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New Bill Would Repeal NIH Open Access Policy

PrvtBurrito Re:SO we need a public research clearing house. (223 comments)

I'm not sure I agree that we can't 'air results in any meaningful way.' However, I do think that public data repositories are something that should be explored, and are, btw, by most funding agencies. That is a bit of a different issue.

more than 5 years ago

New Bill Would Repeal NIH Open Access Policy

PrvtBurrito the challenges of the current policy (223 comments)

I am a federally funded researcher who administrates a program that publishes quite a bit. First off, I am a supporter of open access publishing. Here is our challenge with the current policy, and why it has been very difficult to adopt.

Open access journals cost between $1-3k per publication (see PLOS or BMC). These journals automatically submit papers to the public repository. This is a direct cost that comes out of my grants that may not have been originally budgeted. Now, closed access journals are generally free or close to free to publish. The new policy requires submission of closed access papers, by the authors, to the central repository (if federally funded). Obviously, this violates the agreement the author had with the publisher, so the author, on their own, must negotiate a legal mechanism to do this. Some publishers charge to do this, maybe more than $1k. Every submitted paper gets an ID that must be submitted with a progress report. When we publish 5-10 papers per progress report, this is frankly a lot of work and sometimes, we fund papers partially that are published by other groups. So it is up to me to encourage these groups to figure this out, so I can include them in my reports. More work, and it adds another level of complexity to collaboration.

So far, this has been an administrative headache, it is expensive and considering most major university libraries already have licenses to the closed data, it seems, to me, unnecessarily complicated. I wish they had required the publishers to do this (each publisher would have to work with one source) instead of the researcher, because we have to work with a number of publishers and that takes time in an already very, very competitive field.

There are some really great aspects of open access publishing and the power of the resulting knowledgebase of manuscripts is going to be really exciting, however, $10-20k/year for page charges is only going to result in less science, IMO.

more than 5 years ago

Sony Paid Warner Bros. $400 Million to Go Blu-Ray?

PrvtBurrito Re:Or... (487 comments)

Uh, HD-DVD's are: 1) region free 2) not a rushed to market technology (no customer screwing profile x.x limitations) 3) half the price 4) has more interactive features in contrast blu-ray store more space. Are you guys that obtuse?

more than 6 years ago



Science in the open

PrvtBurrito PrvtBurrito writes  |  more than 6 years ago

PrvtBurrito (557287) writes "A recent LiveScience article sheds light on the profound changes occurring in the scientific process. Driven by the culture shared by scientists and the push for more openness by federal funding agencies, science is becoming more and more collaborative and open. Much like the open source movement, raw scientific data is becoming available to the general public sometimes as soon as it is generated. One factor that is enabling this is the growth of a structured internet (cyberinfrastructure) and the development of online collaborative scientific tools for the exchange of data, such as the popular social network Laboratree (built on the OpenSocial platform) or the wiki based OpenWetWare (built on MediaWiki)."

Walmart gives HD-DVD a boost with a $99 player

PrvtBurrito PrvtBurrito writes  |  about 7 years ago

smoondog writes "HD-DVD, the next generation format in a tight battle with rival Blu-Ray, got a huge boost this week with Walmart and K-Mart unveiling new pricing and exclusive advertising campaigns. Walmart is featuring the Toshiba HD-A2 player on Friday (11/2) as a 'secret' sale at $98.97. Additionally, a black Friday ad has the third generation HD-A3 at $169 at Sears, and K-Mart is now HD-DVD exclusive. Dreamworks is rolling out an exclusive Shrek based advertising campaign, and Walmart ads have been showing in primetime all week. Deflating even more from the Blu-Ray camp, Walmart is unveiling new pricing of $14.97 on a library of titles. Although Blu-Ray still maintains the sales lead, it is getting harder to argue with the $300 price difference between the lowest priced players."

PrvtBurrito PrvtBurrito writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PrvtBurrito writes "Chastain Motorsports is running a fundraiser to raise money to brand their Indy 500 entry car with Linux and Tux. Bob Moore, a Indianapolis native and proponent of Linux has gotten support of the racing team, a marketing firm and others in his quest. In order to succeed in this community driven effort, Bob needs to raise $350,000 before May 21st. After four days, they have raised more than $2,000. You can view status of the effort at"

PrvtBurrito PrvtBurrito writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PrvtBurrito writes "This could well be the greatest geek move summer of all time. In addition to movies already out, we have Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek the third, a Brad Bird driven pixar movie, Transformers, the next Harry Potter, a Die Hard movie, Evan Almighty, the Simpson's Movie, the next Jason Bourne movie, Ocean's 13, Fantastic four (blah) and, of course, Spiderman 3. Most of these movies come out within a span of eight weeks, from late May to late July. I honestly can't remember a better summer for movies, at least in a great long time. AOL has a list of these and other summer movies."


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