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.Mac Storage Now 250MB

PsychoSpunk Re:Being sure what action you are inciting (77 comments)

even the original 100MB is plenty o'space. I think this a two pronged decision to (1) curb detractors with the Gmail comparison (totally Apples V. Oranges to me)

But the 100MB only applies to the iDisk. The previous email limit was 15MB for the entire mailbox! Trust me, that's an easy limit to hit, and hit, and hit.

This is all well and good that they upgraded, but I took my money elsewhere this year (my bank) because I feel that Apple did not treat its subscribers fairly by not informing us what to expect as far as upgrades go. A lot of people say that it's worth gambling on features in Tiger, but I say hooey to that. I'm paying for services, and if their services fail to meet my needs, I'll go elsewhere.

Now the services meet my needs, but I just spent the last 2 weeks switching my online identity, only to have the upgrade occur today. If they are okay with announcing products such as Tiger, or the iMac G5, or the Dual G5 PowerMac and making the consumer wait, why can't they respect a currently paying customer that's supposed to be a guaranteed money source by letting me know that my service needs will be fulfilled. That would have been fair to the initial subscribers (since the iTools -> .Mac switch occurred), and it wouldn't have lost any money. It'd be kind of a 2nd year anniversary party, and Apple's got gifts for everybody!

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