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Portable MP3 Player w/ Unix Support?

Putz19 NEX II (459 comments)

I have a NEX II with 256 meg CF card and I use it while biking. It truely is tiny. As seen here. Slashdot did a article on it here. It also can support IBM Microdrives. It has never skipped for me and the battery life is great(15 hours as advertised). It also plays WMA files and VBR MP3 without a problem. It has support for lists, but it stinks(because you have to set it on the device and it does not save them after power off) so I use the RANDOM play feature. IT also has preset Tuning for BAss/Treble/etc, and you can do custom seting if wanted.

Downside to it is that the amp in it is not all that powerful, but thats fine since I use it only with headphones and not as a standalone player.

more than 12 years ago


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