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Akamai Reissues All SSL Certificates After Admitting Heartbleed Patch Was Faulty

ProzacPatient Re:Do I get this right: (56 comments)

The Colonial fleet will be pleased to hear that toasters are vulnerable to heartbleed; hopefully it'll give them an edge against the Cylon menace.

3 days ago

The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

ProzacPatient Re:People sure do like to beat the cancer thing (270 comments)

People often equate open source with GPL so one might also be quick to assume he's talking about developing proprietary software and profiteering off of open source but that is not always the case; GPL often presents itself as a pain for open source developers as well who may want to license their software under an even more liberal license such as BSD, MIT or even the WTFPL and wish not to taint their software with the ideological restrictions and burdens GPL places upon its users.

about a week ago

Dyn.com Ends Free Dynamic DNS

ProzacPatient Re:Viable Replacement? (240 comments)

I've been very happy with their service and am considering donating something as a token of appreciation.

Consideration should help get their bills paid...

I need to consider how much I can afford to donate and when I can fit it into my budget taking into account bills and other things I need to pay for.

verb: consider; 3rd person present: considers; past tense: considered; past participle: considered; gerund or present participle: considering
1. think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.
"each application is considered on its merits"
synonyms: think about, contemplate, reflect on, examine, review; More

about two weeks ago

Dyn.com Ends Free Dynamic DNS

ProzacPatient Re:Viable Replacement? (240 comments)

Been very happy with https://freedns.afraid.org/ ever since dyndns deleted my free domain because I didn't login to their website once a month.

This happened to me as well; I used to use dyndns but I lost my domain when they switched the domain I had been using to a "premium" one so then I had to go and reconfigure everything that depended on it to a new domain so after looking at some other alternatives I ultimately decided to use EntryDNS with my own domain I bought from GoDaddy.

EntryDNS is donation driven and doesn't have any of the bull I found at over services (login once a month, upgrade to premium spam, link back to their site, etc..) and you have both the option of using a free subdomain and/or using your own domain. I've been very happy with their service and am considering donating something as a token of appreciation.

about two weeks ago

60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S

ProzacPatient Re:Because Hollywood. (544 comments)

Most people have never taken a ride inside let alone drive a manual transmission so to them the constant shifting of a car makes it sound exotic and sporty I suppose.

But if you think what Hollywood has done to cars is atrocious believe me when I say how Hollywood portrays guns should be a crime; my particular favorite is when the sound editor adds in the sound of a gun's hammer being pulled but the gun they're using is striker fired or when the sound editors make a gun sound like its full of paperclips and loose change instead of a well built precision machine.

about two weeks ago

Synthetic Chromosomes Successfully Integrated Into Brewer's Yeast

ProzacPatient Re:The screams will be forthcoming soon.... (107 comments)

(Yes I do realize that first link is The Onion but its funny because its basically true)

I don't particularly have ill feelings toward genetic engineering, in fact I believe it can be a good thing, but what I do care about is the profiteering of it that Monsanto has used to hold everyone hostage, though that is more of a symptom of the broken legal system than anything.

Monsanto has achieved a monopoly status by using the legal system to patent their modifications and then they sell those patented GMO plants that are (supposedly) only immune to Monsanto pesticides and then they go around and sue everyone bankrupt for using unlicensed Monsanto technology because nature did its thing and cross pollinated with some nearby farmer's crops. Monsanto's exploitation of nature to achieve a monopoly is so bad that some countries have completely banned Monsanto and its products. At this point it surprises me Monsanto doesn't have a protection racket going on where you can buy a "subscription" to GMO products that might happen to pollinate with your old fashioned non-GMO plants.

Oh and I'll just throw it out there that Monsanto were the ones who developed and peddled Agent Orange to the U.S. Government as a cure all for jungle warfare back in the day.

about three weeks ago

Latest Humble Bundle Supports Open Source GameDev Tools

ProzacPatient Re:Flash? Really? (29 comments)

FlashDevelop can be used as part of the pipeline for OpenFL which exposes the Flash API and aids in compiling to Haxe (or something like that), so it's not really Flash itself. See related article.

about three weeks ago

Google Now Arrives In Chrome For Windows and Mac

ProzacPatient Re:Hmm. (74 comments)

Google now incorporates things such as your search history and your emails to provided a customized start page.

Unfortunately in the process of doing this they abandoned the incredibly handy iGoogle page despite much protest but Google's "solution" was to tell everyone to switch to the Chrome browser from whatever browser you're using.

No thank you I'll continue to use Firefox and use igHome or My Yahoo! instead.

about three weeks ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

ProzacPatient Re:What about rehabilitation? (914 comments)

If you just want them in jail for as long as possible, and don't strive to rehabilitate them, you might as well invoke the death penalty.

As politically incorrect as it may be I'm one of the few people left in the world that still believes in the death penalty. There are crimes that are so heinous, like for example; someone who kills an entire family in their sleep or someone that murders 20 women in the city park, that I can't see how anyone can justify letting the perpetrator go on living his life after stealing someone's life.

about a month ago

Enlightenment E19 To Have Full Wayland Support

ProzacPatient Re:DRM drivers? (140 comments)

If only we had something like an abbreviation tag or something to prevent these confusions!
Unfortunately some parts of the HTML standard are so underused many people don't know they exist except for people who write things like accessible compliant pages.

about a month ago

Flash Is Dead; Long Live OpenFL!

ProzacPatient Re:Open Standards, Not stupid plugins. (166 comments)

HTML 5 is not perfect, however it does give us a lot of features that we think we should use flash for, and we really should follow the standards that comes part of the browser then rely on plugins.

HTML 5 is ideal but one of my problems with using pure HTML and JavaScript for certain tasks is that implementation can vary wildly and performance even more so. Browser A might implement only a part of the standard, Browser B might implement the entire standard and Browser C has no support and worse is when all of them fully support the standard but Browser A is super slow compared to Browser B and Browser C is basically unusable. I've also seen a few JavaScript intensive websites demand you use only Chrome and I think this is a symptom of these problems.

As bad as proprietary plugins are at least it'll always have a consistent implementation across browsers and perform, in the case of Flash, equally bad across all the browsers.

Its not that I don't support the idea of cross-platform and cross-browser HTML5 solutions for tasks previously only accomplished through Flash but I think people often fail to understand it isn't all unicorns and rainbows as its made out to be.

about a month ago

Sony & Panasonic Next-Gen Optical Discs Moving Forward

ProzacPatient Re:What are these shiny discs you speak of? (250 comments)

This is a phenomenon known as "bitrot." It is for this reason tape drive backups are still around but since SATA allows hotplugging and there are SATA docks now some people just buy hard drives and use those for long term storage. Hard drives as a backup medium I imagine would work pretty good as long as you keep them in a dark, dry and cool place mostly safe from any shock like drops or heavy vibrations. In fact I had a computer from the mid-80's once and its hard drive, file system and data was still intact.

I've always wanted to try tape drives mostly for the novelty but they're excessively expensive which is why I think hard drives as a long term storage medium have started to take off but ultimately I don't think they'll displace tapes for storage meant to last a magnitude of half a century or longer.

I suppose if you're daring enough you could try paper as a backup medium.

about a month ago

Crytek Ports CRYENGINE To Linux Support Ahead of Steam Machines Launch

ProzacPatient Re:Is gaming on Linux actually going to take off? (132 comments)

Pretty much this.

I'm probably going to start a riot by saying this but I think KDE stands as the best candidate for a "standardized" desktop environment; it's all very well built and all its components are well integrated into the KDE framework and the environment itself will probably feel the most comfortable for Windows users. Of course everyone is entitled to their preferences (the beauty of the GNU/Linux platform) but I honestly believe KDE is an outstanding environment for general desktop usage.

I used to use GNOME2 but after the Gnome Project went full retard with mobilitis in Gnome 3 going the same direction as Unity and Windows 8 I decided to go back to KDE.

I'll also throw a shoutout here and say that I think Kubuntu is an excellent distro based on Debian but with the community and frequent updates of Ubuntu, however unlike Ubuntu it doesn't get much attention unfortunately.

about a month ago

Sony & Panasonic Next-Gen Optical Discs Moving Forward

ProzacPatient Re:What are these shiny discs you speak of? (250 comments)

Right hows your VHS collection going then? VHS tapes were still sold often only 10 years ago.

I have hundreds of VHS movies and I still have a VCR.

The problem is never if you have the 8mm, 8-track, vinyl, cassette, minidisk, etc. The problem is if you still have a functioning player for such thing.

I don't think we'll have quiet the same problem with optical media for time to come though because unlike VHS; which was an analog based format designed when computers where in their infancy, DVD's are digital and can be directly read by a common desktop PC and for the foreseeable future we'll only see optical based formats advance further. Just to prove my point how long digital formats live on its still possible to read 3.5" floppy discs if one is determined enough.

I suppose you could run into a problem in 20 years with being able to read a DVD still but you can always run Windows XP in a VM or use one of hundreds of Linux distributions with libdvdcss installed. There are also plenty of other free tools for preserving and converting DVD's Hollywood isn't too fond of that I would imagine will still be around for some time to come.

about a month ago

Sony & Panasonic Next-Gen Optical Discs Moving Forward

ProzacPatient Re:What are these shiny discs you speak of? (250 comments)

But if I wasn't interested in niche stuff, there'd be no practical (as opposed to philosophical) reason to continue to collect physical media.

I'm the complete opposite. I have some digital stuff but otherwise I continue to collect physical media whenever I can because I'll always have access to it and some big company won't be able to pull the licensing agreement and suddenly the movie/show/game is gone from my collection on Amazon or something because the big company wants more money from Amazon for their 20 year old movie.

When it comes to physical media the first sale doctrine is king so in addition to the already mentioned benefits of always having my media I can also sell or lend my media without interference or limitation.

about a month ago

Samsung Galaxy Glass Patent Plans To Turn Fingers Into a Keyboard

ProzacPatient Re:Prior Art? (63 comments)

Mass Effect says otherwise I think.

about a month ago

Apple Drops Snow Leopard Security Updates, Doesn't Tell Anyone

ProzacPatient Re:Is anyone actually stuck on Snow Leopard? (241 comments)

Those Minis with 32-bit CPUs you can pop open and install an ordinary 64-bit Core 2 Duo from a "PC" into the Mini. The only thing is that the OS X installer for newer versions of OS X will read the model number of your mainboard and tell you they you're obsolete (regardless of the CPU installed) and that you'll need to purchase a new Mac but that can be fixed by unpackaging the installer, removing the check from the install scripts and repackaging it all back together.

My "obsolete" circa 2006 Mac Mini I bought used is actually running OS X Lion now and it works just fine whereas I would've had to have spent $900 to buy a new Mac Mini from Apple. Unfortunately all the iOS dev tools for iOS 7, among other things, have been locked to Mavericks by Apple so I'll need to figure out how to get Mavericks on it if it will even run on the older hardware due to the old video chipset.

Unfortunately you can't do this with newer Mac Minis because apparently Apple caught on to this and soldered everything to the mainboard.

about 2 months ago

WV Senator Calls For Ban On All Unregulated Cryptocurrencies

ProzacPatient Re:too bothered to regulate (240 comments)

The BATFEB; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Bitcoin? I wonder how many letters the ATF will eventually accumulate when everything is said and done.

about 2 months ago

Schneier: Break Up the NSA

ProzacPatient Re:Giving the FBI NSA's duties is a BAD idea. (324 comments)

We have had just about as many attacks in the 2000's and 2010's as in the 80's and 90's. In particular US embass's have been under multiple terrorist attacks in 20001 - Nairobi, Ben Gahzi, etc.

Any chance you could look up your equivalent of Wikipedia or some kind of newspaper archive in 20,001 and tell me what the winning lottery numbers are in 2014?

about 2 months ago


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