).

about a month and a half ago

How Many Members of Congress Does It Take To Pass a $400MM CS Bill?

Prof.Phreak Re:400 Millimeter Dollars (180 comments)

It's MegaMillions.

about 1 month ago

How Google Handles 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests

Prof.Phreak Re:Who didn't see this coming? (135 comments)

So the end result will be publishers pinging google every day to see if any of the stories they published are still google-able...

This is a stupid regulation. If someone doesn't want to have their story "out there" , they should just approach the publisher directly. Google isn't the one publishing or storing (for public consumption) this data... so they're a wrong target for this regulation.

about 1 month ago

NASA Tests Microwave Space Drive

Prof.Phreak Re:Zaphod? (201 comments)

``anything not explicitly forbidden, is mandatory!'' ---someone commenting on quantum mechanics.

about 2 months ago

Amazon's eBook Math

Prof.Phreak Re:Disengenous (306 comments)

hopefully agreements with authors won't be exclusive... so authors can offer their books on amazon for a 30% cut of a 9.99 book, and still sell the same book for 9.99 on author's own website for the 100% of the revenue going to themselves.

about 2 months ago

Nasty Business: How To Drain Competitors' Google AdWords Budgets

Prof.Phreak Re:Advertised on YouTube? (97 comments)

You've just stumbled on one of google's business models: there are millions of new ideas every day, those turn into many thousands of startups, majority of those think that google advertising is the way to get the word out... each of them spends a few hundred dollars (at worst, some of them spend many thousands of dollars) on Google... and shortly afterwards they go out of business. And this repeats every day.

The winner in all this? Google. Heck, they don't even have to care about repeat customers to make moneh every day.

about 2 months ago

Black Holes Not Black After All, Theorize Physicists

Prof.Phreak Re:Or, maybe there's no paradox at all. (227 comments)

why information should collapse to a single state inside of a black hole?

Information does not want to be free, after all?

about 2 months ago

Google Forks OpenSSL, Announces BoringSSL

Prof.Phreak Re:What a name! (128 comments)

Yes, it's hard to get excited about BoringSSL.

about 3 months ago

An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw

Prof.Phreak Re:Obligatory Fight Club (357 comments)

they're required by law to be heartless bastards---if the CEO says "oh, well, we'll be good to humanity, even if it costs our shareholders $X a year"... that CEO would be instantly replaced by someone who puts profits ahead of morals---as the law requires him to.

about 6 months ago

College Grads Create Fake Tesla Commercial That Elon Musk Loves

Prof.Phreak Re:Lemme posit this... (100 comments)

Would you still not skip it when you've see it 37 times?

(or say 2nd or 3rd time in the previous 10 minutes while say browsing a news site, and it plays for 30 seconds before the video you're trying to watch...?)

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

Prof.Phreak Re:My list for Linux (531 comments)

added. thank you :-)

about 6 months ago

Forests Around Chernobyl Aren't Decaying Properly

Prof.Phreak Isn't decomposition recent... ? (167 comments)

Isn't decomposition a relatively recent phenomenon in geologic time? Coal deposits wouldn't exist if all those ancient forests just decomposed...

about 6 months ago

Snowden A Hero? Gates Says No, Woz Says Yes

Prof.Phreak Re:not cool (335 comments)

wow, I didn't even realize folks do this... for what purpose?

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

Prof.Phreak My list for Linux (531 comments)

My list (that's the command I run on all boxes I have). I think it has just about everything an average poweruser/developer would want.

apt-get install vim-gnome ssl-cert apache2 php5 postgresql php5-pgsql default-jdk libclass-dbi-perl libdbd-pg-perl libapache2-mod-perl2 libdate-manip-perl octave nmap irssi uptimed rsync subversion cvs build-essential mysql-server mysql-client php5-mysql virtualbox wine texlive-full openssh-server screen openssh-client ntp jhead imagemagick k3b libk3b6-extracodecs mplayer dict dictd dict-foldoc dict-gcide dict-devil dict-jargon dict-wn htop audacious audacious-plugins cmatrix r-base rKward ecryptfs-utils libimage-exiftool-perl finger ant git eclipse javahelper transcode libav-tools ucspi-tcp-ipv6 chromium-browser maven2 mercurial meld lame gnome-disk-utility ffmpeg sshfs dos2unix opencl-headers handbrake-gtk libapache2-mod-gnutls ia32-libs

about 7 months ago


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