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Mozilla Teams Up With Humble Bundle To Offer Eight Plugin-Free Games

ProzacPatient Re:FTL only on "PC or mobile"? (67 comments)

Years of marketing seems to have equated the idea of a personal computer as some sort of quasi Microsoft exclusive brand but really Linux desktops are usually P-ersonal C-omputers as well (as opposed to non-personal computers like time sharing mainframes), likewise can be said for Macintosh.

4 days ago

Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas

ProzacPatient Re:Make it less ugly (137 comments)

As an artist the flat Metro look drives me crazy; the desktop looks really dull and often times all these flat colors the screen clash and there really isn't anything seperating and balancing them so I can never find a color for the window borders I feel comfortable with. The Aero theme was the pinnacle of the Windows UI in my opinion but I was even comfortable with just the classic Windows 9x/NT 4.x/2000 theme because at least there wasn't this clashing of flat colors without any seperation.

One nitpick I've had about Windows 10 is that for some reason desktop apps still have the weird squished 2:1 rectangle Min/Max/Close buttons in the windows but in the ModernUI apps they're perfectly square and look like they fit the theme. Why can't all apps have the square buttons?

4 days ago

How English Beat German As the Language of Science

ProzacPatient Re:Criminalizing a language. (323 comments)

... why aren't there mandatory whippings for blatant disregard of the Constitution when making laws?

I figure your comment is probably sarcastic but I'll just say that legislators would have to be guilty of something specifically codified in criminal law to be receiving such punishment but since it is not illegal to make dumb laws there is no punishment.
Even if it were somehow illegal the Eight Amendment of the very same Constitution forbids such punishment.

5 days ago

'Reactive' Development Turns 2.0

ProzacPatient Re:I can see the ads now... (101 comments)

If you can't figure out how to manipulate space-time, why should I hire you?

Bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I've only done this once before.

about a month ago

Court: Car Dealers Can't Stop Tesla From Selling In Massachusetts

ProzacPatient Re:Car Dealers should ask why they're being bypass (155 comments)

I don't have a particularly high opinion of car dealerships; since all the used dealers in the area were inflexible run by a bunch of sleaze balls I went to a Ford dealership that had been advertising how flexible they were and willing to work with anyone.

I was merely considering the possibility of getting a car in the future and since I didn't have any credit (but a rock solid job) I was merely evaluating what kind of car I wanted (not necessarily new), what would be involved and what kind of down payment would be necessary. I even told the salesman this and he absolutely insisted I talk to the manager if a deal could be worked out despite this so the manager looked at some papers the salesman had typed up, looked at me and at the papers again then literally laughed. I felt humiliated.

When I finally got in a better financial position to actually buy a car I ended up buying a Volkswagen instead but ultimately I will never go to a dealership if I can help it because I feel dealerships are there just to make car buying more expensive and complicated than it should be and any services dealerships offer tend to be an overpriced ripoff.

about a month ago

Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

ProzacPatient Re:What ? That's not biologically possible (106 comments)

I'm guessing the summary was written by one of those people who buy into so-called alternative medicine and use scary buzzwords like "toxins" very loosely to sell their products. They very rarely ever define what exactly these supposed toxins are and where they come from.

I recall one person that told my mother to eat "living clay" to remove supposed toxins from her body, after some research I found that this living clay stuff is just calcium carbonate; the same thing as chewable Tums. I recall another one I saw on TV that are these pads you attach to the soles of your feet that supposedly remove supposed toxins from your body overnight.

I guess the quacks that buy into this stuff didn't get far enough in high school biology to find out what it is that kidneys do.

about a month ago

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

ProzacPatient Re:That's that then (330 comments)

Play and develop the open source Minetest instead of Microsoft Minecraft.

Engine core is written in C++, with gameplay logic and world generation driven by Lua, is multiplayer already, uses the Irrlicht library for both OpenGL and DirectX support and runs on multiple platforms.

about a month ago

High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

ProzacPatient Re:I'm surprised he isn't in jail! (600 comments)

Looking at the article it looks like a 3D printed imitation of an incomplete Sig Saur handgun rather than an actual handgun. Though technically it may still qualify as a firearm receiver under BATFE regulation and violate statutes contained in 18 USC 922 (p). (DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer)

Since guns are pretty simple mechanical machines I'm curious as to what prevents someone from disassembling the gun and yanking out the electronics and whatever locking mechanism.

about a month ago

High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

ProzacPatient Re:The other question that needs to be asked (600 comments)

The electronic parts could not stand the g forces from firing the gun and had to be separate.

I always figured this is the reason EOTech and Aimpoint accessories are so expensive because of the extreme nature of the forces requires top shelf quality, though alternatively I suppose it could just be a premium attached to those brands kind of like how Apple is in the PC world.

about a month ago

High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

ProzacPatient Re:But what about... (600 comments)

Very rarely will a modern gun discharge if it is dropped or mishandled in someway, particularly if you have something like grip safety.

Most "accidental" shootings are negligent discharges caused by user error and I think people are looking for a technological solution to an educational one. Unlike a lot of gun owners I wasn't raised around them and didn't own my first gun until my early 20's but I took a hunting course and a concealed handgun course (note: I never actually applied for a concealed handgun permit but rather just took the class) and learned a lot about handling a gun that I may have never known any other way, things like; trigger discipline, always assuming the gun is loaded, an unloaded gun is not an empty gun and so forth.

There really needs to be more education about safely handling guns but unfortunately it is considered politically incorrect to talk about guns or to teach children to respect them but despite that our culture accepts being entertained by them while being incorrectly handled by actors in every conceivable way. Even the very basics of gun safety like Eddie Eagle which teaches kids not to touch guns and tell an adult has been pulled out of numerous schools because it's politically incorrect.

about a month ago

Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports

ProzacPatient Re:Just Apple? (207 comments)

The vast majority of smashed screens I've seen are people of questionable intelligence like teenage girls who see a phone as a fashion accessory, stuff the phone in their back pocket and are somehow surprised when the screen is cracked.

about a month ago

Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+

ProzacPatient Re:No. (368 comments)

I worked for a small software company once but then the leadership decided to sell us out to a huge multi-national corporation, took their cash and ran. Since then a number of my colleagues quit the acquiring company after a few months but unfortunately some of us have nowhere to go. So I totally understand where you're coming from. Life sucks.

about a month ago

L.A. Times National Security Reporter Cleared Stories With CIA Before Publishing

ProzacPatient Re:When I was in China (188 comments)

for them, as long as they get to kick back with their girlfriend in a cabin on Saturday night, life is good

If you said something along the lines of someone kicking back in front of the TV watching American Idol or some other shit, then sure I'd be with you. But your example of the degradation of America being demonstrated by someone being at bliss because they're with someone they live and are enjoy life because of it, seems extremely silly. Isn't having fun and sharing life with others the pinnacle of being human? I hardly see anything wrong with the example you presented.

Life is full of difficulties. I agree that the US is sliding into the abyss, but having a go at those who are trying to enjoy life while they can is rather cruel. Are you not capable of enjoying things anymore? Have you lost so much humanity that you can't see the error in your post?

I think what he is saying is that most Americans have their priorities screwed up in that they are completely fine with having their liberties stripped as long as they get to be otherwise comfortable and get to do things like fornication which certain governments condemn like the Chinese government so consequently Americans tend to measure their "freedom" by their standard of living and what mundane things they get to do rather than important things such as; freedom of speech, right to peaceably assemble, freedom of religion, right to bear arms and so forth.

With that thought in mind most Americans seem to be clueless in civics anymore and have no idea how our government is supposed to function, for example; I'm astonished by the number of people I've met that actually believe that the President can arbitrarily decree a law into existence or introduce a bill into the legislative branch.
Don't they teach civics in school any more like when I was in school? No wonder why we're headed down the road we are!

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: the State of Free Video Editing Tools?

ProzacPatient Re:CS2 (163 comments)

I doubt that. The EULA; End User License Agreement, for proprietary software often contain language in their agreements that the license agreement can be arbitrarily changed at any time for any reason by the proprietor and that by installing or otherwise using the software you agree to that possibility and will abide to any changes. Microsoft in particular has been known to do this and I would think it would be difficult for an end user to contest this.

about a month and a half ago

This 'SimCity 4' Region With 107 Million People Took Eight Months of Planning

ProzacPatient Re:Grid city (103 comments)

It always annoyed me how in previous versions you could just build huge blocks of buildings without direct access to a road.

SimCity 4 was the first iteration that required buildings to have road access to develop or to be of benefit to the area and this brought with it a vast variety of different types of roads and this was probably the best improvement of the series IMO because it meant you really have to think about the layout of your city and balance the cost of building roads versus streets everywhere along with the noise and pollution high volume roads create.

Regardless SimCity 4 was not my favorite for a long time after it came out because it felt so vastly different from SC2K or SC3K but after awhile, especially with the Rush Hour expansion, it easily became my favorite of the series and I fear the short sighted money grabbing DLC infested executives at EA may never top it. SC4 is truly a masterpiece of a game in my opinion.

about 1 month ago

Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation

ProzacPatient Car Analogy (173 comments)

Can someone give me the obligatory car analogy?

about 2 months ago

T-Mobile To Throttle Customers Who Use Unlimited LTE Data For Torrents/P2P

ProzacPatient Re:This is going to end so well for them! (147 comments)

There is no unlimited tethering, and they aren't throttling capped data.

Yes and no. I originally went with T-Mobile because their tethering plan seemed like a bargain compared to the other telcos; Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, but they must've dropped it at some point because it's apparently something they don't offer anymore because when I went to upgrade my phone a few months ago they asked me if I wanted to keep it. They told me that if I did dropped it I wouldn't be able to get it back because my account was grandfathered in and that they don't offer it anymore otherwise. Mind you they still have tethering but not unlimited tethering it seems.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Are Online Job Applications So Badly Designed?

ProzacPatient Re:Pete and Repeat (278 comments)

I got contacted by a Wells Fargo recruiter once and they asked me to fill out an application, so I filled out an application and eagerly awaited a potential interview but when I heard back they told me the hiring manager was very interested in me and wanted me to go back to their HR portal, or whatever it was, and upload a resumé in Word format on top of all the tons of information I already filled out so I did as instructed but their upload form would always fail and give me an internal server error 500. I tried contacting the recruiter to tell him I couldn't upload a resumé because a server error on their end only to hear from them two months later to tell me they decided to hire someone else instead.

Long story short I hate online applications.

about 2 months ago

Intel's 14-nm Broadwell CPU Primed For Slim Tablets

ProzacPatient Re:Thank GOD (96 comments)

I'm not sure how it works out on Apple as I don't have an HDMI adapter for my iPad 2 but I've tried it before with some of my Samsung Android tablets and typically what I found is that on stock firmware some apps will not display on HDMI out or even let you take screenshots of the app in the name of copy protection.

Of course if you're using a non-standard firmware like the incredible CyanogenMod then these copy protection mechanisms seem to be completely ignored but as far as the other side of the fence goes you usually don't reliably have the option of using a custom firmware on Apple devices unfortunately.

about 2 months ago

Two Cities Ask the FCC To Preempt State Laws Banning Municipal Fiber Internet

ProzacPatient Re:Vote - House Bill 129 / Senate Bill 87 (200 comments)

The bill itself along with the record of its changes as well as who sponsored and voted for it can be found on the North Carolina General Assembly's website.

about 3 months ago


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