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Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Psx29 The New Redesign (2219 comments)

As an avid /. reader for years I'm extremely disappointed in where this site is headed. It is like digg all over again, except /. has been the best source of information and level-headed discussion on the internet long before digg or reddit ever existed. Put simply, for all it's flaws /. is still the only site of its kind and putting through this shoddy redesign is going to kill the site. I have to agree with other users that it almost seems like it is your intention. The only consolation I will have is that the Japanese will still be around after this site collapses.

about 8 months ago

US Judge Rules Defendant Can Be Forced To Decrypt Hard Drive

Psx29 This has come up before (1047 comments)

I remember reading about how it is illegal in the UK not to decrypt the contents of your computer if ordered to do so. Then as now I still think the best solution is a self-destructing key of some sort that deletes itself without user interaction.

about 2 years ago

Tom's Hardware Pits Newest Firefox, Opera and Chrome Against Each Other

Psx29 Re:Is performance really an issue? (272 comments)

On OS X 10.7 Firefox is significantly slower than Safari and Chrome. Chrome and Safari are both pretty similar in performance but Safari is hands down the fastest browser on OS X because it is the only one that has complete GPU acceleration (likely due to Apple using hidden API calls). Using Windows on the same machine both Firefox and Chrome seem to run so much faster than their OS X counterparts it is mind boggling.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Websites Friendly To eReader Browsers?

Psx29 Google Reader (96 comments)

The best way to read things on an e-ink device is to subscribe to the RSS feeds you want and use Google reader. Hopefully the feeds provide the same content as actually visiting the site and not just a headline.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Cookies Track Users Even After Logging Out

Psx29 Sharemenot (352 comments)

This is exactly what the Sharemenot plugin for Firefox is for. To protect against this type of thing.

more than 2 years ago

Mozilla Contemplating Five Week Release Cycle

Psx29 Plugins (495 comments)

The strength of Firefox lies in its plugin architecture which is leagues ahead of the competition. Adblock on Firefox is superior to other browsers because it can block dynamic content/video ads. Noscript, Requestpolicy, sharemenot, refcontrol, betterprivacy, certificate patrol, and on and on. These are all addons that I use that either have no alternative in other browsers due to technical limitations or have alternatives that are lacking in functionality. Firefox is also the only major browser left that is 100% open source, most of Chrome is based on Chromium but there is still proprietary code in there and there isn't really a conveniently packaged Chromium version for production use. There are a lot of things I like about each browser and I rotate browsers frequently but I often find myself relying on Firefox for the plugins it has that are a step above the rest. I am not really a fan of the new number versioning scheme but it does seem like improvements are happening faster than before, which can only be a good thing for the end user.

about 3 years ago

How Apple Is Beating Nintendo At Its Own Game

Psx29 Region Locking (425 comments)

This is the reason I will never buy a 3DS (until it is cracked, then..maybe) Every previous nintendo handheld was not region locked, I could safely travel anywhere in the world, purchase a game locally and not have to worry about it not working on my DS/GBA/GB. Now suddenly, Nintendo has decided to region lock 3DS games so if I go overseas I can't buy games for my console.

more than 3 years ago

Where China's Weibo Beats Facebook and Twitter

Psx29 Weibo = 140 chars (68 comments)

There are several services that have this limit that is a holdover from the days of when most people had dumb phones. Twitter has this, plurk also has this, as does weibo. In Chinese it turns out you can say A LOT in 140 chars so this limit isn't as big a deal I guess, plurk is popular in Taiwan and is really similar. I mostly just peruse social networks and rarely post things myself.

more than 3 years ago

DOJ: We Can Force You To Decrypt That Laptop

Psx29 Re:Self-Destructing Key (887 comments)

I'm thinking along the lines of two-factor authentication that requires a USB key or other external device which could be set to erase itself.

more than 3 years ago

DOJ: We Can Force You To Decrypt That Laptop

Psx29 Self-Destructing Key (887 comments)

What if the key automatically self destructs and it becomes impossible to decrypt it?

more than 3 years ago

TEPCO Readies Plan To Bring Reactor Under Control

Psx29 Just Unit 1? (116 comments)

Wonder what they plan to do about Unit 2, 3 and the spent fuel pool in 4?

more than 3 years ago

Portal 2 Bringing Steam To the PS3, Possible Early Release

Psx29 Re:Online play tied to a Steam account (156 comments)

Metal Gear Online has it's own registration/user ID system that is separate from PSN

more than 3 years ago

Dating Site Creates Profiles From Public Records

Psx29 Re:Easy (257 comments)

Don't forget the 10% who are gay/lesbian and have no interest in what is most likely a heterosexually oriented dating service.

more than 3 years ago

British Teen Jailed Over Encryption Password

Psx29 Re:Also as a practical matter (1155 comments)

What if you use a PGP key that is on a media that self-destructs or I purposely destroy the key and it's irrecoverable? I am still going to be put in prison in the UK? If so, that's one of the most absurd laws I've ever heard of.

more than 3 years ago

Wired Youths In China & Japan Forget Character Forms

Psx29 Re:This is my shortcut to learning chinese... (508 comments)

Japanese characters are actually a mix of simplified and traditional. Many characters use simplifications that differ from Chinese and there also characters that were created by Japanese and have no equivalent in Chinese (kokuji)

about 4 years ago

Twitter To Establish Information Security Program

Psx29 Why Twitter? (72 comments)

Twitter doesn't seem to hide the fact that pretty much everything you do on the site is public. Why don't they go after facebook for deceiving people and constantly changing their privacy policy?

more than 4 years ago


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