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Trackerless BitTorrent Beta Posted

ProfMoriarty Re:I, for one... (432 comments)

HEY ... I take exception to the term "pirate" ... I would rather be called a "buccaneer-American"

more than 9 years ago


ProfMoriarty hasn't submitted any stories.



Lookin ...

ProfMoriarty ProfMoriarty writes  |  more than 12 years ago Well ... haven't written anything for awhile ...

So I suppose I should ... maybe ... maybe not ...

Ok then, you twisted my arm ... we'll just been busy looking for a job. Pretty much any job ... just something that pays ... and is semi-stable ...

Mmmmmmm ... stability ....



ProfMoriarty ProfMoriarty writes  |  more than 12 years ago (Or ... What the fsck are you thinking moderators?)

Ok ... rant mode on ...

Ok ... after being modded down (ok for good reason), there is a HUGE discrepancy on the moderation done to posts ...

For instance ... I got modded down to -1,Offtopic ... Ok ... I can understand it ... but then 3 posts later ... someone was modded UP 2,Funny for the SAME DAMN THING!
My post ... and the other post similar to mine ...

Just a LITTLE CONSISTANCY would be nice ...

Or ... even in the same story ... the beowulf joke appeared ... this one here got modded to -1,Offtopic but this one is 2,INSIGHTFUL? WTF?

Ok ... so I'm a little agitated that I got modded down, when others are being modded up ...

Oh well ... it's only /. Karma ...

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