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Coddled, Surveilled, and Monetized: How Modern Houses Can Watch You

PurplePhase Re:It's getting scary (150 comments)

erm... Your first-order estimate is fine. Now look at the second-order equation:

What do people do when they are on a fixed salary? They look for extra income, especially when they have an inflated sense of self-importance. Whether doctors, politicians, or other government officials - they get bribed by whomever can benefit: namely drug manufacturers (doctors, dentists, health workers of all ilk), lobbyists and big businesses.

There's also the fixed salary but then putting doctors onto fixed schedules where they have to see 1 person every 15 minutes. Or 10. Or whatever the performance standards are nowadays for your health facility of choice (really the health 'provider' which is the insurance company, not the facility itself).

You cannot create a system which cannot be gamed.

This world continues its downward spiral into insanity.

about 2 months ago

Oracle Attacks Open Source; Says Community-Developed Code Is Inferior

PurplePhase Prove it, Oracle (394 comments)

Show us your code.

Otherwise shut the FU

about a year ago

Writing Documentation: Teach, Don't Tell

PurplePhase For the Love of Mike: Add Dates AND VERSIONS!!! (211 comments)

Whether on StackOverflow,, or ANY OTHER WEBSITE OR ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTATION, please for the sanity of everyone involved clearly state up front:

1. what date it is now, when you write it
2. what version of the immediate software (API, etc.) and supporting software (language, runtime and OS at minimum!)

These will help the rest of humanity to understand the context in which you're proposing your documentation, question, or solution. If it is on a wiki, then create a new page for the new version and leave the previous one(s) up!

Thanks, people!

1 year,16 days

NHTSA Gives the Model S Best Safety Rating of Any Car In History

PurplePhase Re:Still A Toy (627 comments)

I wonder why they don't help out with the Lithium-Sulphur battery idea and start from there...

1 year,30 days

Web Apps: the Future of the Internet, Or Forever a Second-Class Citizen?

PurplePhase Re:Turning back the clock (205 comments)

I think you've got it right - for some ideal world lacking other impetuses.

A more interesting question in my mind is: how to predict business' push for one type of app over the other(s)?

Microsoft is in some respects falling by the wayside, so they've jumped on the subscription bandwagon for applications - not just support/service - which seems to contradict all of their previous practices as they nix MSDN subscriptions and forbid Windows versions of some Xbox games...

Concurrently Google has been removing many services people like and charging more for things like map-related services while they play around with YouTube and other websites many netizens seem to love. But they're also pushing their own OS, browser, and now hardware...

We live in interesting times, my friend.


about a year ago

Why Internet Television Isn't Quite Ready To Save Us From Cable TV

PurplePhase Re:Do sport fans age out? (304 comments)

> without resorting to violence

From paralyzation and death from "accidents" for participants through nigh-typical gameplay, to soccer hooligans and riots when men's college, national, and international teams win (or lose!), to a figure skater having a competitor's leg(s?) broken...

I think you can see the violence inherent in the system.


about a year ago

Using Java In Low Latency Environments

PurplePhase Re:JAVA could be great if it lost weighrt. (371 comments)

You can thank the SpringSource people for that xml configuration POS.

They even thought they'd make their own version of Rails (even they already have SpringMVC) and came up with Grails - which is actually much, much worse than you might expect when it *cannot* produce a stack trace less than 150 lines long, and it makes all the problems with all of their other frameworks (which Grails relies on, even though it is rumored to have been based on Groovy) that much worse - imagine the lack of implicit configuration and frameworks you've experienced so far, except that *if you're lucky* you get less informative error messages than you've seen before. Typically instead of that something simply doesn't work as you would expect and you have to research it for a couple hours (or in the case of one of my colleagues, a couple WEEKS) to figure out why it doesn't work. And then use Groovy to change class behaviour to work around SS's POS.

Yeah, like that.

about a year ago

Nokia Lumia 1020 Video and Photo Shoot Preview

PurplePhase Um, okay... (178 comments)

So when is Nokia going to release a phone?

about a year ago

Math and Science Popular With Students Until They Realize They're Hard

PurplePhase Re:like anything else.. (580 comments)

I remember the whole class getting stumped on how to use variables - in Algebra in 6th grade. It took a lot for us to finally wrap our heads around it. Unfortunately I'm not sure how it finally happened - Eureka moment or not.

about a year ago

Math and Science Popular With Students Until They Realize They're Hard

PurplePhase Re:like anything else.. (580 comments)

I hate that. And it started in high school! Except for Calculus: good book + good teacher + dedicated student = edification!

about a year ago

MS Handed NSA Access To Encrypted Chat & Email

PurplePhase Re:As Dick Cheney might say: (379 comments)

Who are you referring to? Do you actually think *anyone* voted in as POTUS has a better chance doing something counter to the current establishment? Even if they did, how/why would people believe them during the election season (2 years now?) Politics has won: humans can't believe anything anyone says so all you have are the *grunt*grunt* political parties - mobs voting for mobs, and no one is accountable, responsible, or worthy of respect.
Do tell: what is the alternative in this modern age?

about a year ago

Sent To Jail Because of a Software Bug

PurplePhase Re:The problem is trust (239 comments)

This. Mod parent through the roof!

about a year ago

UCSD Lecturer Releases Geotagging Application For "Dangerous Guns and Owners"

PurplePhase Re:Move to Europe. (976 comments)

Naive question perhaps, but: what are the alternatives to a central bank? Past, fiction, theoretical, etc. example apprecitiated!

about a year ago

Silicon Valley In 2013 Resembles Logan's Run In 2274

PurplePhase Re:29 years old (432 comments)

Apologies, but: hiring? 40yo dev looking for the corporate environment you're describing...

about a year ago

Microsoft Reacts To Feedback But Did They Get Windows 8.1 Right?

PurplePhase Re:Microsoft: 'own goal' once again. (543 comments)

Hey, for personal interest an edification, do you have any favorites or pointers as far as academia's ideas about better desktops and what they consist of? Thanks!

about a year ago



How do you give feedback to Companies who don't want any?

PurplePhase PurplePhase writes  |  about a year ago

PurplePhase (240281) writes "I've noticed over the last few years that more and more companies are buying into as a way of doing online job search and applications. But why don't any of them realize that that website doesn't actually work? Not only does it fail often (just this morning I tried uploading a resume — which it refused to do from Firefox, then the 'Resume' block disappeared from the process so I can't try it again?!!?), but there is no way to give any feedback — there is no Contact Us, no Report Bug, no simple 'feedback' button anywhere while applying for a job. Not only that, but many companies' websites don't actually have ways to give them feedback either about their websites nor about the fact that they're using tools like Taleo (who seems to be trying a LinkedIn by offering For example, try finding any email or web form to submit to give feedback to — should I call a bank branch to find out how to submit an application??

Yes, others say to take your business elsewhere. Fine, but that isn't a solution in many ways as the "I'm not doing this in protest" numbers don't add up (search for: Ender's Game movie).


Can I buy a fully U.S.ian computer or gadget?

PurplePhase PurplePhase writes  |  more than 5 years ago

PurplePhase (240281) writes "With all the concerns about the economy, I would like to "buy local" for more than just food. But I'm betting that most (all?) of our electronics are made outside of the U.S.A. — even if some parts are made locally, they're assembled offshore — or vice versa. Are there any companies that manufacture or sell computers or even other electronic gadgets made wholely in this country? (I'm counting at least: circuit boards, wires, chips, LCD, cases, hard drives, and packing materials) Or can't they because of environmental issues or the high costs of labor or raw materials?"


PurplePhase has no journal entries.

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